Bill O’Reilly takes Illinois State Rep to Task for Repeating “Suspicions” about Killing of some Chicago African-Americans “Without a Shred of Evidence” – Video 8/1/13

Bill O’Reilly Praises “Courage” of CNN’s Don Lemon for Supporting His Remarks; Blasts “Race Hustlers” like Al Sharpton – Video 7/29/13

CNN’s Don Lemon Agrees with Bill O’Reilly Remarks on Black Culture; Lists Five “Tough Love” Advice Items for African-Americans – Video 7/27/13

Bill O’Reilly Challenges National Urban League President to Address the “Disintegration of the African-American Family” – Video 7/23/13

Bill O’Reilly Tells Laura Ingraham on Senate Immigration Bill: “Laura, I Disagree with you 100%. I think that Bill should Go Through” – Video 6/20/13

CBS News Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Tells Bill O’Reilly: “I Think I Know” Who Hacked my Personal and Work Computers – Video 6/17/13

Democrat Bob Beckel Not Sure He would have Voted for Obama’s Re-Election had He Known about NSA Snooping on Millions of Americans – Video 6/12/13

Geraldo Rivera Suggests to Bill O’Reilly that Rush Limbaugh may be Jealous of Him – Audio 4/5/13

FBC Dallas Pastor Discusses the Literal Truth of the Bible with Bill O’Reilly – Video 3/27/13

Bill O’Reilly Says He’s “Fine” with “Gay Marriage” in NY; Thinks States should Decide – Video 3/26/13

Brit Hume: Unlike Barack Obama, “Presidents are Supposed to be the People who Put on their Big-Boy Pants and Shoulder Responsibility” – Video 3/5/13

Bill O’Reilly Hammers Liberal Alan Colmes for Inability to Produce One Example of Obama Spending Cut: “You are Lying! You are Lying Here!” – Video 3/5/13

Krauthammer: It’s a “Vast Overreaction,” a “Mistake” for CPAC 2013 to Not Invite Gov. Chris Christie to Speak – Video 2/26/13

The O’Reilly Factor’s Jesse Watters Confronts President Obama’s Half-Uncle who has Lived in the U.S. Illegally for more than 40 Years – Video 2/21/13

Bill O’Reilly Tells Glenn Beck “it’s Going to take a Disaster, Economically Probably,” to Wake Up “Narcissistic” Voters – Video 2/21/13

Herman Cain on Biggest Problem Facing the United States: “We Don’t have a Leader in the White House” – Video 2/19/13

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