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Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin Confronted on Why He was at a May Day Rally that Included “Communists and Socialists” – Video 5/1/13

Chicago Dyes its River Green in Observance of St. Patrick’s Day – Video 3/17/13

You have to love Newt Gingrich when ho runs circles around Leftists like Piers Morgan. Here he is talking about the only subject Piers Morgan discusses these days – banning guns – and he cuts right to the heart of the matter. Gingrich challenges Morgan, who is always thinking about what he’s going to repeat next, to have hearings on Gun Control in Chicago – the murder capitol of the USA, even though it has some of the strictest Gun Control laws. Morgan did not even attempt an answer. He just kept repeating his Gun grab talking points all through the “interview.”

Newt Gingrich on Piers Morgan’s Gun Grab Talking Points: “This is Lovely Propaganda. . . . Why is it the People who are for Gun Control Don’t want to Go to Chicago to Find Out why Gun Control has Failed So Miserably?” – Video 1/25/13

Heaven forbid we let common sense be a part of the whole “Gun Control” discussion. Newt Gingrich hits the nail on the head:

“The President’s hometown, Chicago, is the murder capital of the United States. Over 500 people were killed there last year. Vice-President Biden doesn’t seem to want to go there. I’m trying to get the House Republicans to hold hearings there. It’s illegal to have all the guns that are killing people in Chicago. If gun control works, Chicago ought to be safe.”

Yet, despite this obvious truth, not a single member of the White House Press Corps will ask Barack Obama about why Chicago is the murder capital of the U.S. if gun control works.

H/T Weekly Standard via Carlos

Newt Gingrich States the Truth Obama and His Gun Control Cohorts Ignore: “If Gun Control Works, Chicago Ought to be Safe” – Video 1/15/13

Here is great video of a CNN anchor actually asking Rev. Jesse Jackson a tough question!

In fact, he went totally off the liberal media script and asked why Chicago’s very strict anti-gun laws have not worked! Jackson was asked the question in the wake of news that there have now been 500 murders in Chicago this year – even with imposition of the very kind of anti-gun laws many liberals want to force on the entire nation. The CNN Anchor essentially asked why anti-gun laws should be imposed in other cities or across the nation when they sure have not worked in Chicago.

Via The Rightnewz

CNN Anchor Presses Rev. Jesse Jackson on Why Chicago’s Restrictive Anti-Gun Laws Have Not Worked – Video 12/28/12

Here is a video report on our “Campaigner-in-Chief” holding posh, exclusive fundraisers for himself in Chicago yesterday.

“Campaigner-in-Chief” Obama Holds Posh Fundraisers in Chicago – Video Report 3/16/12

Here is another great ad put out by the Mitt Romney campaign. It keeps the focus squarely on President Obama, this time on what his economic policies have done for his hometown of Chicago. They sum it up with, “Obama isn’t working.”

Nice timing. Obama will be in Chicago today to celebrate his 50th birthday at an extravagant bash with an expected 1,000 people, some of whom will pay up to $35,000 for the “honor” of being in The One’s presence.

New Mitt Romney Ad Released in Time for Obama’s Extravagant Birthday Bash in Chicago: “Obama Isn’t Working” – Video 8/3/11

Here is a video report from CBS News’ Bill Plante on an open mic that caught President Obama at a Chicago Fundraiser last night telling donors about how he handled Republicans during heated negotiations with the GOP over the Budget Deal last week.

Reporters had left the room, and Obama did not know he was being heard over an open mic. He tells the donors:

“I said – ‘You want to repeal health care? Go at it. We’ll have that debate. You’re not going to be able to do that by nickel-and-diming me in the budget. You think we’re stupid?'”

He later is heard saying that he told the Republicans not to try to “sneak” their agenda through by attaching riders to the budget bill.

Obama is an expert at “sneaking” things through against the will of the American people. That’s how they got ObamaCare passed in the first place. His political career began through a sneaky act, by getting his challengers thrown off the ballot on technicalities so he could win.

CNN: . . . . . In his first race for office, seeking a state Senate seat on Chicago’s gritty South Side in 1996, Obama effectively used election rules to eliminate his Democratic competition.

As a community organizer, he had helped register thousands of voters. But when it came time to run for office, he employed Chicago rules to invalidate the voting petition signatures of three of his challengers.

The move denied each of them, including incumbent Alice Palmer, a longtime Chicago activist, a place on the ballot. It cleared the way for Obama to run unopposed on the Democratic ticket in a heavily Democrat district.

“That was Chicago politics,” said John Kass, a veteran Chicago Tribune columnist. “Knock out your opposition, challenge their petitions, destroy your enemy, right? It is how Barack Obama destroyed his enemies back in 1996 that conflicts with his message today. He may have gotten his start registering thousands of voters. But in that first race, he made sure voters had just one choice.” . . . . Read More

But as this video from just after the 2008 Election shows, many Obama voters really did not know much about the issues when they cast their votes. The Liberal Media had done an effective job of helping Obama win:

Obama Caught on Open Mic Telling Donors How He Handled GOP During Budget Negotiations – Video Report 4/15/11

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