Greta Van Susteren Blasts Barack and Michelle Obama as “Selfish”: “Two Planes, One for Each, Same Day, Same Location” – Video


Valerie Jarrett: “I Intend to Stay until the Lights go Off” on Obama Presidency – 3/13/15

Barack Obama Defends Islam Once Again in Yet Another Speech on “Violent Extremism” – Video 2/19/15

Obama Criticizes Media and American People for being “Overly Alarmed” at Islamic Jihadist Threat; Sees “Climate Change” as a Greater Danger – Video 2/8/15


Rev. Franklin Graham Lowers the Boom on Barack Obama’s “Christians have Done Bad Stuff Too” Remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast – 2/5/15

As Obama Commences Drawdown of U.S. Forces from Afghanistan, He Promises it “Will Not be a Source of Terrorist Attacks Again” – Video 12/25/14

Obama Suggests Keystone Pipeline would make Global Warming Climate Change Worse; Mentions Flooding, Drought, Wildfires! – Video 12/19/14

After Handing Victory to the Castros, Obama Admits No Indication Castros are Changing their Ways on Human Rights – Video 12/17/14

Cuban Dictator Raul Castro Declares Victory over U.S. as Obama Caves; Cites “Fidel’s” Prediction – “They Will Return. . . ” – Video 12/17/14

Appeaser-in-Chief Set to Announce Lifting of U.S. Embargo Resumption of Diplomatic Relations with Cuba; Obama Expected to Change 55-Year U.S. Policy to Reward Castro Regime – Video 12/17/14

Rep. Trey Gowdy: GOP Senate should Not approve Obama Nominations in Response to Unconstitutional Immigration Order – Video 12/3/14

President Obama’s Remarks at White House Following Ferguson Meetings – Video 12/1/14

Rev. Al Sharpton with President Barack Obama

President Obama to Hold Three Meetings on Ferguson at the White House Today – 12/1/14

SNL Takeoff on “How a Bill becomes a Law” Hammers Obama’s Immigration Power Grab – Video 11/22/14

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: Obama has “Made some Enemies in His Own Party” with Unilateral Amnesty Move – Video 11/21/14

Obama Makes Bizarre Statement He Will Send U.S. Ground Troops to Iraq if ISIS Gets a Nuclear Weapon – Video 11/17/14

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