GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy Lowers the Boom on Dem Rep. Adam Schiff for Bias against Trump

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff Admits the Democrats Colluded with Foreign Government to Impact 2016 Election – Video 7/16/17

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff Warns of a Middle East Ground War if Iranian-backed Houthis Strike Saudi Arabia with Scud Missiles – Video 3/29/15

Dem Rep. Adam Schiff Avoids Question on whether Hillary Clinton Signed Federal Form Asserting She Turned over All State Department Material – Video 3/15/15

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff: Obama Made a “Mistake” in Not Informing Congress on Taliban Swap for Bergdahl – Video 6/9/14

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff: It’s a “Colossal Waste of Time” to Get the Facts on the Deaths of Four Americans in Benghazi – Video 5/4/14

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