Chris Wallace won’t Let Obama Chief of Staff get away with Taking Credit for Increased U.S. Oil Production: “No Thanks to the Obama Administration” – Video 1/25/15

Chris Wallace Asks Obama Adviser How Obama could have been “So Wrong” about Destroying Al-Qaeda – Video 9/28/14

Sen. Marco Rubio Faces Tough Questions on Change in His Immigration Reform Views – Video 8/3/14

John Kerry Confronted by Chris Wallace about “Hot Mic” Moment Criticizing Israel’s Ground Offensive in Gaza – Video 7/20/14

Gov. Mitt Romney Holds “No ill Will” Towards MSNBC for Segment Mocking Family Photo with His Adopted African-American Grandson – Video 1/5/14

One of the Architects of ObamaCare, Dr. Zeke Emanuel, Says If You Like Your Doctor You Really can Keep Your Doctor BY PAYING MORE! – Video 12/8/13

Chris Wallace Presses Treasury Sec. Jack Lew for ObamaCare Signup Numbers: Is the Problem that “the Number is Embarrassingly Small?” – Video 10/6/13

Sen. Ted Cruz Reacts to Republicans Working Against Him – Video 9/23/13

Sen. James Inhofe, Rep. Peter King: So Far, Votes Not there to Pass Resolution for War against Syria – Video 9/1/13

Chris Wallace: Obama Team “has said Too Much about what it’s Not Willing to Do” in Syria – Video 8/30/13

Chris Wallace makes Obama Treasury Secretary Jack Lew Look like a Phony on “Investigation” into IRS Targeting Scandal – Video 7/28/13

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Special Counsels Needed to Investigate IRS, Rosen Scandals – Video 5/26/13

Obama Senior Adviser very Uncomfortable as Chris Wallace Doggedly asks “Where was Obama” while Americans died in Benghazi – Video 5/19/13

Fox News’ Chris Wallace Confronts Sen. Dianne Feinstein on why Citizens should not be able to Protect themselves with a Gun in Cities like Boston – Video 4/21/13

Chris Wallace Confronts Mark Kelly with Reality that “Background Check” did Not Stop Jared Loughner from Shooting His Wife and Others – Video 3/31/13

Chris Wallace Puts Liberal Dem Sen. Dick Durbin on the Spot about Obama Debt Hypocrisy – Video 3/17/13

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