Here is audio of Rush Limbaugh yesterday dropping truly shocking abortion statistics being reported by ABC New York (their article actually says 39%). In New York City, 41% of all pregnancies end in abortion – and the rate among minorities is even higher (60% among Blacks, 41% among Hispanics, 23% among Asians). The rate among “Non-Hispanic Whites” in 2009 was 20%.

Rush takes issue with the leftist takeaway from those numbers – That there is something wrong with “birth control education” in New York! Rush makes the case that there is actually something wrong with the behavior of people – that “abstinence” works “every time it’s tried.” He also points out that the real question is, “Who’s making all the money from the abortions?”

Limbaugh also quoted from a report that says “abortion kills more Black Americans than the seven leading causes of death – combined.”

Rush Limbaugh on New York City’s Staggering Abortion Numbers – Audio 1/7/11

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