Krauthammer: Hillary Clinton’s Uranium Scandal Shows the “Unbelievable Arrogance of the Clintons” – Video 4/23/15

Krauthammer: Rubio Campaign will Ask Americans, “Do You want Old, or do You want New?” – Video 4/13/15

Krauthammer: “Castro Brothers had to Wait through Ten Presidencies to Get to a President Who would Give them Everything” – Video 4/10/15

Krauthammer: “Demonstrably False” that Obama has any Deal with Iran; Iran Slams U.S.; Says No Inspections of Military Facilities – Video 4/9/15

Krauthammer on Rand Paul: “Without a Doubt, the One Republican. . . Closest to Obama in his View of Foreign Policy” – Video 4/7/15

Krauthammer: Obama’s Deal with Iran “is a Preserving” of their Nuclear Program – Video 4/6/15

Krauthammer: Obama, Kerry Offer “Farcical Excuses” to Explain “One Cave after Another” to Iran on Nuclear Deal – Video 3/30/15

Krauthammer: “The French are Quite Dismayed at How Much Obama has Given Away” to Iran in Nuclear Talks – Video 3/24/15

Krauthammer: Cruz has a “Liquid Tongue” but has not been able to “Walk the Walk” – Video 3/23/15

Krauthammer Refutes Obama Video: We don’t Oppose “Diplomacy”; We Oppose Obama’s Bad Deal with Iran – Video 3/20/15

Krauthammer: “It’s Clear that Obama Loathes Netanyahu more than any Other World Leader. . . More than the Ayatollah and Putin” – Video 3/18/15

Krauthammer Spells out Obama Plan to ask the United Nations, not Congress, to Approve His Bad Deal with Iran – Video 3/13/15

Krauthammer: Hillary Clinton Email Scandal “has Legs, has Long Legs” – Video 3/13/15

Krauthammer: Hillary Clinton Trying to Run for President on “Gender” and “Her Name”; Email Scandal Undercuts “Her Name” – Video 3/6/15

Krauthammer: Obama’s “Pettiness” Turned Netanyahu Speech into “the Speech of the Decade” – Video 3/3/15

Krauthammer: Israel has Never asked the U.S. to Fight in their Behalf; Only want U.S. to Not Keep them from Defending their Nation – Video 3/2/15

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