Krauthammer: Ted Cruz Momentum “Stopped in its Tracks” with Bronx Disaster and Reminder of “NY Values” Attack – Video 4/7/16

Krauthammer: Trump Stands after Debate; Other Candidates “Run out of Bullets” – Video 3/10/16

Krauthammer: Trump has GOP Voters in Mind as He Hammers Hillary Clinton’s “War on Women” – Video 12/28/15

Krauthammer: Trump’s Muslim Immigration Ban is Unworkable; Jihadists will Lie to Infidels if Asked, “Are You a Muslim?” – Video 12/8/15

Krauthammer Unloads on Jeb Bush’s Meltdown: “Pathetic, Petulant” and “Not very Presidential” – Video 10/26/15

Krauthammer: Jeb Bush Took the Bait from Donald Trump on George W. and 9/11 – Video 10/19/15

Krauthammer on Dem Nomination Race: “It’s Over”; Hillary will be Nominated Barring an Indictment – Video 10/14/15

Charles Krauthammer Puts some Money on Trump for the First Time in the “Candidate Casino” – Video 8/28/15

Krauthammer: Obama Undermining the Police, Law & Order in America – Video 6/10/15

Krauthammer on Obama’s Latest Fox News Attack: “He Doesn’t Know a Damn Thing about what’s on Fox” – Audio 5/13/15

Krauthammer: Hillary is “Hiding in the Bunker” on the Clinton Foundation Scandal – Video 5/6/15

Krauthammer on Baltimore Riots: “Where are the Fathers?” – Video 5/1/15

Krauthammer: Prosecutor’s Charging of Six Baltimore Police Officers Looks like “Appeasement of the Mob” – Video 5/1/15

Krauthammer: Hillary Clinton’s Uranium Scandal Shows the “Unbelievable Arrogance of the Clintons” – Video 4/23/15

Krauthammer: Rubio Campaign will Ask Americans, “Do You want Old, or do You want New?” – Video 4/13/15

Krauthammer: “Castro Brothers had to Wait through Ten Presidencies to Get to a President Who would Give them Everything” – Video 4/10/15

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