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Here is video of Donald Trump talking with Fox News’ Alisyn Camerota today by phone, where he said he has pretty well made a decision on running for President in his own mind – but he can’t announce it until after May 22, which is the finale of his TV Show, “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Trump said he has received incredible support from across the country, getting “thousands of letters a week” urging him to run. He called President Obama is doing to the country a “total and complete disaster,” which has helped him to make up his mind.

On China, Trump said if he were President, he would have a “very, very strong talk with the President of China.” If they did not agree to stop the massive manipulation of their currency, he would slap a “25% tax on all Chinese goods.” That would do two things, according to Trump: “It would bring in a lot of money,” and “number 2, it would create a lot of jobs, because all of a sudden, products would start getting made in this country.” Perhaps key to what Trump believes would happen if he were President, he said: “I don’t think however it would ever really come to that, because if they really believed the messenger about the 25%, they would do whatever is necessary to placate us – whatever is necessary.” Trump said that this year, “we are going to lose $300 Billion to China alone.”

Donald Trump if Elected President: I’ll have a “Very, Very Strong Talk with the President of China” – Video 4/21/11

Here is video of Donald Trump being interviewed by Fox News’ Alisyn Camerota where he said he was looking at making a run for President because, “We are living in a country that is no longer respected.”

As evidence of that he pointed out that we just had four Americans killed by Somali Pirates even though our ships were on the scene – “It’s just a total lack of respect for our country.” He also cited China and OPEC’s lack of respect for the United States today.

Trump summed up his view of the lunacy of current U.S. Policy this way:

“I love this country. I want this country to be successful. I want this country to do well. When I see we protect South Korea and they don’t pay us for it. When I see all of the things that happen with these countries – where we’re protecting Saudi Arabia – we have soldiers in Saudi Arabia protecting and they, excuse me I can say it on your show, they screw us on the oil prices – and we’re protecting them for nothing? When I look at what’s happening – when the President of China, who manipulates currency and takes all our jobs, and comes over and we give him a State Dinner at the White House? Believe me, those things wouldn’t be happening if I were President.”

Trump said he is seriously considering making a run, and that he would let everyone know before June.

Donald Trump on Why He May Run for President: The United States “is No Longer Respected” – Video 2/26/11

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