MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Attacks Sen. Ted Cruz for Rallying Conservative Base to Stop Disastrous ObamaCare Law – Video 8/5/13

MSNBC Buffoon Chris Matthews Calls Sen. Ted Cruz a “Terrorist” for Opposing the Radical Agenda of Barack Obama – Video 7/31/13

Megyn Kelly Discusses the Left’s Increasing Attacks on, and Growing Fear of, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz – Video 6/14/13

Mark Levin Eviscerates Joe Scarborough’s Mindless Attack on Sen. Ted Cruz – Audio 3/15/13

John McCain Wins GOP Nomination in Arizona over J.D. Hayworth

Sen. John McCain Reportedly Described Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz as “Wacko Birds” – Video Report 3/8/13


Sen. Ted Cruz to Liberal Media: “Knock Yourself Out” Attacking Me! “But for Every 10 Stories Attacking Me, Perhaps Write One Story on Chuck Hagel’s Record” – Video 2/19/13

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz Already Under the Skin of the Left; Sen. Barbara Boxer Trots out “McCarthyism” Attack against Cruz – 2/15/13

Sen. Ted Cruz is Officially Under the Media’s Skin: “Morning Joe” Crew Attacks Cruz; Scarborough Refuses to Say His Name; Calls Tough Questioning of Hagel “a Clown Show” – Video 2/1/13

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