Chris Matthews Admits on MTP Donald Trump has “the Media Killing Him Every Day”; The NYT does Long-Form Stories “Against Him” Daily – Video 4/30/17


White House Correspondents’ Dinner to Feature Muslim Comic while Trump Rallies with Pennsylvania Voters – 4/29/17

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Attacks Trump for Bringing Senate to White House for North Korea Briefing; Sen. Cory Gardner Calls Question “Stupid” – Video 4/25/17

Rush Limbaugh: “The Left is Cracking Up. They are Literally Crumbling to Shreds” – Audio 4/24/17

Democrat Maxine Waters to Trump Voters: “You’re Not Nearly as Patriotic as We Are” – Video 3/28/17

Mika Brzezinski, Defender of Disastrous Obama Presidency, Calls Trump Presidency “Fake” and “Failed” after Less than 2 Months – Video 3/6/17

Former Obama Press Secretary Dodges Question on whether Obama is behind Leaks from Intelligence Community – Video 3/5/17

Steve Bannon on Media Bias: “If You Think they will give you your Country back without a Fight, You are Sadly Mistaken” – Video 2/23/17

Crazed Leftist Nutcase Reveals their Absolute Hatred of Donald Trump in Interview with Tucker Carlson; Says Trump is “More Dangerous than Hitler” – Video 2/21/17

Fox News Drama Queen Shepard Smith Again Attacks Donald Trump in Wake of Epic Presser – Video 2/16/17


President-elect Donald Trump Responds to Attack on Him by Dem Rep. John Lewis: He “should spend more time fixing and helping his District” – 1/14/17

Krauthammer: Shocking, “Indefensible” for Buzzfeed to Publish Garbage Dossier against Trump – Video 1/12/17

Smart-alack Anderson Cooper Schooled by Kellyanne Conway on Latest Pathetic CNN Attack on Donald Trump – Video 1/11/17


“Diamond and Silk” Respond to Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe Attack on Donald Trump – Video 1/9/17

Tucker Carlson Mocks Actress Meryl Streep’s Attack on Donald Trump at the Golden Globe Awards – Video 1/9/17

Leftist Former Sanders Staffer Not Sure Attack on Disabled White Male by Blacks Shouting Slurs against White People and Donald Trump is a “Hate Crime” – Video 1/5/16

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