Interesting. Here is an ad from the Allen West Campaign posted November 10 to his YouTube Channel – four days after the 2012 General Election. West trails Democrat Patrick Murphy by just over 2,400 votes and is pursuing a recount in Florida’s 18th Congressional District.

Via The Rightnewz

GOP Rep. Allen West out with New Ad Four Days after 2012 Election; West Pursues Recount in Tight Battle – Videos

Total destruction. One of the best political ads you will ever see. Allen West contrasts where he was on a night in 2003, and where his Democratic opponent was on the same night.

“Two men, a country in crisis, you decide.”

Via Hot Air

New Ad for FL GOP Rep. Allen West Totally Destroys Democratic Opponent: “Two Men. A Country in Crisis. You Decide.” – Video 9/28/12

Here is a new Allen West ad that hammers the Democrats with their fiasco vote yesterday on whether to include “God” in their Party Platform. This ad, and more like it, are likely to play frequently all the way to Election Day.

New Allen West Ad Hammers Democrats with their Platform Vote on “God” Fiasco: “Three Times they Said ‘No’ to God. . . Are these Your Values?” – Video 9/6/12

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