Chris Matthews: Big Story from Comey Testimony is that the Left’s Trump-Russia Collusion Theory “Came Apart” – Video 6/8/17

Chris Matthews Admits on MTP Donald Trump has “the Media Killing Him Every Day”; The NYT does Long-Form Stories “Against Him” Daily – Video 4/30/17

Liberal Chris Matthews on Trump Tax Reform Plan: “Cutting Taxes is a Hard Move to Fight” – Video 4/26/17

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on VP Debate: Pence the Winner; Looked like a “Grown-up”; Kaine Looked “Desperate” – Video 10/4/16

Even MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Wonders Why No Help Arrived for Americans Under Attack in Benghazi – Video 6/28/16

Heartache: Chris Matthews Skewered by Bernie Campaign Director on He and His Wife Not Releasing Tax Returns during Her Run for Congress! – Video 6/6/16

Trump Falls in the Ditch on “Punishment” for Women who have Abortions; Later Changes to “Punishment” for those Doing Illegal Abortions – Video 3/30/16

In MSNBC Interview AFTER Fox News Debate, Carly Fiorina Destroys Hillary Clinton! – Video 8/6/15

Ted Cruz does Great Interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews; Ties Hillary to Socialist Bernie Sanders – Video 7/23/15

Ted Cruz Schools Chris Matthews on 2000 Bush v. Gore Florida Recount! – Video 7/8/15

Ted Cruz does Outstanding Job in Extensive Interview on MSNBC with Chris Matthews – Video 7/8/15

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Tries to Dismiss Growing Enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders – Video 6/22/15

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Grows more Hysterical: Netanyahu Speech was “a Takeover Attempt” – Video 3/3/15

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Beside Himself over Netanyahu’s Powerful Speech to Congress – Video 3/3/15

State Dept.’s Marie Harf tells Chris Matthews, We can’t Stop ISIS “by Killing Them”; They Need a Good Jobs Program!!! – Video 2/16/15

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell: Obama’s SOTU Foreign Policy Statements are “Not Close to Reality” – Video 1/20/15

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