Here is a video report from Brazil, where at least 180 people are reported dead from a Nightclub Fire in the city of Santa Maria. Many are said to have died from asphyxiation in the stampede to get out of the nightclub.

Report: At Least 180 People Dead in Brazil Nightclub Fire – Video Report 1/27/13 UPDATED: Death Toll Climbs to at Least 245

Yet another scary elevator prank from Brazil – this time featuring a “corpse” popping out of a coffin in the elevator!

New Scary Elevator Prank from Brazil – Featuring a Coffin – Video

Oh my gosh. what a prank.

This is a viral video making the rounds from Brazilian TV of a “Scary Ghost Elevator Prank.” Basically, for the TV show, people enter an empty elevator and during their ride the lights flicker and into the elevator comes a scary little girl holding a doll. When the lights pop back on – there she is and terror ensues. The video already has more than 5 million views at YouTube.

Video of “Scary Ghost Elevator Prank” in Brazil goes Viral – Video

Here is conservative comedian and writer Steven Crowder advocating for Barack Obama to become President — of Brazil!

Steven Crowder: Barack Obama for President — of Brazil! – Video 4/28/11

Here is video of Charles Krauthammer saying that President Obama’s Energy Policy is “drill in Brazil and windmills.” He cited the fact that Obama traveled to Brazil and told them that the United States was going to be “a great customer” of Brazilian oil.

Krauthammer also threw in the fact that windmills are not exactly bird-friendly! Oil is often criticized for its impact on birds, but he said windmills kill about a half-million birds every year!

Krauthammer Describes Obama’s Energy Policy as “Drill in Brazil and Windmills” – Video 4/6/11

Here is a video report on news that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was seen having a “friendly conversation” with Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez, as the two attended the the inauguration for Brazil’s President – Dilma Rousseff.

Via Fox Nation

Hillary Clinton Chats it Up with Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez – Video Report

Thanks to President Obama and his decision to put a six-month moratorium on deepwater oil-drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, it looks like the exodus of oil companies from the Gulf is already beginning, and they made be heading to Brazil.

CNN – The Buzz: ……..While most oil companies with deepwater drilling operations were hit hard immediately after the tragic explosion at the Deepwater Horizon rig on April 20, investors have appeared to be more discriminating in the past few weeks.

“The initial reaction was this is bad for all deepwater oil companies,” said David Pursell, managing director with Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co., a Houston-based investment bank focusing on the energy industry. “Now, if you have Gulf of Mexico exposure, your stock is still hurting. But if you don’t investors realize that your company could benefit.”

As long as companies are prohibited from doing more exploratory drilling in the Gulf, that’s going to lead big oil firms to look elsewhere around the globe, Pursell said.

Brazil is a natural option given its ample resources, and Petrobras is pretty much the only game in town for an oil company looking for a domestic partner there.

“Petrobras could be a winner because capital could be directed from the Gulf toward Brazil,” Pursell said. “If the six-month moratorium in the Gulf becomes 12 months, Brazil could ultimately utilize mote drilling assets. And Petrobras is the preferred partner.”………… Read More

Real Presidential leadership would have found a way to deal with the crisis, and hold BP responsible without destroying the future of the Oil Industry in that region. Instead, Obama appears to be using it to do what Democrats do best – demonize corporations – and move toward his Global-Warming, hysteria-driven Cap and Trade agenda. In the long run it will mean higher energy prices and a weaker U.S. Economy. That won’t help the people of the Gulf Region.

Oil Industry Operations and Jobs May be Headed to Brazil Thanks to Obama

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