New AFP Ad Highlights how ObamaCare has Created a Nightmare for a Woman Named “Emilie” – Video

New AFP Ad Provides Template for Going after Dems on ObamaCare: “ObamaCare Doesn’t Work. It Just Doesn’t Work.” – Video 12/27/13

“Americans for Prosperity” Launches Ad Campaign Opposing ObamaCare: “What am I Getting in Exchange for Higher Premiums and a Smaller Paycheck?” – Video 7/7/13

New “Americans for Prosperity”Ad Mocks Obama for Turning His Campaign Org into what He Attacked them for in the Past – Video 2/4/13

In response to Obama’s jubilation over another weak jobs report for September (only 114,000 new jobs – barely keeping up with population growth), Americans for Prosperity is out with this very powerful ad that reminds us about the extreme stress and pain being felt by the more than 12 million Americans unemployed in the Obama Economy.

“Americans for Prosperity” out with Devastating “Silent” “Dinner Table” Ad on Unemployment in the Obama Economy – Video 10/5/12

Here is a powerful new “Americans for Prosperity” ad that features a Canadian Citizen telling her horror story about Government-run Health Care in Canada. She sought treatment in the United States because the wait time would have been too long to save her life if she had used the Canadian system. Shona Holmes tells Americans in the ad, “It’s time to get engaged” to stop ObamaCare before we have the same long waits for procedures faced by people in Canada. The ad pointedly says, “We must replace President Obama” to “protect America’s patient-centered care.”

New Ad Features Canadian Citizen Warning Americans of what is Coming under ObamaCare: “We Must Replace President Obama to Protect America’s Patient-Centered Care” – Video 9/3/12

Here is a new Americans for Prosperity ad featuring former Barack Obama voters saying they will not support him in 2012.

“The President has not earned re-election in 2012. . . “

New “Americans for Prosperity” Ad Features more Former Obama Voters: “The President has not Earned Re-Election in 2012” – Video 8/14/12

A nice new ad from “Americans for Prosperity,” using the words of former President Ronald Reagan to drive home the truth that “freedom leads to prosperity.” The ad will reportedly run in movie theaters across the country.

New AFP Ad to Run in Movie Theaters Lets Ronald Reagan Point the Way to Real Economic Recovery: “Freedom Leads to Prosperity” – Video 8/10/12

Here is a new “Americans for Prosperity” ad reminding everyone that Barack Obama himself said in 2009 that if he did not have the U.S. Economy turned around in three years, he would be looking at a “one-term proposition.”

Obama actually promised to have the U.S. Deficit “cut in half” by the end of his first-term in office. Instead, it is half again larger! By his own words and standards, Barack Obama has failed, and is not due a second term in office.

New “Americans for Prosperity” Ad Reminds Voters of Obama’s “One-Term Proposition” Remark – Video 8/8/12

“Americans for Prosperity – Virginia” urges women voters in Virginia to unite together and “win back the power of the purse.”

New AFP Virginia Ad Urges Women Voters to Unite and “Win back the Power of the Purse” – Video 7/24/12

A new ad from “Americans for Prosperity,” that hits Obama for claiming ObamaCare is not a tax – which the Supreme Court upheld as a “tax.” The ad points out “we’re already struggling” economically. “How can we afford this tax?”

New “Americans for Prosperity” Ad Dings Obama for His Massive ObamaCare Tax: “We’re Already Struggling. How Can We Afford this Tax?” – Video 6/29/12

“Americans for Prosperity” is out with a new ad that also features Obama’s “The private sector is doing fine” statement. It talks about struggling American families, and says “The private sector is not doing fine.”

“Americans for Prosperity” Releases Ad that Says: “The Private Sector is Not Doing Fine” – Video 6/20/12

Here is a new “Americans for Prosperity” ad that features American citizens venting their frustrations at Barack Obama’s wasteful government spending – particularly his sending taxpayer dollars overseas to Foreign Countries. One of the Obama boondoggle’s it mentions is $500 million spent to build electric cars in Finland.

New “Americans for Prosperity” Ad Features Americans Fed Up with Obama’s Wasteful Spending – Video

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