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Israeli PM Netanyahu to meet with Obama Today to “Tell the Truth” in the Face of “Sweet Talk and the Onslaught of Smiles” between Obama and Iran – Video 9/30/13

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Sean Hannity: “No Way” Netanyahu “Doesn’t see through (Obama’s) B.S. . . I think He Knows Full Well He can’t Trust Him”

Barack Obama Arrives in Israel for First Visit there as President; Greeted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – Video 3/20/13

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Obama

Report: President Obama to Tell Israeli PM that June will bring “Window of Opportunity” for U.S. Strike on Iran – 2/25/13

Sen. Marco Rubio in Israel Meets with PM Benjamin Netanyahu; Bump Water Bottles! – Video 2/20/13

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed victory in Israel’s national election, but his his victory is by a narrower margin than expected. Netanyahu’s Party won 31 of the 120 seats in the Knesset, and with his coalition of other parties, he is expected to get to a majority to remain Prime Minister. But the more moderate parties are reportedly expected to have more influence as a result of this election outcome.

BBC: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to form “as broad a government as possible” after his alliance won a narrow election victory.

Addressing supporters at his party’s headquarters in Tel Aviv, Mr Netanyahu said he believed the result created “an opportunity for change”.

Exit polls suggest Mr Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud-Beitenu bloc will have 31 seats in parliament – a sharp drop from 42.

In a major surprise, the centrist Yesh Atid (There is a Future) party came second with a predicted 18-19 seats, with Labour next on 17. . . .Read More

Benjamin Netanyahu Prevails in Israeli Election; Wins by Narrower Margin than Expected – Videos 1/22/13

Here is a video report from Israel as Israelis go to the polls to vote. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is widely expected to remain Prime Minister when it is all said and done.

Israelis go to the Polls; Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Widely Expected to Prevail, Remain PM – Video Report 1/22/13

A powerful statement today by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the move by the Palestinians and their allies at the United Nations today to have Palestine recognized by the U.N. as an observer state. The resolution is expected to pass in the General Assembly. The United States has said it will oppose the move.

Netanyahu points out that Palestine should not be recognized as an official state until it officially recognizes Israel’s right to exist. Netanyahu bluntly issued a warning to the United Nations:

“As for the rights of the Jewish people in this land, I have a smiple message for those gathered in the General Assembly today. No decision by the U.N. can break the 4,000 year-old bond between the people of Israel, and the land of Israel.”

UPDATED: The U.N. General Assembly has voted to recognize Palestine as an observer state:

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on U.N. Move to Recognize Palestine as an Observer State: “No Decision by the U.N. can Break the 4,000 Year-Old Bond between the People of Israel and the Land of Israel” – Video 11/29/12 UPDATED: U.N. Recognizes Palestine as Observer State by 138-9-41 Vote; U.S. Calls Move “Unfortunate” and “Counterproductive”

Yeshiva World News is providing a “readout” on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s phone call today to President Obama to discuss the situation in Israel:

YESHIVA WORLD NEWS: Prime Minister Netanyahu called the President today to provide an update on the situation in Israel and Gaza. The Prime Minister expressed his deep appreciation to the President and the American people for the United States’ investment in the Iron Dome rocket and mortar defense system, which has effectively defeated hundreds of incoming rockets from Gaza and saved countless Israeli lives. The President reiterated U.S. support for Israel’s right to defend itself, and expressed regret over the loss of Israeli and Palestinian civilian lives. The two leaders discussed options for de-escalating the situation. . . . Read More

The video above is a recap from Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on Day 4 of the “Pillar of Defense” operation against the terrorist rocket attacks coming from Gaza.

Report: Netanyahu Calls President Obama to Update on Israel-Gaza Conflict; Thanks the American People for “Iron Dome” Defense System; IDF Recaps “Pillar of Defense” Day 4 – Video 11/17/12

From Thursday night on Greta Van Susetern’s show. She talks with former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton about the fact that Barack Obama’s U.N. Ambassador, Susan Rice, chose to not be in the hall Thursday when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his speech at the United Nations. Greta was shocked that Rice did not attend the speech.

Just one in a long line of snubs by this President and his administration against Israel.

Obama’s U.N. Ambassador Snubs Israeli Prime Minister; Attends Dinner Instead of being Present for Netanyahu Speech – Video 9/27/12

Here is the complete video of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s dramatic speech today at the United Nations. Netanyahu drew a “red line” on Iran – literally - and essentially told the world body that if they don’t stop Iran before it obtains a Nuclear Weapon – Israel will.

Netanyahu is the embodiment of a leader. Israel is fortunate to have him. I wish America had such a leader for these troubled times.

Complete Video of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Dramatic United Nations Speech – Video 9/27/12

Here is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the United Nations today where he literally drew a “red line” on when Iran must be stopped in their drive to obtain Nuclear Weapons.

Netanyahu used a chart with a drawing of a bomb on it to illustrate his point. He then drew a red line with a marker indicating that Iran must not be allowed to move to the “Final Stage” of building a Nuclear Weapon. He indicated the International Atomic Energy Agency has filed public reports indicating Iran will get to that final stage by the Spring or Summer of next year.

Netanyahu’s drawing of a “red line” is a clear challenge to Barack Obama, whose typical appeasement strategy has refused to draw any red lines.

Watch complete video of Netanyahu’s speech.

Israeli Prime Minster Netanyahu uses U. N. speech to Draw “Red Line” on Iran that Barack Obama Will Not – Video 9/27/12


Here is video of GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann calling on President Obama to change his mind and meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week in New York. Bachmann said Obama should cancel his appearance on David Letterman, and his fundraiser with “Beyonce” and “Jay Z,” and do the right thing by meeting with Netanyahu.

“And President Obama needs to get his priorities straight. What he needs to do is cancel his planned interview with David Letterman, cancel his meeting with Beyonce, cancel his meeting with Jay Z, and instead agree to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, because you see, America and Israel have a commonality of interests.”

Via CNS News

Michele Bachmann Calls on President Obama to Cancel Letterman Appearance and Jay Z Fundraiser to Meet with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu – Video

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