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Last night Florida senator Marco Rubio sat down for an interview with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren to discuss the testimony given today by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding Benghazi.

During the interview, Greta asks Rubio if he thought Clinton was “candid”.


“She tried to answer to the questions that were asked. I think time will tell, you know, time will tell whether some things she said bared out to be true or not. I mean these things have a way of flushing themselves out. To say the opposite, I’m not going to sit here and accuse the secretary of lying. I’m going to tell you I’m concerned about some of her answers. The reason why I’m concerned about some of her answers is I still do not understand how it can be that a high profile place like Libya, with the amount of dangerous situations out of there already occurred, with all the information coming into the government to the U.S., that in Libya not only was it a dangerous place – Benghazi in particular was dangerous – and that there were Islamist fundamentalist radical elements that were organizing and training in the vicinity.

Here is what I don’t believe. I don’t believe that the only people who were aware of what a bad situation it was were the mid-level people that resigned. I think it was clear from her testimony today that she as aware of how Libya was, although obviously she says that there was no way she could have known it would turn into this.

Watch the entire interview above.

Marco Rubio: I Won’t Say Hillary Clinton is Lying

Here is video from Greta Van Susteren’s show tonight where she featured a new State Department report from an “independent review board” on the Benghazi Terrorist Attack that is critical of the State Department itself for failing to have sufficient security. But Catherine Herridge reports that the findings do not “name any names,” and holds no one responsible for the death of four Americans – including Ambassador Chris Stevens – nor does it recommend any disciplinary action for anyone in the State Department.

New Report on Benghazi Says there were “Systematic Failures at Senior Levels of the State Department”; But “Names No Names”; Recommends No Disciplinary Action even though Four Americans are Dead – Video 12/18/12

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer tonight saying he “is not buying” National Intelligence Director James Clapper taking the blame for changing the CIA Talking Points on Benghazi, less than a week after declaring the Intelligence Community did not make the changes. Krauthammer said he’s not buying Clapper’s “amnesia” on the talking points.

Krauthammer “Not Buying” Clapper’s “Amnesia” on CIA Benghazi Talking Points – Video 11/20/12

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