Heilemann: Rivals Step Up Attacks on Ted Cruz – Video 12/31/15

Ted Cruz Hammers Rubio as “Not from the Right”; Responds to Rubio PAC’s Attack on Cruz as Soft on National Security – Video 11/24/15


Media Bias on Full Display: Halo for Obama; Ted Cruz gets a Gun Pointed at His Head – Photos 6/22/15

Pro-Rand Paul PAC Runs Truly Awful Ad Calling Ted Cruz the “Capitulating Canadian” – Video 5/29/15

RINO Peter King Goes on MSNBC to Bash Conservative Republicans as “RINOs” – Video 10/11/13

GOP Sen. Mike Lee Slaps Down Repeated Attacks by GOP Rep. Peter King: “He’s Just Plain Wrong” – Video 10/7/13

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Says Ted Cruz and Republicans Opposing Obama “Don’t Love the Country”; Joe Scarborough Feels Compelled to Defend Cruz – Video 10/7/13

NPR Caller Leaves NRO Editor a Lovely Voicemail about Ted Cruz: “If I Heard that He had been Set on Fire. . . I would Not Shed a Tear” – Audio

Another Day, Another Peter King Attack on Fellow Republican Ted Cruz – Video 9/29/13

Michael Steele Stands Up to Joe Scarborough’s Ongoing Attack on Ted Cruz; Indignant Scarborough Reacts, “Don’t Lecture Me about Conservatism” – Video 9/26/13

Mark Levin on John McCain Attacking Ted Cruz: “Shame on this Man. A Complete Useful Idiot for the Democrats” – Audio 9/25/13

Liberal Democrat Tamara Holder on “Hannity” Compares John Boehner and Ted Cruz to Mass Murderer “John Wayne Gacy” – Video 9/26/13

GOP Rep. Sean Duffy Joins “Morning Joe” Panel to Trash Sen. Ted Cruz; Whines that Cruz has “Abused” House GOP with Constituent Phone Calls! – Video 9/20/13


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Attacks Sen. Ted Cruz for Rallying Conservative Base to Stop Disastrous ObamaCare Law – Video 8/5/13

MSNBC Buffoon Chris Matthews Calls Sen. Ted Cruz a “Terrorist” for Opposing the Radical Agenda of Barack Obama – Video 7/31/13

Megyn Kelly Discusses the Left’s Increasing Attacks on, and Growing Fear of, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz – Video 6/14/13

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