Sen. Rand Paul on “Face the Nation”: Obama “is the One Saying I Will Shut Down the Government if You Don’t Give Me Everything I Want” – Video 9/29/13

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer: President Obama Not Living up to Candidate Obama’s Rhetoric – Video 8/18/13

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer Says, “In the End,” Comprehensive Immigration Reform Won’t Pass the House – Video 6/30/13

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer Questions Obama’s $60-100 Million Africa Trip: “Is that Worth it at a Time of Sequestration?” – Video 6/16/13

Bob Woodward on Obama Scandals: You’ve Got “a Feeling that No One’s Coming Clean. . . And this goes to President Obama” – Video 6/2/13

As Scrutiny on Obama from CBS News’ Bob Schieffer Intensifies, Axelrod Mocks Schieffer for Not being able to “Book the Guests He Wants” – Video 5/27/13

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer Presses Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer on whether He Supports Anthony Weiner for NYC Mayor – Video 5/26/13

David Gergen: Surprised at how “Ham-Fisted” Obama is at Running the Country – Video 5/26/13

Bob Schieffer Instructs Young Obama Adviser: “You are taking Exactly the Same Line that They (Nixon Admin) Did” – Video 5/19/13


A Skeptical Bob Schieffer Questions Obama Senior Adviser on Scandals Engulfing Obama Presidency – Video 5/19/13

Rush Limbaugh on Benghazi Scandal: “They’re about to Blow this Sky High”; Reviews Scandal Timeline – Audio 5/6/13


CBS News’ Bob Schieffer Blows the Lid Off the Benghazi Scandal with Darrell Issa on “Face the Nation” – Video 5/5/13

Here is video of Democratic Sen. Diane Feinstein admitting the passage of an “Assault Weapons Ban” will be an “uphill battle,” but still claiming she believes it can get done. There is no indication there will be enough Democratic votes in the Senate to even get to a simple majority, much less the 60-votes needed to bring it up for a vote on the Floor of the Senate.

Via The Rightnewz

Democratic Sen. Diane Feinstein on “Assault Weapons Ban”: “This is an Uphill Climb” – Video 1/27/13

In contrast to those on the Left who want to say President Obama’s Second Inaugural Address was like unto Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg Address, here is CBS News’ Bob Schieffer saying Obama’s speech was “unusual” in that “there were no real memorable lines.”

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer on Obama’s Second Inaugural Address: “Unusual” Speech in that “There were No Real Memorable Lines” – Video 1/21/13

Here is video of National Rifle Association President David Keene stood up for the 2nd Amendment rights of every American in the face of unrelenting criticism by CBS News’ Bob Schieffer on “Face the Nation” today. Schieffer acted totally incredulous that the President of the NRA is not in favor of curtailing 2nd Amendment Rights! Keene countered Schieffer’s assertions again and again, reminding Schieffer that the “right to keep and bear arms” is a “Constitutional Right” of every American. At one point, Schieffer was at least honest when he prefaced what he said with, “Maybe it’s my bias. . .” That’s exactly right.

NRA President David Keene on “Face the Nation” Stands Up for 2nd Amendment Rights of Every American in Face of Criticism by Bob Schieffer – Video 12/23/12

Here is CBS News’ Bob Schieffer this morning giving his take on the state of the “Fiscal Cliff” Negotiations. In the wake of House Speaker John Boehner’s failure to get the support of his own GOP members for his “Plan B,” Schieffer says “Right now, they are back to ground zero – I mean, I think they are below ground zero” on getting a deal before the end of the year deadline when tax increases take effect for everyone.

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer on “Fiscal Cliff” Negotiations: “Right Now, They are Back to Ground Zero – I Mean, I Think They are Below Ground Zero” – Video 12/22/12

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