House Benghazi Report: Obama, Hillary Made No Attempt to Save the Lives of Americans under Attack; Lied about Internet Video being the Cause – Video 6/28/16

Report: U.S. Captures Key Suspect Behind Benghazi Terrorist Attack – Video Report 6/17/14

Sen. Marco Rubio Hammers Hillary Clinton’s Dismissal of Benghazi Inquiry as “Minor League Ball” – Video 6/10/14

Classified Email Shows Obama White House made Phone Call to “YouTube” While Benghazi Terrorist Attack was Happening – Video Report 5/22/14

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Newly Uncovered Email a “Smoking Gun” Showing Obama White House Misled Americans on Benghazi – Video 5/1/14

ABC News Report: Obama White House “Feeling the Heat” over Newly Released Benghazi Email – Video 4/30/14

Susan Rice on “Meet the Press”: Oh, We had No Idea Benghazi was a Terrorist Attack when I blamed it on a Video! – Video 2/23/14

NBC News Reports Senate Intelligence Committee Faults Hillary Clinton State Department for the Benghazi Attack; Calls it “Preventable” – Video 1/16/14

Obama was Told from the Earliest Moments that the Benghazi Attack was a Terrorist Attack – Video Report 1/13/14

Obama Admin Continues Blocking Access to Benghazi Survivors; Claims “Significant Risk” if they Testify to What Happened – Video 10/31/13

Greg Hicks on No Help Sent for Americans Under Attack in Benghazi: We Always thought if We Faced Trouble Help Would Come – Video 10/27/13

“60 Minutes” Report: Terrorists Attacking U.S. Consulate in Benghazi were Yelling, “We’re Here to Kill Americans” – Video 10/24/13

“We Remember Benghazi, Hillary” – Video 9/11/13

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger: Hillary Clinton “Yelled” at Member of Congress Two Days after Benghazi Attack for Suggesting it was a Terrorist Attack – Video 8/16/13

Trey Gowdy: “Names being Changed” of People Who Know the Truth about Benghazi; Vows to Get the Truth “If it Takes 10 Years” – Video 8/1/13

Mark Levin on Explosive CNN Benghazi Report: “It’s Iran-Contra Times a Thousand” – Audio 8/1/13

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