CNN Analyst with Monday Morning Update on Terror Threat; Threat is “Emanating from Yemen”; Train Bombing Just Occurred in Pakistan; Not Clear if Bombing Part of Al-Qaeda Plot – Video 8/5/13

Nineteen U.S. Embassies and Consulates to Remain Closed all Week Due to Fears of “Imminent” Al-Qaeda Plot – Video Report 8/4/13

Sen. Saxby Chambliss: Highest Level of Terrorist “Chatter” Since “Pre-9/11” – Video 8/4/13


CBS NEWS: Major Al-Qaeda Plot “Under Way” and Team “in Place” to Carry it Out – Video Report 8/3/13

CNN Reports: Al-Qaeda Arabian Peninsula “May have Something Big Going Down”; May be in “Final Stages” of Attack vs. U.S. and other Western Targets – Video Report 8/2/13

U.S. to Close All Embassies and Consulates in Muslim World as End of Ramadan Approaches – Video Report 8/2/13


Report: Al-Qaeda Threatens Future “Shocking and Terrifying” Attacks against the United States, France and other Countries – 1/30/13

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