CBS News’ Bill Plante Confronts Obama with His, and the Nation’s “Loss of Influence” on His Watch as President – Video 8/1/14

Reporter Bill Plante: Obama White House “Undercutting the First Amendment” by Reducing Access to the President; Opting for their own “State-Run Media” – Video 2/24/13

Here is video of CBS News’ Bill Plante asking White House Press Secretary Jay Carney where the evidence is that President Obama and the Democrats are actually doing anything to solve the so-called “Fiscal Cliff” problem. Plante said there are no meetings scheduled and no evident sense of urgency by the White House to get anything done.

As you might expect, Carney really didn’t answer the question, essentially saying, “It just doesn’t look like anything is being done.” Nothing new about that.

Jay Carney Gets Asked where the Evidence is that Obama and the Democrats are Actually Doing Anything to Deal with the Looming “Fiscal Cliff” – Video 11/27/12

As the 2012 GOP Convention gets underway in earnest today, here is an interesting video of two longtime CBS News reporters – Bob Schieffer and Bill Plante, discussing their memories from Conventions past. For Schieffer, this is the 22nd Convention he has covered, and Plante has covered almost as many.

One thing Schieffer said that stands out is that you can still expect something unexpected to happen at this Convention, even though they are much more scripted than they once were. Schieffer said when you get this many politicians together in one place, where there is “free liquor” available, you can be sure something you are not expecting will happen.

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer, Bill Plante Reminisce about Political Conventions Past; You Can Still Expect Something Unexpected to Happen – Video 8/28/12

Longtime CBS Reporter Bill Plante bluntly told White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today that President Obama’s Supreme Court comments on Monday were an “obvious misspoken moment,” and that Carney was “standing up there twisting yourself in knots because he made a mistake, and you can’t admit it.”

CBS News’ Bill Plante to Jay Carney on Obama Supreme Court Remarks: “You’re Standing up there Twisting Yourself in Knots because He made a Mistake, and You Can’t Admit It” – Video 4/5/12

Here is video of CBS News Reporter Bill Plante this morning saying that President Obama is returning to a very different Washington, D.C. – one where the GOP is “ready to pounce” on him. Plante is referring to plans by the new GOP House to vote for Repeal of ObamaCare on Wednesday, January 12.

CBS News’ Bill Plante: GOP “Ready to Pounce” on President Obama – Video 1/4/11

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