CNN Anti-Trump Stooge Threatens FBI will be Out to Get Trump Now – Video 2/3/18

Rush Limbaugh: “Journalists” on TV and in White House Press Corps are “Actors” – Audio 1/15/18

Video Montage: Liberal Media Just Fine with Fake News as Long as it Attacks Trump – 1/9/18

David Bossie: Media Focusing on “Fake News” and not Great Trump Economy – Video 1/7/18


RNC Releases Graphic with Multiple Quotes Questioning Veracity of New Book Attacking Trump – Photo 1/5/18

Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway Destroys CNN anti-Trump Troll Brian Stelter! – Video 11/5/17

Pathetic George W. Bush, who Never attacked Obama in Eight Years, Attacks Trump for wanting Strong Borders, Fair Trade – Video 10/19/17

“Morning Joe” Trump-haters in Full Hand-Wringing Mode about Trump’s “Calm before the Storm” Remark – Video 10/6/17

Mark Levin on Mueller Probe against Trump: “This is a Coup that should Upset every American – Trump Supporter or Not” – Audio 8/3/17

Leftist Snowflake Mika Brzezinski: “It does feel like a developing Dictatorship” – Video 6/23/17

Video Compilation: Democrats move from “Collusion” to “Obstruction” in Trump Attacks because of No Evidence – 6/13/17

THIS is what Passes for Journalism on “Morning Joe” these Days – Video 6/1/17

Must Watch! John Sununu Confronts CNN Anchor on their Trump-Russia Delusion: “How much Crow are You Going to Eat?” – Video 5/30/17

Rush Limbaugh: What the Left is Doing to President Donald Trump is “Beyond a Coup” Attempt – Audio 5/25/17

Dem Hack Jerrold Nadler Skewered by His Own Words! Called for Firing of James Comey in November 2016 – Video 5/10/17

Heartache: Even CNN Announcers Call Out Dem Rep. Eric Swalwell for Claiming he has Unclassified Evidence of Trump Campaign Collusion with Russia – Video 5/8/17

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