Ann Coulter makes the Case for Donald Trump: “This is Not a Flash in the Pan” – Video 9/22/15

Ann Coulter Defends Donald Trump in Battle with National Review’s Charles Cooke – Video 8/13/15

Illegal Alien Protesters Interrupt Ann Coulter Book Signing; Tell Her to “Go back to Europe” – Video 6/30/15

Ann Coulter: Confederate Flag Hysteria is “Moronic”; Better to “Ban the Democratic Party!” – Video 6/23/15

Ann Coulter: Big Amnesty Push for Illegals all about Securing Votes for Democrats – Video 5/27/15

Ann Coulter Refuses to Let “Undocumented Immigrant” use Her as Prop: “No, Let’s Get On with the Question” – Video 5/26/15

Ann Coulter Tells Honduran Questioner: “Drop the Racism Crap” – Video 5/26/15

Ann Coulter Tells Jorge Ramos: “You wouldn’t be Sitting in America Interviewing Me” if the Culture in Mexico wasn’t “Deficient” – Video 5/26/15

Bill O’Reilly: Mitt Romney will be 2016 GOP Presidential Nominee; Ann Coulter Responds, “Oh, I Hope So. . . . It has to be Ted Cruz or Mitt Romney” – Video 10/17/14

War on Women? Ann Coulter Comments on Hillary Clinton Getting an Accused Rapist of a 12 Year-Old Girl Released for Time Served – Video 6/26/14

Ann Coulter: “I Think He (Obama) would be Impeached if He weren’t America’s First Black President”

Ann Coulter Blasts the Sleazy Cast of Democrat Characters who have Conducted a Real “War on Women” – Video 2/11/4

Ann Coulter: My Friend’s Sister Died after Losing Her Insurance due to ObamaCare – Video 2/2/14

Ann Coulter: Republicans Should Not Spend One Penny on Primarying GOP Incumbents in 2014; Focus Must be on Defeating Democrats – Audio 1/3/14

Ann Coulter: With Chris Christie, “It’s All About Chris Christie” – Video 11/6/13

Ann Coulter Tells Glenn Beck that Conservatives Starting a Third Party is Not the Answer: “We will Lose, We will Lose, We will Lose!” – Audio 10/15/13

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