Raw Video Shows Afghan Parliament Hit with Taliban Suicide Bomb – Raw Video 6/22/15

Flashback: McCain, Graham Warn Obama to Rethink Afghanistan Troop Drawdown in Light of His Disastrous Iraq Pullout – Video 7/6/14

Vice-President Dick Cheney: Obama must Halt U.S. Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan to Prevent same Disaster that We Face in Iraq – Video 9/10/14

Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin: “Great Problems Ahead” in Iraq and Afghanistan – Audio 8/5/14

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Report: Two-Star U.S. Army General Killed in Afghanistan; Killed by Man Wearing an Afghan Army Uniform – Video Report 8/5/14 UPDATE: Identified as Major General Harold Greene

BREAKING: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Released by Taliban in Exchange for Trading Five GITMO Terrorists – Video Report 5/31/14

National Security Experts Haas and Hayden Slam Barack Obama’s “Foreign Policy by Calendar” – Video 5/28/14

Obama Adviser Won’t Say Whether Obama’s Troop Withdrawal Plan Will be “Enough to Beat Back the Taliban Resurgence” – Video 5/27/14

President Barack Obama

CBS News’ Major Garrett Reports on Obama White House’s Outing of Top CIA Operative in Afghanistan – Video Report – 5/26/14

CNN: Obama White House Blows Cover of CIA Station Chief in Afghanistan – Video 5/26/14 UPDATE: CBS News – Agent Will have to Leave the Country

On Day Obama Announces Negotiations with Taliban, Four Americans Killed by Taliban Attack in Afghanistan – 6/19/13

Raw Video Captures Deadly Crash of Civilian Cargo Plane in Afghanistan – Raw Video 4/29/13

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer last night saying President Obama’s redefining of the goals for the War in Afghanistan is essentially “an acknowledgement that the surge has failed, and we’re leaving.”

Krauthammer: Obama Redefining of Afghanistan Goals “an Acknowledgment the Surge has Failed, and We’re Leaving” – Video 1/11/13

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Here is video of President Barack Obama addressing the American people tonight from Afghanistan. Obama said “the goal that I set” – to defeat Al-Qaeda – “is within reach.”

Somehow, I thought the goal to defeat Al-Qaeda started long before anyone even knew who Barack Obama was?

President Obama Speech from Afghanistan: “The Goal that I set to Defeat Al-Qaeda. . . is Within Reach” – Complete Video 5/1/12

Here is video of Newt Gingrich on “Face the Nation” today where he agreed, “I think it is” time for the United States to leave Afghanistan.

Gingrich made the comments in the wake of news that a U.S. Soldier in Afghanistan apparently went on a shooting rampage and has killed 16 Afghan civilians. Gingrich said the U.S. should reassure Afghans that the rule of law will prevail, and that a full and transparent investigation into what happened will take place. Host Bob Schieffer then asked Gingrich if he thinks it is time for the U.S. to get out of Afghanistan, and he responded, “I think it is.” Gingrich said “We are not prepared to be ruthless enough to force them to change.”

Gingrich also addressed whether he will get out of the race if he does not win in Alabama and Mississippi, and call for him to get out of the race and endorse Rick Santorum. We’ll get clips of those comments up shortly.

Newt Gingrich: “It Think it Is” Time for the United States to Get Out of Afghanistan; “We are Not Prepared to be Ruthless Enough to Force them to Change” – Video 3/11/12

Here is video of Gov. Sarah Palin during an interview with Greta Van Susteren last night, where she said Alaskans are tired of seeing President Obama issuing “naive apologies to savages in Afghanistan who turn around and kill our soldiers.” Palin summed up the feeling of many in her home state – “Anybody but Obama.”

“I’ll bet you the majority of Alaskans are still of the mindset that it must be anybody but Obama. We’re a very pro-military state up here. We recognize what it is that our men and women in uniform sacrifice for all of us to keep us secure. And at this point, we’re watching Obama with his naive apologies to savages in Afghanistan who turn around and kill our soldiers. We look at things like that, the actions of our sitting president, and we say, Anybody but Obama. And that is why, Greta, the Alaskans whom I speak with, we’re so tired of the pettiness within that GOP process of – you know, the folks are bickering back and forth about different tactics taken within their campaigns and in this nominating process. We’re trying to remind these candidates – stay focused on the main thing – and that is get a commander-in-chief whom our troops deserve. Get a commander-in-chief who will keep our nation safe, who understands our Constitution and the number one job of a president is to keep this homeland and Americans safe.

When we don’t see that coming from our own president, we get very perturbed and very impatient with the pettiness of GOP campaigns that bicker at one another. And we say, stay focused on the main thing. The main thing – replace Barack Obama in November 2012!”

Gov. Sarah Palin Blasts Obama’s “Naive Apologies to Savages in Afghanistan”; Says “Anybody but Obama” in 2012 – Video 3/2/12

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