John Boehner will Vote for Trump because of the Supreme Court – “The Only thing that Matters over the Next Four Years” – Video 10/12/16

Brit Hume: Lewandowski Firing a Sign the Trump Campaign Woefully Unprepared for National General Election Campaign – Video 6/20/6

Ted Cruz Proves Wrong Brit Hume Claim He has Not Won any Legislative Fights – Video 10/29/15

Brit Hume: Donald Trump’s Use of “Personal Attacks” against GOP Rivals is a “Short-sighted” Strategy – Video 7/6/15

Brit Hume on Obama: He seems to have “A Pathological Inability to Accept Responsibility” – Video 11/9/14

Brit Hume on 2014 GOP Wave: “The Chickens Came Home to Roost” for the Failed Obama Presidency – Video 11/5/14

Brit Hume: Obama Not Bombing ISIS in an “Intensive” Way; Looks more Aimed at Politics as Election Nears – Video 10/5/14

Brit Hume Sums Up Barack Obama: “His View of the World has Turned out to be a Mirage . . . He Doesn’t Know what to Do Now” – Video 9/2/14

Israeli PM Netanyahu on Iran’s Claim they Don’t want Nuclear Weapons: “It’s a Joke. . . . ” – Video 7/13/14

Brit Hume on Obama as President: An Admin “of Almost Unimaginable Incompetence”; Obama is “Not Wise Enough” for the Job – Video 6/16/14

Brit Hume on Obama’s “View of War”: He Thinks Bringing Troops Home is the Definition of “Winning” – Video 6/16/14

Brit Hume Destroys Democrat Jane Harman’s Defense of Obama on the Benghazi Scandal – Video 5/4/14

Priceless! Brit Hume’s Reaction to a Clip of Al Sharpton’s Hysterics on Supreme Court Affirmative Action Decision – Video 4/22/14

Brit Hume Destroys “Crybaby” Eric Holder: Obama and Holder have Used Race as “a Shield and a Sword”; Have “Benefited Politically Enormously” from being African-American – Video 4/13/14

Brit Hume: Obama Foreign Policy “is in Danger of Collapse” – Video 4/8/14

Brit Hume Tweets: “Maybe this is why the Obamas didn’t want US media coverage of the 1st lady’s trip.” – 3/21/14

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