New RNC Ad Hammers Obama’s Threat to Shut Down the Government to Save ObamaCare: “Americans Expect More” – Video 9/23/13

House Speaker John Boehner Releases Web Ad Mocking Obama for “Negotiating” with Putin but Not with Congress – Video 9/18/13

Tennessee GOP “Welcomes” Obama Ahead of Chattanooga Visit: “Maybe You can Learn a Thing or Two While You’re Here” – Video 7/29/13

New RNC Ad: Obama and the Democrats Just want to Keep Raising Taxes – Video 2/12/13

New “Americans for Prosperity”Ad Mocks Obama for Turning His Campaign Org into what He Attacked them for in the Past – Video 2/4/13

Here is a great new ad by the Conservative PAC, “Campaign to Defeat Obama.” The ad highlights the steps taken by Obama since winning re-election that prove Mark Levin’s words to be absolutely accurate: “We have an imperial President who is bankrupting our country.”

CNN reports that this ad will beginning running in several states in early February.

New Conservative PAC Ad Highlights Obama Actions that Prove Mark Levin’s Assessment: “We have an Imperial President who is Bankrupting our Country” – Video 1/29/13

Here’s a powerful new ad by “Women Speak Out PAC” that highlights Barack Obama’s extremist position on denying protection to infants born alive during abortion procedures. As an Illinois State Legislator, Barack Obama opposed the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act,” which would have required care be given to babies that survived abortion procedures. This ad features a registered nurse and a young woman who survived a botched abortion.

New Ad from “Women Speak Out PAC” Hammers Obama as an “Extremist” on Abortion – Video

Here is a new “Crossroads GPS” Ad to air in Battleground states that mocks Barack Obama for his many “excuses” as to why he has not done what he said he would do in turning around the U.S. Economy.

New “Crossroads GPS” Ad Mocks Obama’s many “Excuses” for the Obama Economy – Video 7/6/12

Here is a new ad by the “American Future Fund” that shows Barack Obama in 2008 criticizing President George W. Bush as “unpatriotic” for the deficit spending during his 8 years in the White House. But as the ad indicates, in his less than four years in the White House, Obama has nearly tripled the average annual increase in the deficit, from $600 Billion under Bush to $1.6 Trillion under his own leadership.

New Ad Slams Obama with His Own Words against George W. Bush: “Unpatriotic” – Video 6/11/12

Here is a new ad from “Let Freedom Ring” that very specifically details three cases where “Candidate Obama” promised one thing and “President Obama” did the exact opposite.

New “Let Freedom Ring” Ad: “I was Inspired by Candidate Obama’s Promise” of Reform. “But President Obama . . . . ” – Video 6/3/12

A powerful web ad from “Veterans for a Strong America” that is bound to go viral – at least it should.

It focuses squarely on Obama’s narcissism – his total focus on “I.” The ad makes the point that the real heroes deserve better than a President who uses their bravery for his own political gain.

New “Veterans for a Strong America” Ad Hammers Obama for Shameless use of “I” in Taking Credit for Killing Osama Bin Laden – Video 5/1/12

Here is a new ad by the “American Future Fund” that ties Barack Obama to the Solyndra “Green Energy” debacle and to the General Services Administration (GSA) spending scandal. The ad is expected to run in the key battleground states of “Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio and Virginia.”

New Ad to Air in Key Battleground States Ties Obama to Solyndra, GSA Scandals – Video 4/24/12

House Speaker John Boehner on High Energy Prices: “President Obama’s Policies have Only Made Things Worse” – Video 4/12/12

Here is a new Republican National Committee ad that goes after Barack Obama’s “Hope and Change” rhetoric for what it was – just words. It highlights how voters are now onto Obama’s game – “From Hope to Hypocrisy.”

New RNC Ad Highlights Obama’s Empty “Hope and Change” Rhetoric: “From Hope to Hypocrisy” – Video

New Romney Ad Slams Obama on Energy Prices: “Obama’s Mud Can’t Cover Up His Failed Energy Policies” – Video 4/4/12

Wow. This is a powerful ad.

Rick Santorum’s Campaign is out with this new ad that takes it right to Barack Obama: “Welcome to Obamaville.” It imagines a “small American town two years from now if Obama is re-elected.” The ad shows flashes of Iran with Nuclear Weapons, and Health Care under ObamaCare with long waiting lines and poor care. Perhaps Santorum is trying to convey to Republicans that this is what we can expect from him if he is the GOP Nominee.

Powerful New Rick Santorum Ad Imagines America if Obama is Re-Elected: “Welcome to Obamaville” – Video 3/23/12

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