Here is video of former Bush Adminstration Official and Mitt Romney aide Dan Senor blasting Republicans who have now so quickly decided to bash Mitt Romney for their own political purposes. Senor did not name names, but he said, “they know who they are,” and that many of them were singing Romney’s praises and talking to the Romney transition team “about cabinet positions” just days before the Election.

Dan Senor: Some Top Republicans Now Kicking Mitt Romney were Singing His Praises and Asking about “Cabinet Positions” Just Days before the Election – Video

Says the man who did exactly that all the way to the White House in 2008 with his “Hope & Change” nonsense and the “We are the ones we have been waiting for” drivel. Obama is revealing himself for what he truly is as this campaign winds down. He’s desperate, and he’s showing it.

Via Gateway Pundit

Report: Ever-Classy “Hope & Change” Barack Obama Calls Mitt Romney a “Bullshi**er” in New Magazine Interview – Video Report 10/25/12

Now Vice-President Joe Biden is actually quoting the Chinese Communist Propaganda agency in attacking Mitt Romney!

VP Joe Biden Uses Chinese Communist Propaganda to Attack Mitt Romney – Video 9/17/12

Here is video of Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox News last night where he praised Gov. Mitt Romney’s strong statement on the Obama Administration’s handling of the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, and said members of the media who are trashing Romney are doing so because they “don’t want him to get elected.”

Via The Rightnewz

Judge Andrew Napolitano Praises Romney; Says Media Trashing Romney because They “Don’t Want Him to Get Elected” – Video 9/13/12

It’s clear President Obama has been getting his talking points from Jimmy Carter! Here is more evidence, this time from Jimmy Carter’s own speech in 1980 at the Democratic National Convention, where he used his “shoot from the hip” line to attack Ronald Reagan and the Republicans. Obama used the line yesterday against Mitt Romney. Carter, like Obama, was a failed President, who was trying to get re-elected by demonizing Reagan. Obama is trying the same game in 2012. The Romney Campaign needs to get some ads up with Carter and Obama making this same attack.

Obama’s “Shoot from the Hip” attack on Mitt Romney Right out of Jimmy Carter Attack on Ronald Reagan in 1980 – Video

This new RNC Ad uses scenes from the Democratic National Convention to drive home the point that Barack Obama and the Democrats “will say anything to try and distract” voters from the disastrous economic policies of Obama’s Presidency. Obama is using the politics of fear and division to try and get re-elected.

New RNC Ad Highlights Democrats’ Use of “Fear and Division” to “Distract” American Voters – Video

Sadly, not even surprising anymore. Just more verification of the tremendous disadvantage faced by Mitt Romney – or any Republican Presidential Candidate – when the media all over America are such shills for the Democrats. This comment happened to get caught on an ABC News open mic, with the voice reportedly being the “Yahoo! News Washington Bureau Chief.” But you wonder just how much of this goes on that we never hear. My guess is, a great deal.

NewsBusters has all the details.

Mediaite is also reporting the story, pointing out that Barack Obama goes right on fundraising and campaigning during the Hurricane. But, of course, no media criticism for that.


“Open Mic” Catches Media at GOP Convention Laughing, Saying Romneys “Happy to have a Party when Black People Drown” – Audio 8/28/12

Something tells me Chris Matthews and the other Obama lapdogs in the media are getting very nervous. Here is Matthews completely unhinged (nothing out of the ordinary) on “Morning Joe” today as he blasted RNC Chair Reince Priebus over Mitt Romney’s “birth certificate” remark last week in Michigan. He thinks that and Romney’s criticism of Obama’s Welfare policy is him “playing the race card.” Expect to see a lot more of this in the media if they believe Romney has a real shot at winning in November. This is actually a very good sign – they’re nervous.

Via GOP12 The Hill

Unhinged Chris Matthews Goes Off on RNC Chair Reince Priebus on “Morning Joe” – Video 8/27/12

Here is a new Republican National Committee (RNC) ad that destroys Barack Obama’s claim the other day that his campaign has never suggested Mitt Romney may be a “felon.” It shows Obama at his impromptu Press Conference Monday making that claim, and then plays audio of Obama’s own Deputy Campaign Director Stephanie Cutter using the word “felony” in comments about Romney.

New RNC Ad Destroys Obama’s Claim His Campaign Never Suggested Mitt Romney is a “Felon” – Video 8/21/12

Here is a “gracious” Barack Obama today saying he does not “think” Mitt Romney is responsible for the cancer death of a woman used in a Pro-Obama SuperPAC. Obama even claimed his campaign had never linked Romney with the death. But his own website has a slideshow that essentially makes the same claim.

Via BuzzFeed

President Obama Claims His Campaign Never Linked Mitt Romney to Woman’s Cancer Death; Yet His Own Website Appears to Draw that Link – Video 8/20/12

Here’s a new ad by “American Crossroads” that hits Barack Obama and his campaign for its ties to “Priorities USA,” the Pro-Obama SuperPAC that has put out the widely denounced ad that suggests Mitt Romney is responsible for the tragic cancer death of a steelworker’s wife. Time’s Mark Halperin has called the ad “despicable,” and multiple news entities have said it is false. Yet, Barack Obama won’t denounce the ad, even though he routinely criticizes SuperPAC ads on the GOP side.

This ad from “American Crossroads” ends with an unexpected twist, using audio from John Dean’s famous statement to President Nixon “we have a cancer close to the Presidency that’s growing – it’s growing daily,” to turn the tables on Obama and the SuperPAC’s “cancer ad” against Romney.

NOTE/CORRECTION: John Dean made this statement to then-President Richard Nixon in what turned out to be a taped conversation. My initial recollection was that he said this to the Watergate Committee. I have corrected the post to reflect when that statement was made.

“American Crossroads” Ad Invokes John Dean’s Watergate Statement, “We have a Cancer Close to the Presidency that’s Growing,” to Hit back at Pro-Obama SuperPAC Ad Attacking Mitt Romney – Video 8/10/12

Here is a new RNC ad that shows Obama Campaign operative Stephanie Cutter did know about the steelworker and his late wife featured in an Obama SuperPAC ad that essentially blames Mitt Romney for the wife’s tragic death from cancer. The ad has been condemned as false and inaccurate by multiple sources – even liberal media sources – and when called on it, Cutter claimed she had no knowledge of the personal story of the steelworker and his deceased wife. Yet, you can hear Cutter on a Conference Call back in May thanking the same steelworker for telling them his story.

New RNC Ad Shows Obama Campaign Operative Knew Facts about Subjects of Cancer Death Ad She Claimed to Not Know – Video 8/9/12

Even the media is shocked at the total disregard for the truth by the Pro-Obama SuperPAC ad that links Mitt Romney to the death of a steelworker’s wife. When your ad makes CNN defend Mitt Romney – you know you have gone too far.

This is video of Bill Burton, former Obama White House operative, on CNN where he was grilled by Wolf Blitzer over their ad, which he continues to stand by and even says they do not intend to give the impression Romney is responsible for the woman’s death – even though it is the only reasonable conclusion you can take away from the ad. Wolf Blitzer and the others were incredulous that Burton says that is not the intent of the ad, and Blitzer flatly tells Burton that Romney is not responsible for the tragic death.

CNN Grills Head of Obama SuperPAC about Ad Tarring Romney with the Cancer Death of a Steelworker’s Wife; Blitzer Tells Him, “He’s Not Responsible for Her Death” – Video 8/8/12

Even regular contributors to MSNBC are appalled at the latest Obama SuperPAC attack on Mitt Romney, essentially accusing him of being responsible for the death of a steelworker’s wife from cancer after Bain Capital closed down the steel plant. Of course, the problem are those things called facts, which are left out of the ad. The tragic death of the wife took place five years after the steel plant was closed, and she had her own health insurance in some of those years following the closure. Mitt Romney had left Bain Captial in 1999 to try and save the 2002 Winter Olympics. Time’s Mark Halperin calls the ad “despicable,” and says it is the lowest of the low so far. That pretty well sums it up.

CNN has blasted the ad as well – Ad linking Romney to death of the wife of a laid off steelworker not accurate

Even MSNBC Regular Contributors are Appalled at the Latest Obama SuperPAC Attack Ad against Mitt Romney: “It’s a Despicable Ad” – Video 8/8/12

Here is video of former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu saying President Barack Obama is behind Sen. Harry Reid’s unsubstantiated attack on Mitt Romney claiming he has paid no taxes for 10 years. This, despite the fact that in the taxes Romney has released, it shows he paid taxes, prompting The Washington Post to give Reid “four Pinocchios” for his attack.

John Sununu: “President Obama, the Obama Campaign are the ones Behind Dishonest” Harry Reid Attack on Mitt Romney – Video 8/6/12

Here is video of CBS News’ “Face the Nation” moderator Bob Schieffer saying the attacks on Mitt Romney by Harry Reid and others that he has not paid taxes for 10 years reminds him of “Joe McCarthy” back in the 1950’s, throwing out wild charges with no proof and expecting people to kow-tow to their demands just because they make the charge.

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer on Harry Reid Attack on Mitt Romney: “Isn’t this Kind of Like Joe McCarthy?” – Video 8/6/12

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