Greg Hicks Tells ABC News He is being “Punished” by Obama State Department for Speaking Out on Benghazi Scandal – Video 9/8/13

CNN’s Erin Burnett Previews Special Report, “The Truth about Benghazi,” to Air Tonight at 10 PM ET: “Justice has Not been Served” – Video 8/6/13

Epic Judge Jeanine Opening Statement Destroys Obama’s Weak Foreign Policy: Thanks to Obama, America is Now Neither “Respected or Feared” – Video 8/3/13

Former CIA Operative Calls Obama CIA Director John Brennan a “Bully of the First Order” toward Subordinates – Video 8/3/13

Rep. Darrell Issa on Reports Obama Admin Trying to Silence Benghazi Survivors: It’s “Obstruction” and is “Illegal under the Statutes” – Video 8/2/13

Flashback: Sen. Rand Paul Grills Hillary Clinton on possible CIA Gun-running Activity at Benghazi Annex – Video 1/22/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Explains with Mark Levin why “Select Committees” are Needed to Get the Truth on Benghazi, IRS Scandals – Audio 8/1/13

Trey Gowdy: “Names being Changed” of People Who Know the Truth about Benghazi; Vows to Get the Truth “If it Takes 10 Years” – Video 8/1/13

CNN Benghazi Bombshell: CIA Engaging in “Unprecedented” Intimidation of Benghazi Operatives to Keep them Silent about what Happened; At Least 35 Americans in Benghazi on Unknown Operation the Night of the Attack – Video Report 8/1/13

CBS News Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Computer Hacked: “Signs of Unusual Happenings in My Home for Many Months” – Video 6/17/13

National Security Expert KT McFarland on Obama’s Choice of Susan Rice as NSA: “She’ll be a Disaster” – Video 6/5/13

Former GOP Rep. Allen West Agrees “Impeachment” Option “Should be on the Table” over Benghazi Scandal – Video 6/1/13

Could Hillary Clinton challenge President Obama in 2012?

Poll: Hillary Clinton Approval Rating Drops Dramatically in Wake of Benghazi Scandal – 5/31/13


A Skeptical Bob Schieffer Questions Obama Senior Adviser on Scandals Engulfing Obama Presidency – Video 5/19/13

Journalist Bob Woodward: “I Would Not Dismiss Benghazi. It’s a Serious Issue”; Likens Obama “Talking Points” to Nixon’s Edited “Talking Points” – Video 5/17/13


Benghazi CIA Email Reveals FBI Already Knew Al-Qaeda Involved in Attack Two Days before Rice Pushed “Video” Story on Sunday Shows

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