CBS News Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Computer Hacked: “Signs of Unusual Happenings in My Home for Many Months” – Video 6/17/13

Here is live video coverage from CBS News of today’s Presidential Inauguration. President Barack Obama officially took the Oath of Office yesterday as proscribed by the U.S. constitution. Today, he ceremonially takes the Oath again at the U.S. Capitol at around 11:55 AM ET, with his 2nd Inaugural Address to follow.

Live Video of President Barack Obama’s Second Inauguration as President of the United States; Oath at 11:55 AM ET with Inaugural Address to Follow – 1/21/13

Here is video of the CBS Evening News broadcast tonight, which led with the latest on the fighting between Israel and terrorist elements in Gaza. Attacks are intensifying, with Hamas firing rockets at Tel Aviv once again, and with Israel hammering targets in Gaza. Truce talks are continuing tonight in Cairo with hopes that a cease-fire could be announced by morning.

To his credit, President Obama while traveling in Asia defended Israel’s right to defend itself from rocket attacks.

Israel-Gaza Conflict Intensifies; Truce Talks in Cairo Hope for Cease-Fire by Tomorrow; Obama Defends Israel’s Right to Self-Defense – Video 11/18/12

Here is video of CBS News’ Bob Schieffer announcing today on “Face the Nation” that National Journal’s Major Garrett is going to take over as CBS News’ Chief White House Correspondent. Garrett filled that role previously with Fox News before leaving for National Journal. He replaces Norah O’Donnell, who has moved to CBS This Morning.

Garrett is a good journalist.

Bob Schieffer Announces Major Garrett as CBS News’ Chief White House Correspondent – Video 11/18/12

Here is video from a CBS News “Focus Group” in Ohio where the reaction of “undecided” voters was that after the debate last night, six of the eight people said they thought Mitt Romney won and would get their support.

The “CBS this Morning” anchors – Norah O’Donnell and Charlie Rose – looked shaken!

CBS News Ohio “Focus Group” Moves to Mitt after Final 2012 Presidential Debate – Video 10/22/12

We have not seen much of this kind of story on network television about Mitt Romney. “The Real Mitt Romney” may be about to break through the fog of disinformation being put out by Obama and the Democrats. Kudos to CBS News for airing this discussion!

Via National Review – The Corner

Discussion on “CBS this Morning” about “The Real Mitt Romney” – Video 10/19/12

As the 2012 GOP Convention gets underway in earnest today, here is an interesting video of two longtime CBS News reporters – Bob Schieffer and Bill Plante, discussing their memories from Conventions past. For Schieffer, this is the 22nd Convention he has covered, and Plante has covered almost as many.

One thing Schieffer said that stands out is that you can still expect something unexpected to happen at this Convention, even though they are much more scripted than they once were. Schieffer said when you get this many politicians together in one place, where there is “free liquor” available, you can be sure something you are not expecting will happen.

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer, Bill Plante Reminisce about Political Conventions Past; You Can Still Expect Something Unexpected to Happen – Video 8/28/12

Here is complete video of today’s “Face the Nation” with Bob Schieffer on CBS News. It opens with a fascinating report from Jan Crawford on the state of the U.S. Supreme Court in the aftermath of the ObamaCare Decision. According to Crawford’s sources, there is a real sense of “betrayal” felt by the conservative justices toward Chief Justice John Roberts because he first sided with them against ObamaCare and then changed his vote to join the liberals.

CBS News’ Jan Crawford on “Face the Nation” Reports that Conservative Supreme Court Justices Feel Deep Sense of “Betrayal” toward Chief Justice John Roberts in wake of ObamaCare Decision – Complete Video 7/8/12

Here is complete video of the interview Mitt and Ann Romney did with CBS News’ Jan Crawford yesterday, in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

Mitt and Ann Romney Give Wide-Ranging Interview to CBS News’ Jan Crawford – Complete Video 7/4/12

Legendary CBS Newsman Mike Wallace died last night at the age of 93. News of his death broke this morning. Wallace has been with the CBS News program “60 Minutes” since 1968, and is the father of Fox News’ Chris Wallace. He was known for his confrontational style of interviewing.

Legendary CBS Newsman Mike Wallace Dead at Age 93 – Video Report 4/8/12

I thought the Obama White House did not believe in the use of “torture?”

You’d never know that when you listen to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney’s “tortured” defense of Barack Obama’s indefensible intimidation remarks about the U.S. Supreme Court. Even some in the media are calling Obama and Carney out on it, as you will see in this confrontation between CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell and Jay Carney. Fox News’ Ed Henry gets in on the act as well. O’Donnell eventually kicks the supports out from under Carney’s teetering argument that everyone knows Obama meant it would be “unprecedented” for the High Court to overturn legislation pertaining to the “Commerce Clause”, ignoring precedent since the New Deal era of Franklin Roosevelt! After listening to Carney for a time, O’Donnell bluntly told him that Obama never said any of that in his original remarks – which is absolutely true. Obama is now trying to qualify, and back-peddle, but Carney’s tortured explanation simply makes no sense. But, then, what’s new about that where this President is concerned?

Press Secretary Jay Carney Offers Tortured Defense of Obama’s Supreme Court Remarks; Even Media Not Buying It – Video 4/4/12

Here is video of Republican Rep. Paul Ryan previewing tonight’s “State of the Union” address by President Barack Obama. Ryan said to expect more of the same class-warfare divisiveness from Obama as he gears up for his re-election run.

Ryan also pointed out it has been 1,000 days since the Democrats actually passed a budget in the U.S. Senate.

Via Hot Air

Rep. Paul Ryan Previews President Obama’s “State of the Union Address”: Expect More “Class-Warfare” Divisiveness – Video 1/24/12

Here is video from Face the Nation today where CBS News Bob Schieffer directly asked Rep. Ron Paul if “9/11 happened because of actions the United States took.” Paul answered that, “Our policies definitely had an influence.” Once again, Paul cited what Al-Qaeda has said about the U.S. as proof that our actions helped to cause 9/11.

Schieffer also pressed Paul on his view that we need to talk more with Iran to prevent them from developing Nuclear Weapons. Paul not only is against using military force to stop Iran, he opposes using sanctions against them either.

On stationing U.S. Troops anywhere in world, Schieffer wants to bring all U.S. Troops home – including from Japan and South Korea. Schieffer asked if Paul thought there was anywhere in the world he thinks it helps us to have U.S. Troops, and Paul said, “No” – other than possibly on a submarine.

CBS News’ Bob Schieffer Presses Ron Paul on Foreign Policy Issues; Paul Says It is Not Helpful to Have U.S. Troops Stationed Anywhere Overseas – Video 11/20/11

Ben Stein doesn’t hold back when asked what he thinks of the Occupy protesters. Stein called them “just a bunch of bums” doing nothing but “sleeping in their tents and banging drums.”

H/t: Mediaite

Ben Stein: Occupy Protesters ‘Just a Bunch of Bums’ With No Specific Ideas – Video 11/1/11

Another poll – another all-time low for Barack Obama’s approval rating. Notice among independents, Obama is underwater by 17-points:

CBS NEWS: As concerns about the struggling U.S. economy grow, a new CBS News/New York poll finds that President Obama’s overall approval rating has dropped to 43 percent, the lowest so far of his presidency in CBS News polling. In addition, his disapproval rating has reached an all-time high of 50 percent.

Views of the president’s job performance are marked by a striking degree of polarization along party lines — the vast majority of Democrats approve (78 percent), while even more Republicans disapprove (89 percent) of how he’s handling his job. But only 37 percent of independents approve, with 54 percent disapproving. . . . Read More

Another Poll Shows Obama Approval at an All-Time Low; Down Big Among Independents

Donald Trump has fired back at longtime CBS News Anchor/Correspondent Bob Schieffer for accusing him of racism during a report Schieffer gave last night (video above). Schieffer said that Trump’s call for Obama to release his college records to explain how he was able to get into Harvard Law School when some say he was not a good student, is “code for he got into law school because he’s black.” Schieffer then explicitly used the word “racism” to describe what Trump was doing. Of course, Schieffer did not explain it has been very standard for many Presidential Candidates to release school records. Obama has refused to release any records.

Today, Trump fired back at Schieffer through comments to TMZ:

>”That is a terrible statement for a newscaster to make. I am the last person that such a thing should be said about.”

I used to think better than this of Bob Schieffer. It is not his job to become the judge of a person’s motives. He is supposed to report the news, not become judge and jury of candidates. But, then, the media stopped a long time ago trying to be fair when it comes to Barack Obama. They actively try and protect him from all challengers. For a Republican – any Republican – to win, it is a monumental challenge. Not because of the quality of the opponent, but because he has thousands of defenders ready to do battle for him with pen and microphone every hour of every day. Perhaps enough Americans are tiring of this unholy alliance, and are ready to put the country first for a change.

Via Gateway Pundit

Trump Responds to CBS News’ Bob Schieffer Playing the Race Card in Defense of Obama

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