Cal Thomas: When will the New York Times Report on Hillary and Bill Clinton’s Salacious Past? – Video 5/16/16

Here is video of Cal Thomas spelling out how the Media’s protective treatment of Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Testimony is paving the way for them to work overtime to make her the first female President – just as they worked to make Barack Obama the first African-American President.

Cal Thomas: Having Worked to Put Obama in Office, Media Preparing to make Hillary Clinton the First Female President in 2016 – Video 1/24/13

Here is conservative columnist Cal Thomas asking liberal Alan Colmes when the media is going to come to their senses and say, “You know, we were wrong about this guy?” He was speaking of President Obama, whom Thomas said the media has treated as if he has “messiah-like” powers. Colmes actually said the question assumes the media favors Obama!

Of course they do! No one with an ounce of objectivity can look at the media and say they have not favored and protected Barack Obama. A President with this dismal a record in office is usually already a target of the media. Not so with this President. They are still offering explanations for him and trying to cover for him again and again. They are so invested in Obama, having played a key role in helping him defeat first Hillary Clinton, and then John McCain, that they will never cover him fairly. If he goes down in defeat, they will have been defeated themselves – and they know it.

Via NewsBusters

Cal Thomas Asks Liberal Alan Colmes when the Press will Admit about Obama: “You Know, We Were Wrong About this Guy” – Video 6/26/11

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