Chris Wallace Destroys Bizarre Jill Stein over Recount Insanity: “How Many Votes did You Get?” – Video 12/4/16

Chris Wallace to Clinton Campaign Manager: Has Hillary Asked Huma Abedin what is in the Emails Found on Weiner’s Laptop? – Video 10/30/16

Complete Video – Third and Final Donald Trump – Hillary Clinton Presidential Debate – 10/19/16

Hillary Clinton in Fox News Interview Still Claiming She Never Sent or Received Classified Information in Her Email; FBI Dir Comey said She Did – Video 7/31/16

Donald Trump on GOP Race: “It’s Over. . . . Cruz cannot Win. He’s Got No Highway. He’s Got Nothing” – Video 5/1/16

Chris Wallace to Marco Rubio: Wasn’t Your Biggest Accomplishment “the Gang of Eight” Amnesty Bill? – Video 2/28/16

Donald Trump Interview on “Fox News Sunday” on the Eve of the Iowa Caucuses – Video 1/31/16

Rush Limbaugh Interview with Chris Wallace: Hammers Obama on ISIS Failure; Praises Trump, Cruz; Says Carson “Probably Not” Equipped to be President at this Point – Video 11/22/15

Following Interview, Chris Wallace Says He’s “Beginning to Believe (Donald Trump) could be Elected President” – Video 10/18/15

Donald Trump in Extensive Interview with Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” – Complete Video 10/18/15

Trump Drops Warning to Fox News Debate Moderators about “Tricky, Wise-Guy Questions”: “I’m sure they Will be Called Out, whether it’s Me or Somebody Else” – Audio 8/5/15

Painful: Hillary Clinton Spokesperson Struggles to Defend Her on a Whole Range of Issues – Video 6/14/15

Rick Santorum Complains about Fox News’ Criteria for Deciding Ten Participants in First GOP Presidential Debate – Video 6/7/15

Marco Rubio in Extensive Interview with Chris Wallace; Says Presidents don’t Make Decisions based on Information from the Future – Video 5/17/15

Chris Wallace won’t Let Obama Chief of Staff get away with Taking Credit for Increased U.S. Oil Production: “No Thanks to the Obama Administration” – Video 1/25/15

Chris Wallace Asks Obama Adviser How Obama could have been “So Wrong” about Destroying Al-Qaeda – Video 9/28/14

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