UCLA Basketball Players Released by China Thank President Trump for Intervening on their Behalf – Video 11/15/17

President Trump in China Holds Joint Presser with Chinese President Xi Jinping; Pushes for more Balanced Trade – Video 11/8/17

China Bans Trade with North Korea as Trump moves to Investigate China on Intellectual Property Theft – Video 8/14/17

Pence on Media Obsession with Trump Taiwan Call: “Obama Calls Murdering Dictator in Cuba and is Hailed as a Hero”, but Trump Call with Taiwan is Controversial – Video 12/4/16

Media Losing its Mind over Trump taking Phone Call from the President of Taiwan – Video 12/3/16


In Waning Months of Weak Obama Presidency, China Warns U.S. they are Ready for War “if Provoked” in South China Sea – Map (5/20/16)

Trump: No State Dinner for Chinese President Xi Jinping – “I’d Get Him a McDonald’s Hamburger. . . ” – Video 8/24/15

Richard Clarke: Obama Almost Guilty of “Criminal Negligence” in Not Taking OPM Hack Attacks Seriously – Video 7/12/15

China Warns U.S. that North Korea will have 40 Nuclear Weapons by 2016; Arsenal could Grow to 100 by 2020 – Video Report 4/23/15


Obama Economy: China Surpasses U.S. as World’s Largest Economy – 12/4/14

Desperate Obama Trumpets Supposed “Historic Agreement” with China on Global Warming “Climate Change” – Video 11/12/14

Obama Gum-Chewing in China at APEC Summit Offends Chinese; Dismissed as a “Gum-Chewing Rapper” – Video 11/11/14

Malaysia Airlines Flight with 239 Passengers Disappears from Radar; No Sign of Plane; Four Americans on Board – Video Reports 3/7/14

Amb. John Bolton on Edward Snowden: “My View is that Snowden Committed Treason. . . He Ought to Swing from a Tall Oak Tree” – Video 12/16/13

China Reveals Map Showing Nuclear Strike Capability on U.S. Targets: “The 12 JL-2 nuclear warheads carried by one single Type 094 SSBN can kill and wound 5 million to 12 million Americans” – Video & Map 11/1/13


GOP Rep. Peter King Calls NSA Leaker Edward Snowden “Dangerous to the Country”; Concerned China will Get Info of U.S. Security Assets out of Him – Video 6/10/13

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