Here is the chilling 911 call of the brave Georgia Mom who used a .38 caliber revolver to shoot an intruder to protect herself and her 9-year old twins. The man broke into the home and found where the mom and her daughters were hiding in a crawlspace. When he opened the door – she fired, hitting him five times. The video report contains audio of the 911 call that had the husband listening to what was happening with his wife and relaying it to the 911 operators.

This is a classic example of why high capacity magazines – greater than 10 rounds – should NOT be outlawed. This mom had a .38 revolver and reportedly fired six shots. She hit the intruder five times and he still was able to get up leave the house, get in his car and start down the road before stopping. But what if there had been two intruders, or three? Her six shots very well might not have been enough. But a magazine with 15 or 19 rounds would be. The anti-2nd Amendment people who are saying “No one needs more than 10 bullets to defend himself/herself” simply don’t know what they are talking about.

911 Call of Husband Talking with Georgia Mom as She Shoots Intruder Threatening Her and Her Twins: “Shoot Him Again! Shoot Him!” – Video/Audio

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