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Dodgers Pitcher Zack Greinke Suffers Broken Collar-bone in Bench-Clearing Brawl with the San Diego Padres – Video 4/11/13

Hooters Ball Girl Gloves Fair Ball Down the Third Base Line During MLB Spring Training Game – Video 3/10/13

What a way to do it!

Here is video from today of New York Yankee Derek Jeter joining the exclusive 3,000 Hit club of Major League Baseball by hitting a home run against the Tampa Bay Rays. Jeter becomes the 28th player all-time to get 3,000 hits in a career – and amazingly, the first New York Yankee.

Derek Jeter Joins 3,000 Hit Club with a Home Run at Yankee Stadium – Video 7/9/11

Here is raw video from a fan in the stands at Fenway Park in Boston last night of a brawl that broke out between the Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles. Red Sox slugger David Ortiz hit a popup, and Orioles Pitcher Kevin Gregg gestured to Ortiz that he ought to be running to first base. That was after a series of inside pitches to Ortiz, who had hit a homerun earlier in the game. Ortiz charged Gregg and the benches cleared, with a number of punches being thrown.

Brawl Erupts During Red Sox – Orioles Baseball Game – Raw Video from Stands 7/8/11

Here is tragic video of a Texas Rangers fan who died last night, after falling over an outfield railing trying to catch a foul ball at the Rangers-A’s game in Arlington, Texas. The fan fell about 20-feet, and reportedly landed on concrete.

NOTE: The article below says the man fell trying to catch a ball tossed into the stands by Rangers’ Outfielder Josh Hamilton. The video does not show Hamilton toss the ball, but the foul ball clearly went into the stands on the Left Field side. The fan was sitting in the Left Field stands. Also, the A’s announcers were clearly unaware how serious the fall was at the time they were talking about it in the video.

ABC NEWS: A Texas baseball fan fell 20 feet to his death after reaching over a barricade for a ball tossed to the crowd by an all-star player, with former President George W. Bush in attendance.

Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton has said that he is ” very distraught” after the man fell head first at the Arlingtion stadium. The married man’s son was with him and witnessed the incident, according to the Associated Press.

Arlington Fire Department officials said the man, who witnesses said was conscious after the fall, “went into full arrest” while being transported by ambulance. He was pronounced dead at a Fort Worth hospital less than an hour after he fell, the A.P. reported.

The man has been identified as Shannon Stone of the Brownwood Fire Department by the Brownwood News after Brownwood Fire Marshal Buddy Preston confirmed that a Brownwood firefighter died at a Texas Rangers baseball game in Arlington.

“We had a very tragic accident tonight and one of our fans lost their life reaching over the rail trying to get a ball,” team president Nolan Ryan said somberly after the Rangers’ 6-0 victory over Oakland. “As an organization, and as our team members and our staff, we’re very heavy-hearted about this, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.”

Hamilton is “very distraught over this, as the entire team is,” Ryan said. . . . Read More

H/T HotAirPundit

Fan Dies after Tragic Fall from Stands at Texas Rangers Game – Video 7/7/11

News is out today that legendary Baseball Pitcher Bob (“Rapid Robert,” “Bullet Bob”) Feller died yesterday of leukemia at the age of 92. Feller had won 100 games by the time he was 23 years-old, and then served three years in the U.S. Navy during World War II, enlisting just two days after the Japanese bombed Pear Harbor. Feller was one of the first Major League Player to enlist after the attack. He threw the ball 100 miles per hour, and pitched three no-hitters during his Hall of Fame career, with all 18 seasons spent with the Cleveland Indians.

Baseball Legend Bob Feller has Died at the Age of 92 – Video Report

Texas Rangers win ALCS over the Yankees

Fans Celebrate Rangers’ Victory

Texas Rangers’ Manager Ron Washington on the Rangers making the World Series

Here is a local video report from Dallas station WFAA on the victory by the Texas Rangers over the New York Yankees in Game 6 of the American League Championship Series to take the series 4-2 and move on to their first World Series.

The Rangers dominated the Yankees in the ALCS, outscoring them 38-19 in the six games. Texas came into this postseason having only won a single playoff game in the 39-year history of the franchise! But now, they have dispatched the Tampa Bay Rays 3-2 in the American League Division Series, and the defending World Series’ Champion Yankees in the ALCS.

Texas will face either Philadelphia or San Francison in the World Series – which will begin Wednesday night.

Texas Rangers Win ALCS over Yankees; Headed to their First World Series – Video 10/22/10

Here is video of Japanese Baseball player Masato Akamatsu making a truly amazing “spider-man” catch to take a home run away.

Japanese Baseball Outfielder Makes Amazing Catch to Take Home Run Away – Video

UPDATE: Here is a local news report on the fan falling from WFAA in Dallas:

UPDATE: Here is a video report that shows the fan being taken out of the stadium on a stretcher.

Here is video from the Texas Rangers baseball game tonight, where a fan fell out of an upper deck to the lower deck while trying to grab a foul ball. This video does NOT show the fan falling, but shows the reaction of the home plate umpire who looked up as the crowd started to scream and saw the man fall. You then see the reaction of players on the field who fell to the ground and began praying for the fan as a hush fell over the stadium.

Play was suspended for some time as the fan was attended to and taken out of the stadium on a stretcher. Word tonight is that the fan is at a local hospital, where he is “responsive,” able to move his extremities, and has been stabilized.

Hopefully, the fan will have a complete recovery.

Fan Falls From Upper Deck at Rangers Game; Umpire, Players, Crowd React in Horror – Video (of Reaction Only)

Here is video of a Yankees fan getting hit right in the face by the baseball because he was talking on his cell phone. As one of the commentators in the video says, “You got to go hands free at the baseball game.” Actually, you might just try going “cell phone free” at the baseball game.

Here’s Why You Better “Go Hands Free” at the Baseball Game – Video

Here is video of Great Britain’s Prince Harry in New York, where he threw out the first pitch at the New York Mets game yesterday.

Britain’s Prince Harry Throws Out First Pitch at Mets Game – Raw Video

Here is video from Saturday’s Tampa Bay Devil Rays/Florida Marlins game where the Marlins gave away 15,000 “Vuvuzela” horns to fans as they entered the stadium. The horns have become famous from the horrific sound they make during World Cup games in South Africa. You can hear the sound – something like a swarm of bees – at the beginning of the game in this video.

The video also has an interview with a couple in the stadium who tried to take “cow bells” into the stadium and were turned away! I guess the cow bells make too much noise!

Let’s hope this giveaway promotion does not catch on!

15,000 Vuvuzela Horns Given Away at Marlins/Rays Game; Couple with “Cow Bells” Turned Away! – Video

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