While Obama, Kerry Beg Iran for a Deal, it is “Death to Israel Day” in Iran – Video 7/10/15

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: Hillary’s Launch Left out Foreign Policy “Because there are a Lot of Missteps” – Video 4/13/15

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Assumes Mexican-American Dem Rep. Joaquin Castro is Cuban-American – Video 4/10/15

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: “Iran is Running Circles Around” the Obama Team in PR Surrounding Nuke Talks – Video 4/2/15

James Carville Tries to Blame Hillary Clinton Email Scandal on the “Right-Wing”; Calls it a “Fake, Made-up Scandal” – Video 3/9/15

Andrea Mitchell Thinks Obama was Wrong to make His “Crusades” Attack on Christians just after Jordanian Pilot Burned Alive – Video 2/8/15

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell: Obama’s SOTU Foreign Policy Statements are “Not Close to Reality” – Video 1/20/15

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: Obama has “Made some Enemies in His Own Party” with Unilateral Amnesty Move – Video 11/21/14

Andrea Mitchell: Democrats Say They are “Getting Nervous about Virginia” – Video 11/4/14

Andrea Mitchell: “I think (Jeanne) Shaheen is in Real Trouble” in New Hampshire – Video 11/2/14

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: Obama’s Continued Fundraisers being Questioned “For Good Reason” – Video 7/23/14

Dem Rep. Henry Cuellar on MSNBC Slams Obama for “Playing Pool and Drinking Beer” but No Time to Visit the Border – Video 7/9/14

NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell: Obama “Will have to Step Up Sanctions” on Russia in Light of Putin’s “Cold War” Rhetoric – Video 3/19/14

Colin Powell Parrots Leftist Attacks against Republicans in Interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell – Video 2/7/14

Ambassador John Bolton: “Thoroughly Silly” for Andrea Mitchell to Say Iran was a U.S. Ally until Bush’s “Axis of Evil” Speech – Video 1/30/14

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Says Iran was “More or Less an Ally” of the U.S. Prior to George W. Bush’s “Axis of Evil” Speech! – Video 1/28/14

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