Sen. James Inhofe, Rep. Peter King: So Far, Votes Not there to Pass Resolution for War against Syria – Video 9/1/13

Chris Wallace: Obama Team “has said Too Much about what it’s Not Willing to Do” in Syria – Video 8/30/13

Chris Wallace makes Obama Treasury Secretary Jack Lew Look like a Phony on “Investigation” into IRS Targeting Scandal – Video 7/28/13

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Special Counsels Needed to Investigate IRS, Rosen Scandals – Video 5/26/13

Obama Senior Adviser very Uncomfortable as Chris Wallace Doggedly asks “Where was Obama” while Americans died in Benghazi – Video 5/19/13

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Confronts Sen. Dianne Feinstein on why Citizens should not be able to Protect themselves with a Gun in Cities like Boston – Video 4/21/13

Chris Wallace Confronts Mark Kelly with Reality that “Background Check” did Not Stop Jared Loughner from Shooting His Wife and Others – Video 3/31/13

Chris Wallace Puts Liberal Dem Sen. Dick Durbin on the Spot about Obama Debt Hypocrisy – Video 3/17/13

Mitt Romney: Obama Aiming at Retaking the House in 2014 so He can “Run the Field” – Video 3/3/13

Mitt Romney Says “Hardest Thing about Losing” is having to watch Barack Obama “let this Golden Moment” to Get Fiscal House in Order “Slip Away” – Video 3/3/13

Preview Clip from “Fox News Sunday” Interview with Mitt and Ann Romney: 2012 Election was “Like a Roller Coaster” – Video 2/28/13


Kilmeade & Wallace: Romney at Fox News? Ted Cruz Headed to Iowa; Christie Considering 2016 Run – Audio 2/21/13

Nancy Pelosi: “It is a False Argument to say We have a Spending Problem. We have a Budget Deficit Problem” – Video 2/10/13

Here is video of Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace confronting Obama Campaign Adviser David Axelrod about the reality of Absentee/Early Voting in Ohio. You see from the numbers in the screenshot below, that the Democrats have none done as well as in 2008, and the Republicans are up – essentially wiping out the margin by which Obama won in 2008. If – IF the GOP turnout for Romney is big in Ohio on Tuesday, he should win the state. We’ll know in about 48 hours.

Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace Confronts David Axelrod on Ohio Absentee/Early Voting Reality – Video 11/4/12

Here is video of Gallup’s Frank Newport talking to Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” today. Newport discussed their polling that shows Mitt Romney leading Barack Obama by a six-point (7-point lead today). Newport said Romney really moved up over the past week, and they show Romney leading in the Battleground States by 4-points. Newport did not back down an inch in the face of the Obama Campaign’s criticism of their findings.

Gallup Poll’s Frank Newport Stands by Findings Despite Obama Campaign’s Criticism; Says Romney Made Strong Gains in Past Week among Likely Voters – Video 10/21/12

Here is “Fox News Sunday” host, Chris Wallace, pointing out yesterday that it has now been 1,617 days since Barack Obama agreed to appear on “Fox News Sunday.” This, despite his having pledged to “not be a stranger” to the show when he appeared on it in April 2008. Wallace said Obama has been invited every week for years to appear for an interview, but has been unwilling to do so.

Obama knows he would get tough, substantive questions from Chris Wallace, something other than, “What’s your favorite color?”

Chris Wallace Points Out Barack Obama has Now Avoided Appearing on “Fox News Sunday” for 1,617 Days Despite Weekly Invitations – Video 9/30/12

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