Rush Limbaugh Takes Apart Senate Immigration Bill in Exchange with Bob Beckel on “The Five” – Video 7/10/13

Democrat Bob Beckel Not Sure He would have Voted for Obama’s Re-Election had He Known about NSA Snooping on Millions of Americans – Video 6/12/13

Bob Beckel Slams Obama Administration’s NSA Collection of Phone and Internet Data on Millions of Americans; Says it is “Close to Fascism” – Video 6/6/13

Here is video from “The Five” yesterday, where Democrat Strategist Bob Beckel said flatly that if the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll’s numbers are accurate, giving Mitt Romney a 52%-45% lead as of yesterday, “It’s over. It’s. over.” Beckel went on to say if those numbers are correct, there is no way that Mitt Romney, as a “challenger candidate,” is going to come back down under 50%. Bob Beckel has been active in Democratic Politics for decades, and actually ran Walter Mondale’s 1984 Campaign, in which Mondale lost 49 states to President Ronald Reagan.

Now Beckel did make it clear he’s not sure the numbers are accurate. I must agree with him there. I would not be at all surprised for that lead to get smaller over the weekend. Democrats often poll much better on weekends, and other tracking polls have the race much closer (Rasmussen is at Romney +2). This time next week will tell us a lot more. If Romney is still above 50% a week from now, then Beckel’s “it’s over” statement may apply. We’ll see.

Democrat Bob Beckel on Gallup Tracking Poll Showing Romney at 52%: “IF those Numbers are Correct, It is Over. It is Over.” – Video 10/18/12


Poor Bob Beckel. He really did not seem to know he was on the air. But this is a good example of why it’s just better not to talk like that anytime – especially where cameras and microphones are present!

Bob Beckel Drops F-Bomb Live on “Hannity” without Realizing He is On the Air – Video 4/16/12

Bob Beckel gets upset at Pamela Geller when she says he is “carrying water for the most radical, intolerant ideology in the world today.” Beckel responded, “You better be very careful. You’re a woman, you better be very careful about saying who I carry water for, because you have no idea what you’re talking about. And don’t start putting me in the middle of your crap!”

H/T: The Lid

Bob Beckel to Pamela Geller: ‘You’re A Woman, You Better Be Very Careful About Saying Who I Carry Water For’ – Video

Liberal Bob Beckel defends the Ground Zero Mosque and at around 2:20 into the video he tells a first responder, “At some point we are going to have to get over 9/11.”

H/T: Weasel Zippers

Bob Beckel Says We Need to “Get Over 9/11″ — While Defending Ground Zero Mosque

Bob Beckel calls Andrew Breitbart a “bigot” and a “jerk” on Sean Hannity’s radio program. Beckel accused Breitbart of doctoring the tape he released of Shirley Sherrod. Hannity told Beckel that Breitbart did not “phony up” the tape, he was given only part of the tape. He also pointed out to Beckel that he should be equally as angry at the Obama administration and the NAACP because they, too, did not investigate the full context of the tape before firing and condemning Sherrod.


Bob Beckel Calls Andrew Breitbart a ‘Bigot’ and a ‘Jerk’

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