CNN goes Nuts after Trump Reminds Kim Jong-un America’s “Nuclear Button” is “Bigger” than His – Video 1/2/18

Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway Destroys CNN anti-Trump Troll Brian Stelter! – Video 11/5/17

Humorless CNN Literally going Crazy in Wake of Trump’s WWE Takedown Tweet of CNN! – Video 7/2/17

CNN Media Guru Admits: “I Share Fake Stories by Accident like Everybody Else Does” – Video 5/2/17

Trump Declares Victory over Fox News; Trump-less Debate Drew around Half the Viewers their First Debate Did – Video Report 1/29/16


British Muslim Imam Anjem Choudary Confronted about Sick 9/11 Joke During CNN Soundcheck – Video 8/31/14

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