MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Robert Gibbs Agree Hillary Clinton Miniseries “A Really Bad Idea” – Video 8/8/13

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Swoons over Obama’s Latest Race Speech: “He Taught White People in America what it’s like to be a Black Male” – Video 7/22/13

Longtime NBC News Reporter Andrea Mitchell on Obama IRS and AP Phone Scandals: “Among the Worst Excesses I’ve Seen” – Video 5/14/13


Dr. Benjamin Carson Stands Strong for Biblical Marriage in Interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell – Video 3/29/13

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: Obama White House “has to be able to Take Criticism”; Admits “Not Enough Tough Reporting in Washington these Days” – Video 2/28/13

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Here is video of Democrat Sen. Diane Feinstein saying Gen. David Petraeus will eventually have to testify about the Benghazi Terrorist Attack. Feinstein talked with Andrea Mitchell about how the handling of this entire mess with David Petraeus has been shocking to her, as the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Feinstein indicated she was never alerted by the FBI that an investigation of Petraeus was underway, and is concerned that other officials outside the normal loop of those notified of such matters knew about it before she did. She said Petraeus – who made a trip to Libya to investigate the Benghazi attack – will have to testify to her committee, probably in closed session, “one way or the other.”

Sen. Diane Feinstein Says Gen. David Petraeus Will have to Eventually Testify on Benghazi “One Way or the Other” – Video 11/12/12


MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell to Chuck Todd: “If Pennsylvania is in Play, then this is Obviously All Over for the President” – Video 11/5/12

Here is MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell saying yesterday that despite the Obama Campaign’s bluster that Michigan is safe for them, Michigan Democrats have told her that the state is in play and it is “close – a lot closer than their comfort zone.”

I’d say the idea Romney will win Michigan is probably unlikely, but it is an indicator of how strong Romney is running across the country if Michigan is even close. Obama won Michigan by 16-points in 2008.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: Michigan Democrats Contradict Obama Campaign’s Claim MI is Not in Play: “It is Close – a Lot Closer than Their Comfort Zone” – Video 10/31/12

Here is video of President Obama today trying to spin the terrible August Jobs Report as a positive. Even MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell was not buying it.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Not Buying Obama Spin on Terrible August Jobs Report: “We Know It’s Not Good Enough” Is Not A Great Bumper Sticker – Video 9/7/12

Here’s video of Democrat Convention Chairman Antonio Villagairosa at a loss to explain why a growing number of high-profile Democrats are going to skip the Democrat National Convention to re-nominate Barack Obama for President. I’m shocked Andrea Mitchell at MSNBC asked him why so many don’t want to be seen with Obama.

Democrat Convention Chairman at a Loss to Explain why Growing Number of High-Profile Dems Won’t Attend Re-Nomination of Barack Obama – Video 7/3/12

MSNBC’s Edited Clip Used to Mock Romney

The full remarks

Perfect example of not just liberal media bias – but the liberal media actively working to deceive Americans. On Andrea Mitchell’s MSNBC show, heavily edited video of Mitt Romney’s remarks were used yesterday, cutting out an entire couple of minutes between clips that were put together one after the other. The part they cut out turned what Romney was using as an illustration of how the private sector is much more efficient than Government into an attempt to make Romney look foolish. Take a look at the two clips to see for yourself what Mitt Romney is going to have to overcome in order to win the Election in November. I’m sure the folks at MSNBC are very proud.


MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Uses Heavily Edited Video to Try and Make Mitt Romney Look Foolish; Edited Video Cuts out Entire Context – Videos 6/18/12

Here is video of Gov. Haley Barbour using – perish the thought! – common sense in responding to poor MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell and her desperate attempt to keep pushing yesterday’s Exit Poll in Wisconsin showing Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney there by seven points. Of course, the same Exit Polls had the race between Scott Walker and Tom Barrett dead even – and Walker wound up winning by more than seven points.

Barbour responded by pointing out that obvious fact, and said if you do the math, that would mean Obama vs. Romney is just about a 50-50 race.

Via Washington Free Beacon

Gov. Haley Barbour uses Common Sense to Slap Down MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Quoting Flawed Exit Polls – Video 6/6/12

One and the same.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell says “We” instead of the “White House” as she discusses Republican criticism of Obama for politicizing the killing of Osama Bin Laden with former Democrat Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle.

Via NewsBusters

“We” or the “White House”? MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Lets the Mask Fall for a Moment – Video 5/1/12

Here is video of Gov. Haley Barbour on MSNBC where he faced off with host Andrea Mitchell over the Presidential race between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Mitchell, who has been held up by some as an example of a fair journalist working at MSNBC, was not even remotely even-handed in this discussion. She was clearly a defender of Barack Obama and an antagonist against Mitt Romney. That’s what you expect from a purely opinion person like Al Sharpton or Sean Hannity, but not if the person is held up as an impartial journalist.

Via Mediaite

Gov. Haley Barbour Hammers Obama’s Failed Record in Interview with Obama Apologist Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC – Video 4/27/12

Here is video of Rick Santorum supporter and benefactor of his SuperPAC – Foster Freiss – leaving MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell absolutely speechless with his suggestion for one form of “contraception.”

“In my day, they used Bayer aspirin for contraceptions. The gals put it between their knees and it wasn’t that costly.”

Santorum has already been asked to comment on Freiss’ remark:

BUZZFEED: . . . Asked about the quote outside the Oakland County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner here in Novi, Santorum wasn’t at first aware of the incident — but when it was described to him, he told BuzzFeed “I’m not responsible for every bad joke one of my supporters makes.” . . . Read More

Santorum Supporter Foster Freiss Leaves MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Speechless with “Contraception” Suggestion – Video 2/16/12

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Tonight, NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell is reporting that Herman Cain will end his Presidential Campaign tomorrow. Mitchell reports that a “source close to Herman Cain” says “he has decided to quit in order to protect his family” from the continuing fallout of allegations against him.

Cain said earlier today he would make an announcement about the future of his campaign tomorrow, December 3, in Atlanta.

Via HotAirPundit

NBC News Reports a “Source Close to Herman Cain” Says He “Has Decided to Quit” GOP Presidential Nomination Race – Video Report 12/2/11

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