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Here is video of GOP Rep. Allen West talking about the unwillingness on the part of many in our Government to face-up to the threat posed by Radical Islam today. West even points out that we have totally misunderstood the “Arab Spring,” which is actually a takeover of Egypt and other nations by the radical Islamists, like Mohamed Morsi, who frequently reminds critics about his Election victory – “Elections have consequences.” West further pointed out that is the same rhetoric we hear frequently from Barack Obama to justify his policies.

GOP Rep. Allen West: Many in U.S. Government Won’t Face Up to the Reality of the Islamist Threat to America – Video

Here is video from this morning on Fox & Friends, where Florida GOP Rep. Allen West conceded defeat to Democrat Patrick Murphy in their 18th Congressional District race. West made the concession today following two weeks of recounts. According to this video, West trails Murphy by 0.58%. He said he did not believe he could get down to the required 0.5% margin to generate an automatic full recount of the vote.

West said he would decide, along with his family, in the days ahead what direction to go in as far as his political future. West’s name is already coming up as a possible candidate for the 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination.

GOP Rep. Allen West Concedes Florida Congressional Race; Says He Will Decide with Family on Plans for Future – Video 11/20/12

Interesting. Here is an ad from the Allen West Campaign posted November 10 to his YouTube Channel – four days after the 2012 General Election. West trails Democrat Patrick Murphy by just over 2,400 votes and is pursuing a recount in Florida’s 18th Congressional District.

Via The Rightnewz

GOP Rep. Allen West out with New Ad Four Days after 2012 Election; West Pursues Recount in Tight Battle – Videos

Total destruction. One of the best political ads you will ever see. Allen West contrasts where he was on a night in 2003, and where his Democratic opponent was on the same night.

“Two men, a country in crisis, you decide.”

Via Hot Air

New Ad for FL GOP Rep. Allen West Totally Destroys Democratic Opponent: “Two Men. A Country in Crisis. You Decide.” – Video 9/28/12

Here is a new Allen West ad that hammers the Democrats with their fiasco vote yesterday on whether to include “God” in their Party Platform. This ad, and more like it, are likely to play frequently all the way to Election Day.

New Allen West Ad Hammers Democrats with their Platform Vote on “God” Fiasco: “Three Times they Said ‘No’ to God. . . Are these Your Values?” – Video 9/6/12

Here is video of GOP Rep. Allen West bashing President Obama for thinking he can sign an agreement with Afghanistan and negotiate with the Taliban and believe it will bring “peace in our time.” West likened Obama to former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain who signed an agreement with Germany’s Adolf Hitler in the 1930’s and proclaimed “peace in our time.” Of course, Hitler never had any intention of keeping that agreement, and the Taliban will seize power as soon as the United States exits the country.

Via HotAirPundit

“He totally doesn’t understand who the Taliban are and what they believe in.”

GOP Rep. Allen West Likens Obama’s Negotiating with the Taliban and Afghan Agreement to Neville Chamberlain’s “Peace in our Time” Pact with Adolf Hitler – Video 5/8/12

Oh my.

Here is raw video (uploaded to YouTube by “FL18RawFootage”) of GOP Rep. Allen West at a Town Hall Meeting in Florida being asked what percentage of the “American legislature are card-carrying Marxists or Internationalists?”

West responded: “I believe there’s about 78-81 members of the Democrat Party that are members of the Communist Party.”

Something tells me we will hear more about this in the days ahead.

GOP Rep. Allen West: “I Believe there’s about 78-81 Members of the Democrat Party that are Members of the Communist Party” – Video

Here is video from the Steve Gill Radio Show today where Herman Cain said he would advise Mitt Romney to select GOP Rep. Allen West as his Vice-Presidential running mate. Cain said West is “well-spoken” and “direct,” and that he would help Romney win the must-win state of Florida.

Via HotAirPundit

Herman Cain Says Mitt Romney Should Pick Allen West as His VP Running Mate – Audio 4/9/12

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