Flashback: Watch CBS News’ Complete Coverage of Trump’s Victory in the 2016 Presidential Election – Complete Video 11/8/16


CBS News Reporter Admits Unbridled Media Bias against Donald Trump in Outstanding Commentary – 11/10/16

Liberal CBS Morning News Anchors Act Shocked at Totally Predictable, Huge ObamaCare Rates Increases – Video 10/25/16


New CBS News/NYT National Poll: Trump Catches Clinton; Race Tied; Trump Gains Six Points in One Month – 7/14/16

Longtime CBS News Correspondent Morley Safer Dead at Age 84 – Video 5/19/16

CBS News Reveals South Carolina Debate Lineup Set for Saturday Night, 9 PM ET

Famed CBS News Reporter Bob Simon Killed in New York Car Crash at Age 73 – Video Report 2/11/15

CBS News: “57% of Americans” Believe Obama is “Not being Tough Enough” in Dealing with ISIS Terrorists – Video 9/17/14

CBS News’ Major Garrett: Obama to Meet with Texas Gov. Rick Perry in Dallas; Still No Plans to Visit Border – Video Report 7/9/14


Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Discusses Pro-Obama Bias She Encountered at CBS News – Video 4/20/14

CBS News’ Jan Crawford: “The Remarkable Thing is that Kathleen Sebelius Made it this Long” – Video 4/11/14

CBS News Poll: Obama Approval Plunges to New Low of Just 37%; ObamaCare Approval Sinks to 31% – Video 11/20/13

CBS News: ObamaCare Website Never Underwent Full Final Security Test; Calls Mount to Take Website Down Until Security of Users’ Information Guaranteed – Video Report 11/5/13

CBS News’ Jan Crawford on ObamaCare Disaster: “The Problem Is, This is Not about a Website” – Video 11/1/13

CBS News Obtains “War Room Notes” with Disastrous Early ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers – Video 10/31/13 & Notes

CBS News: More than 2 Million Americans Losing their Insurance because of ObamaCare: “Just the Tip of the Iceberg” – Video 10/29/13

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