New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie

Gov. Chris Christie Sets Forth Rationale for 2016 Candidacy in Speech to GOP Party Leaders: “I’m in this Business to Win” – 8/15/13

Team Paul United: Ron Paul Says He Could Not Support Chris Christie as 2016 GOP Nominee – Video 8/13/13

Sen. Rand Paul Says it is a “Big Mistake” for Chris Christie to Attack Libertarians; Says GOP can Win back Young Voters by Defending the Right to Privacy – Video 8/13/13

Sen. Rand Paul Seeks to Ratchet Down Rift with Gov. Chris Christie; Invites Christie out for a Beer – Video 7/31/13

Sen. Rand Paul Hits back at Chris Christie Attack: “This is the ‘King of Bacon’ Talking about Bacon” – Video 7/30/13


Rand Paul Responds to Chris Christie Attack: “Christie Worries about the Dangers of Freedom. I Worry about the Danger of Losing that Freedom” – 7/26/13

Gov. Chris Christie Slams Sen. Rand Paul’s “Libertarianism” as “Dangerous”; Warns Another 9/11 could Result – Video 7/25/13

GOP U.S. Senator from Kentucky - Rand Paul

Sen. Rand Paul on Chris Christie’s Senate Decision: “Doesn’t Seem to be Very Conservative” – 6/20/13

Gov. Chris Christie Calls Special Election to Fill Vacant U.S. Senate Seat after Death of Sen. Frank Lautenberg – Video 6/4/13


BREAKING: NJ Democrat Sen. Frank Lautenberg Dead at Age 89; Gov. Chris Christie to Appoint Replacement – 6/3/13

Rush Limbaugh on Latest Christie, Obama Photo-op: “It’s a Master-Servant Relationship” – Audio 5/28/13

Christie Wins Obama a “Bears Bear” During Football Toss on Jersey Shore; Obama 0-5, Christie 1-1 – Raw Video 5/28/13

President Obama Greeted by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as He arrives in New Jersey to Tour Recovery Efforts – Raw Video 5/28/13


Gov. Chris Christie to Help Barack Obama Try to Change the Subject with Another Photo-op Tour Today – 5/28/13

Chris Christie Praises Himself: “I’m a Damn Good Republican, and a Good Conservative Republican” – Video 5/9/13


Gov. Chris Christie Reveals He had “Lap Band Surgery” in February for Weight Loss – Video Report 5/7/13

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