Chris Matthews: Sinister GOP “Delegitimizing” Obama by Calling Him – Wait for it – “Obama” – Video 8/20/13


MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Returning to Monday-Friday Time Slot – 8/19/13

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Predicts “Rand Paul” will be the 2016 GOP Presidential Nominee – Video 8/8/13

MSNBC Buffoon Chris Matthews Calls Sen. Ted Cruz a “Terrorist” for Opposing the Radical Agenda of Barack Obama – Video 7/31/13

Liberal Chris Matthews on Zimmerman “Not Guilty” Verdict: “Speaking for All White People. . . I’m Sorry for this Stuff” – Video 7/18/13

Trying to Explain Away Obama’s Flat Berlin Speech, Chris Matthews Blames it on the “Late Afternoon Sun in Berlin” – Video 6/19/13

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Why Doesn’t Everyone Love Barack Obama when “He’s Never Done Anything Wrong in His Life. . . Everything is Clean as a Whistle” – Video 6/7/13


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on IRS Scandal: If “this was a George W. Admin”, and “they were targeting ‘Progressives’. . . ” – Video 5/17/13


Chris Matthews Rants on Obama: “What Part of the Presidency Does Obama Like?” – Video 5/15/13

Chris Matthews: In Obama Presidency Now, “The Steering Wheel Doesn’t Control the Car” – Video 5/15/13

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Blames America for “Jihad” and for Enabling “Gory,” “Absurd Hanging of Saddam Hussein” by “Thugs” – Video 4/25/13

Terrorism Expert: Boston Marathon Bombings have the “Hallmark of Al-Qaeda” – Video 4/16/13


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Plays the Race Card on Michele Bachmann for Criticizing Obama – Video 3/22/13

Time Editor Tells Chris Matthews: “We’re All Welfare Queens. . . We’re all Socialists from the Day we are Born” – Video 3/3/13

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Says He’s Ready to Help Hillary Clinton be President; In 2008 He said she was only a Candidate out of “Sympathy” – Video 2/25/13

DSCC Director Agrees that Democrats Will Not Win back the House of Representatives in 2014 Mid-Terms – Video 2/19/13

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