President Trump: Unlike Obama, “I don’t talk about what I’m going to do” on Military Action – Video 8/10/17


“Drudge Report” Hit with Cyber-Attack; Matt Drudge Tweets, “Is the US government attacking DRUDGE REPORT?” – 12/29/16

John Bolton: Is Obama Planning to Recognize a Palestinian State on His way out the Door? – Video 12/27/16

Obama in Peru: “I’m Not Worried about being the Last Democratic President” – Video 11/20/16

Narcissist Obama: I Know Voting for Hillary is Not “Inspiring” like Voting for Me was in 2008 and 2012 – Video 11/6/16

Obama Struggles to Calm Rally Crowd after Elderly Trump Supporter Stands up with a Sign – Video 11/4/16

Angry Obama Berates Black Community: “I will Consider it a Personal Insult to my Legacy” if You don’t Vote for Hillary Clinton – Video 9/17/16

Donald Trump: Barack Obama “is the Founder of ISIS”; “Crooked Hillary Clinton is the Co-Founder” – Video 8/10/16

Gold Star Mom Wonders where the Media Outrage is at the “Actions” of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama – Video 8/4/16

Trump Responds to Obama: Obama is “the Worst President, Maybe, In the History of our Country”; “Weak, Ineffective” – Video 8/2/16

Obama Treats Singapore PM like a Potted Plant while saying Trump is “Unfit” to be President; Calls on Republicans to Drop Trump – Video 8/2/16

Barack Obama’s Brother, Malik Obama, Explains Why He is Voting for Donald Trump! – Video 7/28/16

Obama Asked if Trump can Win: “Anything is Possible. . . ” – Video 7/26/16

Cleveland Police Association Head Says Obama “has Blood on His Hands” in Killing of Police Officers – Video 7/17/16

Cover Your Ears! Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Gushes about “Bromance” with Barack Obama – Video 6/30/16

Barack Obama: ISIS Followers are Not Islamic Warriors – Video 6/14/16

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