President Obama and Family Biking on Martha’s Vineyard – Video 8/16/13

Louis Farrakhan: Barack Obama “Has Not, Cannot, and Will Not Solve our Problems” – Audio 8/11/13


Obama Sends $195 Million to Help Syrians with Celebrating the End of the Muslim Fasting Month of Ramadan – 8/7/13

During Speech to Troops, Obama Struggles to Find Name of Dr. Jill Biden – Video 8/7/13

Jay Leno Jabs Obama in Monologue as Obama Waits Offstage: “How about Solving the Problems that brought our Government to a Halt. . .” – Video 8/6/13

President Barack Obama Interview with Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show” – Complete Video 8/6/13

Obama Says ObamaCare is Experiencing “Glitches” as it Gets Rolled-Out – Video 7/18/13

In South Africa, Obama asked Why He’s Not Visiting Kenya: “I was Trying to Spread the Wealth in Terms of my Visit. . .” – Video 6/29/13

Obama: “No, I’m Not Going to be Scrambling Jets to Get a 29 Year-Old Hacker” – Video 6/27/13

Russia’s Vladimir Putin Directly Contradicts Obama’s Claim You Can’t have “100% Security and 100% Privacy”: “Yes You Can” – Video 6/25/13

Brit Hume on Obama’s Silence Strategy: “A Good way to Duck, but Not a Good Way to Lead” – Video 6/17/13


BREAKING: President Obama to Name Susan Rice as His New National Security Adviser – 6/5/13

Rush Limbaugh on Latest Christie, Obama Photo-op: “It’s a Master-Servant Relationship” – Audio 5/28/13

Christie Wins Obama a “Bears Bear” During Football Toss on Jersey Shore; Obama 0-5, Christie 1-1 – Raw Video 5/28/13


Gov. Chris Christie to Help Barack Obama Try to Change the Subject with Another Photo-op Tour Today – 5/28/13

President Obama Wreath-Laying at Arlington National Cemetery Tomb of the Unknowns – Video 5/27/13

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