The Democrats are showing their hand – and their real intent – with Sen. Diane Feinstein’s “Assault Weapons Ban” bill she plans to put forward in the New Year. The bill is not so much an “Assault Weapons Ban,” as it is a “Let’s force all law-abiding citizens to register all their guns” piece of legislation. The bill would require all Americans to register even the guns grandfathered in under the legislation, forcing law-abiding Americans to report and register their guns, and be photographed and fingerprinted by the Government.

I don’t believe Obama and the Democrats have the votes right now to pass this brazenly anti-2nd Amendment bill. But they appear ready to try. We’ll see.

Senate Democrats to Push Anti-Gun Bill in 2013 that would Require Registration of Firearms in the United States; Owners would have to be Photographed and Fingerprinted – 12/27/12

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