President Trump to Address the Nation on the War in Afghanistan Tonight, 9 PM ET – Video 8/21/17


After Leftists Mock MOAB Death Toll being “only” 36, Afghans say at Least 94 ISIS Fighters Killed! – 4/15/17

President Trump Comments after Using the “Mother of all Bombs” – MOAB – against ISIS in Afghanistan – Video 4/13/17

Watch Video Showing the Awesome Power of the “Mother of All Bombs” – MOAB – Dropped by U.S. on ISIS in Afghanistan – Video

The United States Drops the “Mother of All Bombs” on ISIS in Afghanistan; Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb ever Used; One-Mile Blast Radius – Videos 4/13/17

Pathetic Shepard Smith Goes Nuts Defending the Taliban being Treated in Afghanistan Hospital: “Terrorists, as YOU Call Them…” – Video 11/5/15

Raw Video Shows Afghan Parliament Hit with Taliban Suicide Bomb – Raw Video 6/22/15

Flashback: McCain, Graham Warn Obama to Rethink Afghanistan Troop Drawdown in Light of His Disastrous Iraq Pullout – Video 7/6/14

Vice-President Dick Cheney: Obama must Halt U.S. Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan to Prevent same Disaster that We Face in Iraq – Video 9/10/14

Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin: “Great Problems Ahead” in Iraq and Afghanistan – Audio 8/5/14

ABC News | More ABC News Videos

Report: Two-Star U.S. Army General Killed in Afghanistan; Killed by Man Wearing an Afghan Army Uniform – Video Report 8/5/14 UPDATE: Identified as Major General Harold Greene

BREAKING: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Released by Taliban in Exchange for Trading Five GITMO Terrorists – Video Report 5/31/14

National Security Experts Haas and Hayden Slam Barack Obama’s “Foreign Policy by Calendar” – Video 5/28/14

Obama Adviser Won’t Say Whether Obama’s Troop Withdrawal Plan Will be “Enough to Beat Back the Taliban Resurgence” – Video 5/27/14

President Barack Obama

CBS News’ Major Garrett Reports on Obama White House’s Outing of Top CIA Operative in Afghanistan – Video Report – 5/26/14

CNN: Obama White House Blows Cover of CIA Station Chief in Afghanistan – Video 5/26/14 UPDATE: CBS News – Agent Will have to Leave the Country

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