Krauthammer: Obama Seizing on Russian Proposal as a way to get “Off the Hook” on Syria – Video 9/9/13

Krauthammer: U.S. Should Not Go to War based on “Humanitarian” Grounds; Must be in the U.S. National Interest – Video 9/5/13

Krauthammer Calls Obama’s Plan for “Shot across the Bow” Attack on Syria “Aimless” and “Incoherent” – Video 9/3/13

Krauthammer on Obama Decision to Seek Approval of Congress for Syria Strike: “A President who Boxed Himself In and is Looking for a Way Out” – Video 8/31/13

Krauthammer: Obama’s “Limited, Narrow” Strike on Syria could become a “Major Regional War” – Video 8/30/13

Krauthammer: If Obama Just Orders a “Strike or Two” in Syria, “It will be Worse than Useless” – Video 8/26/13

Krauthammer Blasts as “Scandalous” and “Unscientific” Obama Interior Secretary’s Decree there Will be No “Climate Change Deniers” in Her Dept – Video 8/16/13

Kruathammer on Obama Foreign Policy: “The Biggest Recruiter of Terrorists is American Weakness” – Video 8/7/13

Krauthammer on Obama’s Vaunted Outreach to the Islamic World: “There’s No Need to Shut Down U.S. Embassies in Christian Lands” – Video 8/2/13

Krauthammer: Obama Acts like “He’s been out of the Country for Five Years;” “It’s His Economy – He’s the President” – Video 7/29/13

Krauthammer: Trying to Defund ObamaCare would be a “Truly Dumb” Strategy for Republicans – Video 7/26/13

Charles Krauthammer Schools Leftist Sally Kohn on Obama as “Aggressive Spending Cutter” and the Democrats’ Detroit Disaster – Video 7/23/13

Krauthammer: IRS Scandal was Not Just a Cincinnati Operation: “Management from D.C. Demanded Oversight” – Video 7/18/13

Krauthammer: Obama Ignoring Part of His Own ObamaCare Law is “Clearly Lawless” and “Unconstitutional” – Video 7/10/13


Krauthammer: It’s Obama Who is the “Flat-Earther” on Global Warming – 7/5/13

Krauthammer: Obama’s Unwillingness to Condemn Radical Islamic Government of Morsi in Egypt a “Shocking Position for a President to take” as Egyptians Seek Freedom – Video 7/1/13

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