Sarah Huckabee Sanders: If Corker would “get on Board” instead of “Grandstanding,” Much could be Accomplished – Video 10/24/17

Mark Levin Discusses why Voters Stand with Trump Despite GOP Leaders’ Backstabbing Behavior – Audio 10/10/17

GOP Sen. Bob Corker Set to Move Bill Giving Congress Mandatory Review of Obama’s Nuclear Deal with Iran – Video 4/5/15

Haughty John Kerry gets Cut Off by GOP Sen. Bob Corker while Pontificating against Senators’ Letter on Iran – Video 3/11/15

Sen. Bob Corker: Obama, Kerry Showing “Wishy-Washiness” Towards Russia – Video 3/16/14

Sen. Ted Cruz Confronts Sen. Bob Corker: “If a Vote for Cloture (Friday) is a Vote for Defunding ObamaCare, Why is Harry Reid Voting Like You?” – Video 9/26/13

U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Votes 10-7 to Authorize Military Action against Syria; Changes gained Support of McCain – Video 9/4/13


A new line of questioning on President Obama’s nominee for Defense – Chuck Hagel. This is Sen. Bob Corker questioning whether Hagel’s “overall temperament” is suited to run the Pentagon. When asked what he meant, Corker mentions a number of former “staffers” of Hagel who he says are coming forward “talking about how he (Hagel) has dealt with them.”

Cryptic. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

Sen. Bob Corker Questions Chuck Hagel’s “Overall Temperament” to be Secretary of Defense – Video 1/13/13

It’s growing – the number of Republicans ready to cave-in to Barack Obama on raising tax rates. Here is Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker explaining why he is ready to do so. But these Republicans know in their hearts it is not the best thing for the country. The tax increase won’t even put a dent in the nation’s debt problem. They know it. Massive entitlement spending is the problem, and no one wants to face up to it.

Sen. Bob Corker Joins Ranks of Republicans Willing to Support Tax Rate Increases – Video 12/9/12

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