Chris Christie: Obama Created the Syrian Refugee Crisis; “He’s a Joke on this Issue” – Video 11/18/15


Video goes Viral of Chris Christie Speaking about Helping those Struggling with Addiction: “I’m Pro-Life. . . that Means Pro-Life for the Whole Life. . .” – Video 10/30/15

Iowa State Troopers Show How to Handle Bozo Animal Rights Protesters who Interrupted Chris Christie! – Video 8/22/15

Key GOP Debate Moment: Chris Christie Destroys Rand Paul on National Security – Video 8/6/15

Chris Christie: Once on Debate Stage, doesn’t Matter if You are Number 1 or Number 10 – Video 8/2/15

New Chris Christie Ad: Obama “Gave Away the Store to the Iranians” – Video 7/24/15

Chris Christie: President Obama “is Lying to Us” about Inspections in the Iran Deal – Video 7/17/15

Gov. Chris Christie Announces His Candidacy for President of the United States – Complete Video 6/30/15

Gov. Chris Christie Releases Ad Ahead of Presidential Announcement Tomorrow: “Telling it Like it Is” – Video 6/29/15

Gov. Chris Christie talks to “Boomer & Carton” about Playing in the “True Blue” Benefit Softball Game at Yankee Stadium – Video 6/4/15

Report: Gov. Chris Christie Calls for an End to “Common Core” Education Standards; Says it Just does Not Work – Video 5/29/15

Chris Christie at His Best: Mocks Protesters in NH who Missed His Arrival at Town Hall Meeting! – Video 4/15/15

Chris Christie Dominates CPAC 2015 Q & A Format: “Don’t Count Me Out” – Video 2/26/15

Gov. Chris Christie Meets with British Officials in London – Raw Video 2/3/15

Gov. Chris Christie Speech at the “Iowa Freedom Summit” – Complete Video 1/24/15

Dick Morris Gives Mitt Romney the Edge over Jeb Bush in Looming 2016 GOP Battle; Says Christie has No Chance – Video 1/14/15

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