Chris Christie at His Best: Mocks Protesters in NH who Missed His Arrival at Town Hall Meeting! – Video 4/15/15

Chris Christie Dominates CPAC 2015 Q & A Format: “Don’t Count Me Out” – Video 2/26/15

Gov. Chris Christie Meets with British Officials in London – Raw Video 2/3/15

Gov. Chris Christie Speech at the “Iowa Freedom Summit” – Complete Video 1/24/15

Dick Morris Gives Mitt Romney the Edge over Jeb Bush in Looming 2016 GOP Battle; Says Christie has No Chance – Video 1/14/15

Gov. Chris Christie Joins “Group Hug” with Jerry Jones as Dallas Cowboys Seal Dramatic Playoff Win over the Detroit Lions – Video 1/4/15

Gov. Chris Christie Schools Union Member on Radio for Unfounded Attacks – Video 10/15/14

Chris Christie Slams Obama for Shirking Responsibility for Ignoring the Rise of ISIS – Video 10/2/14

Joe Scarborough: Chris Christie being Cleared in “Bridgegate” Should be Covered “12 Nights in a Row on a Certain Network” – Video 9/19/14

Sen. Rand Paul Zings Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton in “Word Association” Question – Video 8/13/14

Chris Christie: My Touring with, and Embrace of Obama Just before 2012 Election, Had No Impact – Video 3/31/14

Investigation into Bridgegate Finds Chris Christie Played “No Role Whatsoever” – Video 3/27/14

Gov. Chris Christie Tells Heckler at Town Hall, “Either Sit Down and Keep Quiet, or Get Out!” – Video 3/13/14

Gov. Chris Christie Speech at CPAC 2014: “We don’t get to Govern if We don’t Win” – Complete Video 3/6/14

Chris Christie Asked, “What do we do” about ObamaCare? Responds, “Elect a New President” – Video 3/4/14

Nicolle Wallace Hammers MSNBC’s Chuck Todd for Obvious Anti-Chris Christie Bias – Video 2/12/14

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