Put as ONLY Charles Krauthammer can put it! He has Obama figured out.

“I found it astonishing. Here he is, coming out to speak to the nation at a crucial moment – in very delicate negotiations – and he comes out there with incredible arrogance. He ridicules the Congress. He spikes the football on the Republicans. He rubs in the fact that they were resisting a raise in rates, and he made them do it. And of course, as always, he places himself hovering benignly at an Olympian level above the fray, where the children are playing in the sand box and he’s asking that everybody be reasonable, as if he just arrived in Washington on a Tourist Visa.

And then he goes into detail. What he basically says, ‘I’m giving the Republicans zero on spending – and I mean zero – not even discretionary spending. This is after he killed a proposal from the Minority Leader in the Senate for the tiniest of changes in entitlements, change in the cost of living index, which is essentially a technical change. So, that’s rejected out of hand. So he’s saying tax hikes all in rates. No cuts in spending. . . .”

Krauthammer Blasts “Astonishing,” “Incredible Arrogance” of Obama Fiscal Cliff Presser Remarks – Video 12/31/12

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Here is video of President Barack Obama’s statement on the “Fiscal Cliff” negotiations earlier this afternoon. Obama struck a gloating tone, at times mocking Republicans even before a deal is officially approved. Obama gloated that the GOP “is within sight” of approving a raise in tax rates – which, he reminded, they had said they would not support several weeks ago. Many – even some in the media – wondered if Obama’s gloating, campaign-like tone was really appropriate, especially since nothing has yet been officially approved.

A Gloating President Obama Speaks on Deal “Within Sight” regarding “Fiscal Cliff” – Video 12/31/12

So very true.

A new web ad from the folks at Right Change.com. Perfectly sums up the man who has occupied the White House for the last three and one-half years. It’s a parody of the Dos Equis spot “The Most Interesting Man in the World.”

New Web Ad Mocks Obama as “The Most Arrogant Man in the World”: “Out of Respect, They Gave Him the Nobel Peace Prize without Him Doing Anything – and He Took It” – Video

Absolutely devastating! I hope Karl Rove’s “American Crossroads” gets the money to run this ad across the country from now to November!

This new ad takes aim at Obama’s enormous ego, pointing out the truly incredible story that Obama has actually written himself into 13 of the biographies of other U.S. Presidents posted at the White House website! No kidding! The ad highlights just how full of himself Obama really is!

New Rove PAC Ad Zings “4th Greatest President” Obama for Writing Himself into the Biographies of 13 U.S. Presidents – Video 5/18/12

Absolutely outstanding!

We have become so accustomed to a liberal media in the hip-pocket of Barack Obama that when a journalist actually asks Obama a hard question, it is truly shocking!

Here is St. Louis newsman Larry Conners from KMOV interviewing President Obama. He dared to go where virtually no reporter has had the courage to go before. Conners asked Obama:

“Some of our viewers complain they get frustrated – even angered, when they see the First Family jetting around, different vacations and so forth, sometimes, they think under the color of state business, and they think ‘You’re out of touch’ – that you don’t really know what they are experiencing right now.”

Obma was clearly shocked, and side-stepped the question of his family taking so many vacations, and whether they are at taxpayers’ expense, by saying he has no choice but to travel on Air Force One because of Secret Service Security. But then he added:

“I think most folks understand how hard I work and how hard this Administration is working on behalf of the American people.”

At the end of the video, Conners calls Obama out for not really answering his question. What a great job by Larry Conners. The national press corps that covers Obama should be ashamed of themselves that with all their opportunities, they have rarely done their job in holding Obama accountable.

This video of Obama piously talking about how hard he works should provide more great material for GOP Ads this Fall!

St. Louis Newsman Confronts Obama for “Jetting Around” Vacations; Obama Retorts “I Think Most Folks Understand How Hard I Work” – Video 4/12/12

The arrogance of Barack Obama just can’t help but spill over. There’s so much, he can’t contain it.

Here he is speaking to the United Auto Workers yesterday where he praised the “Chevy Volt,” and said “Five years from now – when I’m not President anymore – I’ll buy one and drive it myself.”

Once again, those pesky voters are not worth even thinking about on November 6.

We’ll see. This just may be some really fun material to revisit on November 7! Can you imagine what the liberal media would have done if George W. Bush had made cocky statements like this?

Via Gateway Pundit

Arrogant Obama Says He Will Buy a Chevy Volt “Five Years from Now when I’m Not President Anymore” – Video 2/28/12

There is little doubt that Barack Obama is supremely overconfident about his chances for re-election.

Here is video of Fox News’ Ed Henry asking at a White House Briefing about Obama’s recent arrogant declaration that he has “another five years” to get his agenda implemented, as if his win in November is a foregone conclusion. Obama’s spokesman explains he is just “confident.”

Via HotAirPundit

Ed Henry at White House Briefing Asks about Obama’s Arrogant, “I’ve Got Five More Years” Statement; Spokesman Confirms Obama is “Confident” – Video 2/24/12

The arrogance of Barack Obama knows no bounds.

Here is audio of him in an interview saying, “My Presidency is not over. I’ve got another five years coming up.”

Of course, you do. Just that little matter of an election this November – those silly voters really have nothing to say about it, now do they? Can’t let them get in the way of The One.

Arrogant, Presumptuous Obama Declares: “My Presidency is Not Over. I’ve Got Another Five Years Coming Up” – Audio 2/22/12

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