Ann Coulter’s Advice to Republicans: “The Fight should be over Amnesty. We Lose Everything” – Video 8/8/13

Ann Coulter Reacts to Zimmerman “Not Guilty” Verdict: “This was a Media-Led Mob and an Innocent Man Almost went to Prison for 30 Years because of Al Sharpton” – Video 7/14/13

Ann Coulter Reacts to Multiple Obama Scandals: “They Don’t Care about Terrorism – They want to Spy on their Political Enemies” – Video 6/6/13

Ann Coulter No Fan of Sens. Marco Rubio or Rand Paul Running for President: “For one thing, (They) are as Tall as my iPod Here” – Video 3/25/13

Ann Coulter Speech Plus Q & A at CPAC 2013 – Complete Video 3/16/13

Ann Coulter: Sen. Ted Cruz “Nailed” Sen. Diane Feinstein with his Question. That’s why her Response was “I’m Offended” –

Ann Coulter: “Universal Background Checks” Equals “Universal Registration” and “Universal Confiscation” – Video 2/4/13

Here is video of Ann Coulter on with Sean Hannity the other night where she pointed out the class warfare rhetoric of Barack Obama is all designed to keep Americans from seeing that the real struggle is between the private citizen and the massive growth of Government.

On Vice-President, Coulter mentioned Rob Portman, Marco Rubio, Jon Kyl and Condoleeza Rice as people who would make great choices for Mitt Romney.

Ann Coulter on Mitt Romney VP Choice: “Portman, Rubio, Kyl, Condoleeza Rice” would All be Great Choices – Video 8/2/12

Here is video from “Hannity” tonight, where Democrat Political Consultant Pat Caddell made the startling statement that the source of leaking classified National Security Information inside the Barack Obama White House is none other than Obama’s National Security Adviser Tom Donilon. Caddell says Donilon is known in Washington as “the leaker-in-chief,” and has really been a “political hack” over the years. Donilon leads Obama’s “Daily Briefing” in the Oval Office every day. Some believe the leaks are designed to try and cast President Obama in the best light possible politically.

Democrat Pat Caddell Tells Sean Hannity that Obama’s National Security Adviser Tom Donilon is the Source of National Security Leaks – Video 6/11/12

Here is video of Ann Coulter today saying she believes Rick Santorum’s staying in the GOP race is hurting Republicans’ chances of defeating Barack Obama in the Fall. She argued that Santorum is not more conservative than Mitt Romney, calling him a “big-Government guy.” Coulter actually said that “Romney is closer to Reagan than Rick Santorum.”

Ann Coulter: “Mitt Romney is Closer to Reagan than Rick Santorum” – Video 4/2/12

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Interesting discussion on “This Week” about who Mitt Romney may pick as a Vice-Presidential running mate.

The early betting is on Marco Rubio, but Ann Coulter suggested Chris Christie (of course – Coulter loves him) or Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl (first time I’ve heard him mentioned). Far-Left Van Jones suggested that if Romney picked former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, it would make the Obama Campaign “go crazy.”

Romney VP Choice Speculation: Ann Coulter Suggests Chris Christie or Jon Kyl; Van Jones says Condi Rice would make the “Obama Campaign go Crazy” – Video 4/1/12

Here is video of Ann Coulter on “Fox & Friends Weekend” today, where she said it is not only time for Newt Gingrich to get out of the race – he never should have run for President in the first place:

“I think it was unbecoming of Newt Gingrich to even run for president. . . . “You can’t have two affairs and run for president.”

Ironically, Gingrich being in the race and staying in the race has been absolutely critical to Mitt Romney all but sewing up the GOP Nomination!

Via Mediaite

Ann Coulter on whether Gingrich should Get out of the GOP Race: “I think it was Unbecoming of Newt Gingrich to Even Run for President” – Video 3/31/12

Here is video of Ann Coulter – a big supporter of Mitt Romney – hammering the idea of a brokered Republican Convention, and the possibility of Sarah Palin being drafted for the Nomination.

Via The Shark Tank

Ann Coulter Takes a Swipe at the Idea of Drafting Sarah Palin at a Brokered GOP Convention – Video

Here is video of Ann Coulter on with Bill O’Reilly tonight, where she said Democrats attempting to help Rick Santorum in Michigan is proof that they are “terrified of Mitt Romney.”

Coulter is a big supporter of Romney, and defended him against attacks brought against him. On Ron Paul rarely criticizing Mitt Romney, Coulter said, “Of course Ron Paul supports Mitt Romney – he was also soft on Herman Cain. He admires people in the private sector. . .”

Ann Coulter Says Democrats “are Terrified of Mitt Romney” – Video 2/29/12

Here is video of Ann Coulter on “Hannity” advocating for Mitt Romney, whom she described as “our best candidate.” Coulter said conservatives “should be celebrating” Mitt Romney’s rise to the top of the GOP Field.

Coulter said she is NOT confident that Barack Obama will be defeated in the General Election. It is going to be very difficult to defeat an incumbent President.

Coulter said she has talked with Mitt Romney at a fundraiser recently and told him:

“You owe me, and you better be as right-wing a President as I’m telling everyone you’re going to be.”

Coulter said Romney told her, “Don’t worry.”

Ann Coulter Says She Told Mitt Romney: “You Better be as Right-Wing a President as I’m Telling Everyone You’re Going to Be” – Video 2/6/12

Here is video of Ann Coulter on Saturday night reacting to Mitt Romney’s victory in the Nevada Caucuses.

Coulter said it’s time to wrap up the GOP Nomination race, and focus time and resources on defeating Barack Obama in the Fall Election.

Coulter continued her strong support for Mitt Romney, saying “he is the most conservative on the issues” right now. She cited his stand on immigration, saying he has the most conservative view of all the candidates.

Via Gateway Pundit

Ann Coulter on Mitt Romney Win in Nevada Caucuses: “He is the Most Conservative on the Issues” Today – Video 2/4/12

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