Bill Clinton Blasts “Black Lives Matter” Protesters: “You are Defending the People who Kill the Lives You Say Matter” – Video 4/7/16

Bill Clinton Confronted about “Hillary Lied over Four Coffins”; Bill Tells Marine, “Shut Up and Listen. . .” – Raw Video 2/26/16

Carville Slips Up: Bill Clinton Will be a “Net Liability” to Hillary’s 2016 Presidential Campaign – Video 1/4/16

Rape Survivor Tries to Ask Hillary Clinton Questions at Town Hall; Dismissed as “Very Rude”; Questions Why She won’t Listen to Bill’s Accusers – Video 1/3/16

Donald Trump Continues Hammering Bill and Hillary Clinton – Video 12/31/15

Roger Stone: Trump is Going After Hillary Clinton for “Her Abuse of Women” who Accused Bill Clinton – Video 12/28/15

Hillary Clinton Beams after Delivering Canned Response to Bill Clinton Rape Accusation Question – Video 12/3/15

Mark Halperin: Lots of Dems “Freaking Out” over Bill Clinton’s Weak Performance Defending Hillary – Video 9/28/15

“Morning Joe’s” Mike Brzezinski Mortified that Bobby Jindal Dared to Mention “Monica Lewinsky” in Bill Clinton Remark – Video 6/3/15

CNN Panel Dismayed at Bill Clinton’s “I Gotta Pay our Bills” Gaffe – Video 5/5/15

Media Mocks Bill Clinton’s, “I’ve Gotta Pay our Bills,” Remark – Videos 5/4/15

Bill Clinton Assures that during Presidential Bid they will Follow “the Same Rules” on Donations Followed while Hillary was Sec. of State – Video 5/3/15

Heilemann: Bill Clinton’s Post-Presidency “Marked by Carelessness, Indiscipline, and Some Degree of Greed” – Video 4/27/15

Peter Schweizer: Bill Clinton’s Speaking Fees Increased Dramatically once Hillary became Secretary of State – Video 4/26/15

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Former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush – Humorous Moments from Joint Appearance at the Newseum – Video 9/8/14

Shock Audio: Bill Clinton the Day Before 9/11 Attacks said, “I Could have Killed (Osama Bin Laden) Him. . .And So I Didn’t Do It” – Audio 9/10/2001

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