CBS News’ Bob Schieffer Signs Off on Final Broadcast as Moderator of “Face the Nation” after 24 Years – Video 5/31/15

Reuters Reporter: Senior White House Officials Don’t Agree with Obama this His ISIS Strategy is Working – Video 5/24/15

What a Contrast: Bob Schieffer Says King of Jordan dons Battle Fatigues in Response to ISIS, while Obama Attends Fundraisers – Video 2/15/15

“Face the Nation’s” Bob Schieffer on Obama’s Plan to Raise Taxes by $320 Billion: “Is this for Real?” – Video 1/18/15

“Face the Nation’s” Bob Schieffer: “I was Dumbstruck” when I Heard Gruber’s Remarks – Video 11/16/14

Sen. Ted Cruz Lowers the Boom on CBS News’ Bob Schieffer’s Govt Shutdown Jab: “Harry Reid Just Lost His Job” – Video 11/5/14


Sen. Lindsey Graham: Obama’s Disastrous Pullout from Iraq has Left the U.S. with No Good Options; “Next 9/11 Attack” Already being Plotted; Jordan Next to be Attacked – Video 6/15/14

Sen. Lindsey Graham Predicted Iraq Crisis in 2011: If Obama Pulls Out All U.S. Troops, “Iraq Could Go to Hell” – Video 2011

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer: “I Have a Source” that Says if Jeb Bush does Not Run in 2016, “Mitt Romney May Actually Try it Again” – Video 4/27/14

Gov. Mitt Romney on “Face the Nation”: Obama’s “Naivete” about Russia has Led to Aggression against Ukraine – Video 3/23/14

Sen. John McCain Laughs Out Loud at Latest Susan Rice “Benghazi” Claim: “I’m almost Speechless. . . .” – Video 2/23/14

NewsBusters: CBS News’ “Face the Nation” Edits Out Sen. Ted Cruz Criticism of Barack Obama’s “Abuse of Power” in Going After Filmmakers – Videos 1/26/14

Bob Schieffer on Cover Featuring Hillary Clinton: “I Thought it was Chris Christie!” – Video 1/26/14

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer on “Disastrous” ObamaCare Rollout: “Another Example of how Government Seems Incapable of Making Things Better” – Video 11/3/13

Sen. Rand Paul on “Face the Nation”: Obama “is the One Saying I Will Shut Down the Government if You Don’t Give Me Everything I Want” – Video 9/29/13

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer: President Obama Not Living up to Candidate Obama’s Rhetoric – Video 8/18/13

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