Brit Hume Reacts to “Usual Suspects’” Predictable Calls for Gun Control in Wake of Navy Yard Shooting – Video 9/16/13

Dem Rep. Jane Harman Believes “Support is Building” for an Attack on Syria; Brit Hume Disagrees – Video 9/15/13

Brit Hume on Obama’s Silence Strategy: “A Good way to Duck, but Not a Good Way to Lead” – Video 6/17/13

Brit Hume takes Juan Williams to task for Saying Eric Holder “is the Exact Right Person” to Investigate the Holder Justice Dept. in Rosen Case – Video 5/26/13

Brit Hume: Unlike Barack Obama, “Presidents are Supposed to be the People who Put on their Big-Boy Pants and Shoulder Responsibility” – Video 3/5/13

Here is video of Fox News’ Brit Hume scoffing at President Obama’s criticism of the media, particularly Fox News and Talk Radio, for daring to give an opposing view to his own. Hume sarcastically said, “I must have missed the friendly ’60 Minutes’ interviews with President Bush.”

No, Brit didn’t miss anything – there were none. Barack Obama has been given the freest of free passes by the media. He never has really been scrutinized or vetted. The media cleared the way for him to defeat Hillary Clinton by creating the narrative that it had to be done for the sake of “history” – even though Hillary Clinton would have made “history” as the first female Presidential nominee from a major party. But the media chose Obama, and having chosen him, they have a vested interest in defending him at all costs at the expense of the truth.

Brit Hume Scoffs at Obama’s Whining about Fox News: “I Must have Missed the Friendly ’60 Minutes’ Interviews with President Bush . . . ” – Video 1/28/13

Here is video of Fox News’ Brit Hume last night refuting Barack Obama’s repeated contention that the U.S. Economy was in freefall when he took office. Hume actually points out that the worst was over before Obama became President, and there was actually a lessening of the shrinking economy in the first quarter of 2009, when Obama was inaugurated. Perhaps more importantly, Hume reminds us that “by June of 09,” the economy “began to grow again” – before “almost any” of Obama’s massive Stimulus spending took effect.

Obama’s constant claim to have inherited an economy in freefall and his actions stopped the fall and started the turnaround are just not supported by the facts. Further, deep recessions are usually followed by sharp recoveries – which Obama’s policies have hindered, and not helped.

Via The Rightnewz

Brit Hume Refutes Obama’s Claim that His Policies Turned Around an Economy in Free-fall – Video 10/1/12

Here is video of the Fox News Panel Plus today where Brit Hume said on the chances of Mitt Romney defeating Barack Obama, “I don’t think you need Ronald Reagan or Abraham Lincoln to beat this President.”

Brit Hume on Romney vs. Obama: “I Don’t Think You Need Ronald Reagan or Abraham Lincoln to Beat this President” – Video 5/13/12

In a special commentary last night, Fox News’ Brit Hume made it clear President Obama is diminishing himself in terms of being “Presidential” by engaging in partisan political attacks on Mitt Romney at official White House Events, such as he did in the presence of Japan’s Prime Minister yesterday. Obama used a Press Conference with Japan’s Leader to once again suggest Mitt Romney would not have given the okay for U.S. Navy SEALs to kill Osama bin Laden. Hume suggests one of the great strengths of an incumbent President is the sense of being “Presidential” in the eyes of the public. Hume believes Obama’s behavior can be described with the word “Yuck,” and thinks he is giving that sense of being “Presidential” away.

Brit Hume: Obama’s Exploitation of Bin Laden Raid is making Him Less “Presidential” – Video 4/30/12

Here is video of Fox News’ Brit Hume today saying he believes it would be “embarrassing” for President Obama to lose in the Supreme Court on “ObamaCare” and on the Arizona Immigration Law. Both rulings are likely to come in June, and many believe the High Court did not receive well the Obama’s Administration’s arguments in the cases this month. Hume disagrees with some who contend losses on one or both of the rulings would give Obama second life, allowing him to run against the Supreme Court for the Fall Campaign.

Via Daily Caller

Brit Hume: Losses for Obama in Supreme Court in June would be “Embarrassing” – Video 4/29/12

Here is video of Fox News’ Brit Hume being absolutely spot on the other night as he talked about what the 2012 Election is going to come down to. Hume pointed out that the very issue that got Barack Obama elected in 2008 – the Economy – still has not been fixed. Hume reminds us that Obama was actually losing to John McCain in September 2008 when the Economic Meltdown began. It was the Economy that swung the election to Obama, and yet, Obama has not only not fixed the Economy, he has compounded the problem by piling up massive deficits. Hume contends the Election will come down to a referendum on Obama’s record, and whether Mitt Romney can come across as a plausible, acceptable alternative on the issue of the Economy.

Via HotAirPundit

Brit Hume: 2012 Election Will Come Down to a Referendum on Obama’s Inability to Fix the U.S. Economy – Video 4/24/12

Here is video of the “Fox News Sunday” Panel Plus discussing the upcoming 2012 General Election battle between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The panel pretty boiled the strategy down to which campaign can succeed in making the election about the other guy. Romney has to make the election about Obama – his record of failure. Brit Hume said the Obama re-election hopes rest on their ability to make Americans believe Mitt Romney is “scary.” He doubts they will succeed.

Brit Hume: Obama Re-Election Chances Rest on their Ability to make Americans Believe Mitt Romney is “Scary” – Video 4/15/12

Here is video of a good discussion by the Fox News Sunday Panel on the upcoming Supreme Court Hearings on the constitutionality of ObamaCare. The Supreme Court will hear arguments beginning tomorrow, and continuing for three days. They are expected to issue a ruling in June. The panel believes it could go either way, with the Wall Street Journal’s Paul Gigot believing it could end up 7-2 to uphold the Law or 5-4 against.

Either way, Chris Wallace believes it’s a loss for Obama, because if it is upheld, the American public will see that the only way to get rid of ObamaCare is to vote Obama out of office. If it is struck down, Obama loses a lot of credibility because it is the signature accomplishment of his Presidency. Brit Hume absolutely agree with that, and added that whether in the short run or long term, ObamaCare is toast, because the expensive entitlement model it follows is simply something the nation cannot afford economically. Eventually, he said, it will collapse if it is not struck down by the Supreme Court.

“Fox News Sunday” Panel on the Upcoming U.S. Supreme Court “ObamaCare Hearings”; Chris Wallace – “It’s a Lose-Lose for Obama” – Video 3/25/12

We’ll see if this comes to pass, but Brit Hume just tweeted that Karl Rove is now saying Romney will win Michigan by 5-6 points. If it does, that would be a surprise. Romney has not typically outdone his poll numbers – and certainly not by five points. Romney led our final 3-Day Average of Michigan Polls by 0.8 points.

Brit Hume Tweet: Karl Rove Now Saying Romney Will Win Michigan GOP Primary by 5-6 Points – 2/28/12

Here is video of Fox News’ Brit Hume telling Bill O’Reilly he believes Sen. Rick Santorum “would be a risky nominee” because of the way he is already being portrayed in the media for his stance on social issues. O’Reilly had pointed out that Santorum is being made out by the media to be a religious zealot who wants to micro-manage the personal lives of Americans.

There is no doubt that the liberal media will try to demonize Rick Santorum for a variety of views he holds on social issues. But that is not a reason to not support him, because the liberal media will find an angle – or several angles – to demonize whoever becomes the nominee. If it’s Romney, it’s going to be that he is a cold, heartless, uncaring Wall Street type who likes to fire people and foreclose on people. Republicans cannot allow the liberal media to determine who the nominee is going to be.

Via Gateway Pundit

Fox News’ Brit Hume Tells Bill O’Reilly: “I Think Santorum would be a Risky Nominee” – Video 2/20/12

Here is video of Bill O’Reilly tonight talking to Brit Hume about Ron Paul and his candidacy for President. Specifically, they discussed Paul’s Foreign Policy views and his interview on Sunday with Face the Nation’s Bob Schieffer.

Via Mediaite

Bill O’Reilly and Brit Hume Discuss Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Views – Video 11/21/11

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