Cleveland Police Association Head Says Obama “has Blood on His Hands” in Killing of Police Officers – Video 7/17/16

Cover Your Ears! Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Gushes about “Bromance” with Barack Obama – Video 6/30/16

Barack Obama: ISIS Followers are Not Islamic Warriors – Video 6/14/16

Defensive Obama Lectures Trump, other Americans why He won’t Say “Radical Islam” – Video 6/14/16

Obama Reacts to Orlando Islamic Terrorist Attack is His Usual Weak Way; Pushes Gun Control – Video 6/12/16

Obama goes on the Attack against Trump and becomes a Stammering Mess – Video 6/1/16

Barack Obama at Hiroshima Equates Atomic Bomb that Saved Lives with the Atrocities Committed by the Empire of Japan – Video 5/27/16

The President who Capitulated to the Radical Muslims in Iran: “Ignorance is not a Virtue” – Video 5/15/16

Obama Jabs Hillary among Others in Final White House Correspondents Dinner Speech – Video 4/30/16

Obama Reacts to the Death of Prince during Press Conference in Great Britain – Video 4/22/16

Rush Limbaugh Blasts Obama’s “Worthless, Pointless Reaction” to Brussels Islamic Terror Attack – Audio 3/23/16

Arrogant Barack Obama Says Donald Trump Will Never be President – Video 2/16/16


BREAKING: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Says Scalia “Vacancy Should Not be Filled until We have a New President” – 2/13/16

Barack Obama Delivers His Final State of the Union Address – Complete Video 1/12/16 UPDATE: Trump Slams as “Boring, Rambling”

Obama Throws Tantrum against the 2nd Amendment in Announcing Measures to Infringe on the Rights in “the Paper” (Constitution) – Video 1/5/16

Obama Acts as Apologist for Islam, Pushes Gun Control in Rare Oval Office Speech on San Bernardino Terrorist Attack – Complete Video 12/6/15

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