Krauthammer: GOP Not Repealing and Replacing ObamaCare is “An Epic Fail” – Video 7/18/17

Krauthammer: Real Story of London Bridge Islamic Terror Attack is Lack of Muslim Assimilation in Great Britain and Europe – Video 6/5/17

Krauthammer: President Trump’s Firing of Comey has sent the Media “Over the Edge” – Video 5/11/17

Krauthammer: “Major Achievement” if Trump able to get House to Pass ObamaCare Repeal and Replace – Video 5/3/17

Krauthammer: House Republicans should Continue Working on ObamaCare Replacement that can Pass – Video 3/29/17

Krauthammer: Trump’s Plan to Increase Defense Spending by $54 Billion a “Down-payment” on Reversing Obama’s “Ruinous” Downgrade – Video 2/27/17

Krauthammer: Shocking, “Indefensible” for Buzzfeed to Publish Garbage Dossier against Trump – Video 1/12/17

Krauthammer: Trump “Saved His Campaign” with Debate Peformance; Still Behind Clinton – Video 10/9/16

Krauthammer: First Debate Basically a “Draw” – Draw goes to Trump as the Challenger – Video 9/26/16

Krauthammer: Obama Trying to Dishonestly Change the Subject from Islamic Terrorism with Gun Control Push – Video 6/16/16

Krauthammer: “It is a Mistake” for Conservatives to Run another Candidate to Block Trump from Winning the Presidency – Video 5/31/16

Krauthammer: Ted Cruz Momentum “Stopped in its Tracks” with Bronx Disaster and Reminder of “NY Values” Attack – Video 4/7/16

Krauthammer: Trump Stands after Debate; Other Candidates “Run out of Bullets” – Video 3/10/16

Krauthammer: Trump has GOP Voters in Mind as He Hammers Hillary Clinton’s “War on Women” – Video 12/28/15

Krauthammer: Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban is Unworkable; Jihadists will Lie to Infidels if Asked, “Are You a Muslim?” – Video 12/8/15

Krauthammer Unloads on Jeb Bush’s Meltdown: “Pathetic, Petulant” and “Not very Presidential” – Video 10/26/15

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