Dem Sen. Claire McCaskill makes Video Telling Men to “Just Shut the Hell Up” – Video 11/9/15

State Dept. Spokesman Denies Obama is Altering His Strategy by Putting Boots on the Ground in Syria – Video 10/30/15

Pathetic Obama Lectures Us on Why We should Not say “All Lives Matter” – Video 10/22/15

Obama’s Longtime Pastor Trashes the U.S. and Israel in Rant Defending “Palestinians” – Video 10/10/15

Powerful New Carly Fiorina Ad Hammers Obama, Hillary’s Support of Planned Parenthood’s Heinous Practices – Video 9/23/15

What in the World would make Anyone think Obama is a Muslim? – Compilation Video

Morning Joe’s Mike Barnicle: “The White House has a Candidate and His Name is Joe Biden” – Video 8/25/15

Joe Scarborough Slams “Arrogant” Obama’s Dismissal of Iran Deal Critics – Video 7/27/15

Obama Refuses to Call Chattanooga Attack a “Terrorist Attack”; Won’t Name Shooter as “Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez” – Video 7/16/15

Obama Nominee for Joint Chiefs Chair Says “Russia Presents the Greatest Threat” to U.S. National Security; Romney Vindicated Again! – Videos 7/9/15

Obama, who Lied in 2008 saying He Opposed Gay Marriage, Takes Victory Lap after Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage Nationwide – Videos 6/26/15, 8/20/08

Arrogant Obama Snubs Iraqi Prime Minister at G7 Summit; Keeps Back Turned to Him – Video 6/8/15

Condescending Obama Attacks Benjamin Netanyahu in Israeli TV Interview – Video 6/3/15

Arrogant Obama Claims He has made the U.S. the most “Respected Country on Earth” – Video 6/1/15

Jeb Bush Turns the Tables on Obama, Hillary: Asks “Why didn’t You Leave 10,000 Troops in Iraq” to Preserve the U.S. Victory? – Video 5/20/15

Obama Defends Non-Action against Assad by Claiming Assad didn’t use Chemical Weapons; Claims Chlorine Gas Not a Chemical Weapon – Video 5/14/15

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