Krauthammer on Obama’s Willingness to Allow Iran to get Nuclear Weapons within Ten Years: “Simply Catastrophic” – Video 2/24/15

Krauthammer: Obama’s Focus on Assuaging Muslims while Christians being Wiped Out is Truly “Bizarre” – Video 2/19/15

Krauthammer: ISIS is a “Genocidal Movement” Akin to the Nazis; All about “Islamist Supremacy” – Video 2/16/15

Krauthammer: Obama’s Middle East Policy “in Complete Collapse” – Video 2/12/15

Krauthammer: “Terrifying” that Obama believes No Real Need for a Strategy to Deal with Radical Islamic Jihad – Video 2/9/15

Krauthammer: Obama’s “Lethargy” in going after ISIS is “Astonishing” – Video 2/4/15

Krauthammer: It’s Time for the United States to “Declare War” on ISIS – Video 2/3/15

Krauthammer: Fall of Yemen is a Huge Victory for the Radical Islamic Regime in Iran – Video 1/22/15

Krauthammer: It is “Preposterous” to Claim Gitmo Causes Islamic Radicals to Act – Video 1/15/15

Krauthammer: Obama’s “Days of Hiding under Harry Reid’s Desk are Over” – Video 1/6/15

Krauthammer: There’s a “War on Police” Rather than a War on Young Black Men – Video 12/29/14

Krauthammer on Obama Castro Bailout: “Is there No Tyrant that Obama will not Appease for Nothing in Return?” – Video 12/17/14

Krauthammer Slams Dem Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s “Spectacular Hypocrisy” – Video 12/12/14

Krauthammer: Obama Opposing the very Tactics that helped Keep U.S. Safe for 13 Years after 9/11 – Video 12/10/14

Krauthammer: “We’re Not Going to have any Allies Left” after Obama, Democrats Release Senate Report on Interrogations – Video 12/8/14

Krauthammer: Grand Jury Decision in Eric Garner Case is “Totally Incomprehensible”; Obama Remarks “Not Very Helpful” – Video 12/3/14

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