Shocking when you actually see the media do their job these days. Here is a report from Toledo, Ohio station WTVG, that takes apart a Barack Obama attack ad against Mitt Romney, calling it “misleading.”

Report by Toledo, Ohio Station Finds Obama Attack Ad against Mitt Romney, “Misleading” – Video Report 10/1/12

Here’s a new Barack Obama ad featuring none other than – Barack Obama. We get to see Obama showing off his computer skills as he fills in his own name and donates to his own campaign. He said he cleared it with Michelle, you’ll be relieved to know! For Obama, I’m sure the clincher on him doing this ad was the chance to tell everyone once again that his “occupation” is being “President.”

New Obama Ad Features Barack Obama Telling Us His “Occupation” is “President” and Showing You How to Donate to His Campaign via Computer – Video 7/31/12

Here is a new Barack Obama ad that attacks Mitt Romney for quoting what Barack Obama said! It shows him quoting Obama’s recent “You didn’t build that” remark, and then say Obama did not say that. But later in their own ad (:40), they actually play precisely what Romney quoted Obama as saying!

Via The Weekly Standard

New Obama Ad Attacks Mitt Romney for Saying what Obama Said – Video 7/19/12

Here is video of President Obama’s first campaign ad of 2012. It actually tries to make the claim that his administration is “unprecedented” in how “ethical” it has been! I kid you not. Like how they rammed ObamaCare down the throats of the American people by hook and by crook.

First Campaign Ad of 2012 for President Barack Obama: “Unprecedented” – Video 1/18/12

If these people think they are going to generate the kind of enthusiasm for Obama that he got in 2008 with the whole “let’s make history” thing, and the “we are the ones that we’ve been waiting for” nonsense, they have got a rude awakening coming.

This is a Barack Obama Campaign Ad urging his supporters to use their holiday season to spread the word about Obama to their skeptical relatives – in hope of changing hearts and minds.

Here’s hoping some of the Obamabots try this and get read the riot act by their much wiser friends and relatives!

Via Hot Air

New Obama Ad Urges Followers to Spread the “Hope and Change” Good News about Obama to Friends and Relatives at the Holiday Season – Video 12/21/11

Here is a great new parody of the Obama Campaign’s “What If?” ad. Notice the sign in the background featuring the words of Rev. Wright.

H/t: Gateway Pundit

Video: Parody of Obama Campaign’s “What If?” Ad – 11/10/11

Here is a new video ad released by the Obama Campaign that says, “One year from now, all of our progress could be erased.”

The obvious question after watching this ad is: “What progress?”

This ad just lends itself to a powerful rebuttal ad that details Obama’s “progress” of high unemployment, stagnant growth, the monstrosity of ObamaCare etc., etc. The country has not made any progress – but the Leftist, Socialist, Liberal Agenda has. That’s the “change” Obama wanted to bring to America all along.

New Ad for Obama Warns: “One Year From Now, All of Our Progress Could be Erased” – Video 11/6/11

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