Charlie Hurt: Trump is Trolling the Media, and they are Freaking Out Just as He Planned! – Video 10/11/17

Here is audio of Rick Santorum telling Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade on his radio show that Fox News is “shilling him (Mitt Romney) every day.” Kilmeade clearly did not agree – and told Santorum so. But Santorum said he and his people watch the coverage and they can see what Fox News is doing. Despite that advantage, Sortum made the point that Romney can’t “seal the deal.” Santorum seemed to be reacting to Dick Morris on “Hannity” last night who said it’s time to rally around Romney, because the GOP needs a nominee soon – not at the end of August, just 60 days away from the Election.

I’ve seen Rick Santorum on Fox News repeatedly, as well as Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. Fox News has aired plenty of negative attacks on Mitt Romney. I’d say the Romney people, and the Gingrich people probably feel the same way. I don’t see how statements like that help Rick Santorum’s Campaign. Now, some of the pundits clearly favor Romney – Krauthammer and others from National Review – but the news coverage I just don’t see as “shilling” for Mitt Romney.

Via Daily Caller

Rick Santorum Accuses Fox News of “Shilling for Mitt Romney Every Day” – Audio 3/13/12

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