Bret Baier Announces that Bill O’Reilly is Out at Fox News; Tucker Carlson to Move into O’Reilly Time Slot – Video 4/19/17

House Speaker Paul Ryan Interview: GOP Repeal & Replace of ObamaCare coming very Soon; Major Tax Cuts in Spring Budget – Video 3/3/17

Bombshell: Bret Baier Reports FBI Sources Say “Likely Indictment” in Hillary Clinton “Pay-to-Play” Foundation Scandal unless Obstructed by DOJ – Video 11/2/16

Ted Cruz Proves Wrong Brit Hume Claim He has Not Won any Legislative Fights – Video 10/29/15

Bret Baier: Ted Cruz May have had a Hand in McCarthy Dropping Out of Speaker’s Race – Video 10/8/15

Bret Baier and Special Report Crew Act Like Fox News is Not Biased against Donald Trump – Video 9/23/15

Trump Drops Warning to Fox News Debate Moderators about “Tricky, Wise-Guy Questions”: “I’m sure they Will be Called Out, whether it’s Me or Somebody Else” – Audio 8/5/15

Carly Fiorina Slams Obama’s Coddling of Islamic Radicals: “What will it take for Him to Acknowledge Who these People Are?” – Video 2/19/15

Security Team Breaks Silence on Benghazi: Had they Not been Given “Stand Down” Order, Amb. Chris Stevens, Sean Smith would Still be Alive – Video 9/4/14

Hillary Clinton Gives Long Interview on Fox News with Bret Baier, Greta Van Susteren – Complete Video 6/17/14

Former Obama Operative who Edited Benghazi Talking Points Tells Bret Baier, “Dude, This is Like Two Years Ago!” – Video 5/1/14

Liberal Joe Klein: The Only Place You can Get a Straight Newscast at 6 PM Now is Fox News; Jeff Greenfield Agrees! – Video 4/28/14

Report: Three Democratic Members of Congress Attend Briefing that Almost Included Speaker from Group whose Leader has Ties to Al-Qaeda – Video Report 1/7/14

Bret Baier: If ObamaCare Problems Persist into December, “There is Going to have to be a Delay” – Video 10/21/13

Bret Baier on Obama Claim He has Orchestrated “Russian Proposal on Syria: “It’s Just Tough to Stomach all of That watching how it Transpired” – Video 9/10/13

Report: Obama Added to 2008 Indiana Presidential Primary Ballot thanks to Fraudulent Signatures – Video Report 4/26/13

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