Bill Clinton Tries to Downgrade Hillary’s Illness to just “the Flu” – Video 9/14/16

Bill Clinton Confirms Hillary Clinton has Collapsed “On More than One Occasion” – Video 9/12/16

Bill Clinton Mocks “The Coal People” in WV, Kentucky for Supporting Trump: “They Don’t Like Us Anymore” – Video 9/9/16

Bill Clinton Calls FBI Director Finding on Hillary’s “Careless” Actions with Classified Info “the Biggest Load of Bull” – Video 8/12/16

Heartache: Tim Kaine, Bill Clinton Fight to Stay Awake during Hillary’s Acceptance Speech! – Video 7/28/16

Donald Trump Believes Bill Clinton met with AG Loretta Lynch to lobby for Leniency in Hillary’s Email Scandal Decision – Video Report 7/1/16

Carl Bernstein: AG Loretta Lynch Needs to Recuse Herself from Hillary Email Investigation in Wake of Meeting with Bill – Video 6/30/16

Is Hillary really protecting women?

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

New Trump Ad Features Audio of a Victim of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s “War on Women” – Video 5/23/16

Flashback 1998: Hillary Clinton Issues Veiled Threat to Women Accusing Bill – Video

Trump Goes There: Uses “and Rape” to Describe what Bill Clinton has been Accused of in the Past – Video 5/18/16


Trump Zings Hillary on Promise to put Bill in Charge of the Economy: “Will He Bring the ‘Energizer’ to D.C.?” – 5/17/16

Reports: Trump Campaign will Wage No-Holds-Barred Battle against Hillary Clinton; Will Raise Bill’s Connection to Jeffrey Epstein – Video 5/16/16

Bill Clinton Blasts “Black Lives Matter” Protesters: “You are Defending the People who Kill the Lives You Say Matter” – Video 4/7/16

Bill Clinton Confronted about “Hillary Lied over Four Coffins”; Bill Tells Marine, “Shut Up and Listen. . .” – Raw Video 2/26/16

Carville Slips Up: Bill Clinton Will be a “Net Liability” to Hillary’s 2016 Presidential Campaign – Video 1/4/16

Rape Survivor Tries to Ask Hillary Clinton Questions at Town Hall; Dismissed as “Very Rude”; Questions Why She won’t Listen to Bill’s Accusers – Video 1/3/16

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