GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger: Hillary Clinton “Yelled” at Member of Congress Two Days after Benghazi Attack for Suggesting it was a Terrorist Attack – Video 8/16/13

Trey Gowdy: “Names being Changed” of People Who Know the Truth about Benghazi; Vows to Get the Truth “If it Takes 10 Years” – Video 8/1/13

Mark Levin on Explosive CNN Benghazi Report: “It’s Iran-Contra Times a Thousand” – Audio 8/1/13

CNN Benghazi Bombshell: CIA Engaging in “Unprecedented” Intimidation of Benghazi Operatives to Keep them Silent about what Happened; At Least 35 Americans in Benghazi on Unknown Operation the Night of the Attack – Video Report 8/1/13

New Ad Features Some Parents of the Americans Killed in Benghazi: “It’s Time to Hold Barack Obama Accountable” – Video 5/21/13

Names of Three Benghazi Whistleblowers Revealed Ahead of Wednesday House Testimony – Video Report 5/4/13

Report: Obama State Department Blocking Security Clearance for Lawyers wanting to Represent Benghazi Whistleblowers – Audio 4/29/13

Authors of “Benghazi: The Definitive Report” Use Model of Compound to go through Detailed Timeline of Events with Sean Hannity – Video 2/18/13

Sen. John McCain Hammers David Gregory on “Massive Cover-up” of Benghazi: “Do You Care, David, the Reasons Why Four Americans Died?” – Video 2/17/13

Gabriel: More Information Coming on Benghazi Terrorist Attack that will leave People “Amazed and Shocked” – Video 2/9/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Questioning on Benghazi Attack: It was 23 Days before Attack Scene was Secured; Military Not Asked to Secure It – Video 2/7/13

On Hillary Clinton’s testimony on Capitol Hill yesterday about the Benghazi Terror Attack, Charles Krauthammer points out the obvious question that was never asked: Why can’t we hear from the witnesses who were there and survived the attack? It’s been more than four months, and not one of the dozens of survivors have been heard from publicly.

Krauthammer: Clinton Not Asked Obvious Question on Benghazi – Why Haven’t We Heard from the Witnesses who Survived the Attack? – Video 1/23/13

Here is video of Sean Hannity tonight talking to Sen. Rand Paul about his very direct exchange with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about the Benghazi Terror Attack.

Sen. Rand Paul Reacts to His Tense Exchange with Hillary Clinton over the Benghazi Terror Attack – Video 1/23/13

Here is video of Sen. Rand Paul just hammering Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at Senate Hearings today on the Benghazi Terror Attack Scandal. Rand Paul told Clinton that “Had I been President at the time. . . I would have relieved you of your post.”

Sen. Rand Paul Hammers Hillary Clinton at Senate Hearing on the Benghazi Terror Attack: “Had I been President at the Time . . . I would have Relieved You of Your Post” – Video 1/23/13

Here is video from Greta Van Susteren’s show tonight where she featured a new State Department report from an “independent review board” on the Benghazi Terrorist Attack that is critical of the State Department itself for failing to have sufficient security. But Catherine Herridge reports that the findings do not “name any names,” and holds no one responsible for the death of four Americans – including Ambassador Chris Stevens – nor does it recommend any disciplinary action for anyone in the State Department.

New Report on Benghazi Says there were “Systematic Failures at Senior Levels of the State Department”; But “Names No Names”; Recommends No Disciplinary Action even though Four Americans are Dead – Video 12/18/12

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Now that the election has passed, NBC News reports tonight that Intelligence Officials say they have known “from the beginning” that the September 11 attack on the Benghazi U.S. Consulate was a “terrorist” attack. Andrea Mitchell reports.

NBC News: Intelligence Officials Knew Benghazi was a “Terrorist” Attack “from the Beginning” – Video Report 11/19/12

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