Here is video of former U.S. Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell urging Tea Party supporters to “take another look at Mitt Romney.” O’Donnell said Romney was one of the first people to support her in her race to defeat liberal Republican Sen. Mike Castle. She also criticized Rick Santorum, saying “Sen. Santorum’s fiscal record is more liberal that Gov. Romney’s social record.”

Via HotAirPundit

Christine O’Donnell Urges Tea Party Support for Mitt Romney; Says Romney is More Conservative than Rick Santorum on “the Most Crucial Issues” – Video

Here is video of former Delaware U.S. Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell (of “I am not a witch” fame) on “Hannity” last night, where she endorsed Mitt Romney for the GOP Presidential Nomination.

O’Donnell cited Romney’s “executive experience” as a major reason for her endorsement. O’Donnell has been a real favorite of some Tea Party supporters, and her endorsement of Romney is somewhat surprising given the fact Romney has done little to court Tea Party voters.

When asked if she was going to go “on the road” with Romney, O’Donnell said, “I’d like to. . . . I’d like to do whatever they think would be helpful.”

O’Donnell lost her Delaware U.S. Senate bid in 2010 to Democrat Chris Coons by a large 57%-40% margin, despite it being a wave Republican year. She told Hannity she would likely run again for office at some point in the future.

Former U.S. Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell Endorses Mitt Romney for President – Video 12/13/11

Oh my.

It appears Gov. Sarah Palin is back on the program to speak at a Tea Party Rally in Indianola, Iowa this coming Saturday, September 3. CNN reports she agreed to speak after Christine O’Donnell was once again “dis-invited” from the program at the request of “Palin’s camp”:


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is set to appear at a tea party rally in Iowa Saturday, a source close to Palin told CNN. And Christine O’Donnell is out (again), the source said.

Palin had initially accepted an invitation to speak at the Saturday’s “Restoring America Event” in Indianola, an event that generated national buzz as Palin approaches a final decision about whether to run for president.

But members of Palin’s staff indicated Wednesday that her appearance was being put “on hold” due to “planning issues” and concerns that the group behind the event, Tea Party of America, was being “dishonest” about the speaking program.

After the confusion, rally organizers “stepped up their game today” and “sorted out” various logistical issues that had concerned the governor’s aides, the Palin source told CNN Wednesday afternoon.

The source said event organizers had been sending them “mixed messages” about the program – including the question of whether O’Donnell, the former Delaware Senate candidate whom Palin endorsed in 2010, would participate.

O’Donnell was, for the second time in 48 hours, removed from the program Wednesday afternoon.

Representatives for O’Donnell did not respond to CNN’s requests for comment Wednesday, but Ken Crow, one of the rally organizers, told the Des Moines Register that he dis-invited O’Donnell at the Palin camp’s request.

The Palin source said O’Donnell’s representatives misled the tea party group about the extent of the governor’s relationship with O’Donnell. . . . Read More

Report: Sarah Palin Confirmed Back on Tea Party Rally Program in Iowa for Saturday; Christine O’Donnell Off Again


The Wall Street Journal is reporting this morning that Gov. Sarah Palin has “put on hold” her appearance at a Tea Party Rally in Indianola, Iowa on Saturday because of “continual lying” by event organizers. There was a bizarre mixup two days ago over whether Christine O’Donnell would also speak at the rally, which many believe Palin will use to announce she is – or is not – running for President. At first it was reported O’Donnell would speak, having asked if there was a slot for her to do so. But then, organizers said she would not, after reportedly getting many emails from people complaining she had been scheduled to speak. Now this:

WALL STREET JOURNAL (WASHINGTON WIRE): Sarah Palin’s Saturday appearance at a tea party rally in Indianola, Iowa, is on hold, a person close the former Alaska governor told The Wall Street Journal.

The person said Ms. Palin’s appearance was “no longer confirmed” and cited “continual lying” from event organizers at Tea Party of America, including a recent mixup over whether former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell of Delaware would also speak.

Ms. Palin is known for last-minute schedule changes that whipsaw supporters and media across the country. But the latest decision is puzzling. Ms. Palin’s speech at the rally was viewed as her most high-profile appearance of the summer, fueling speculation she was indeed plotting to run for the Republican presidential nomination.

Attendees were reportedly traveling from across the U.S. to attend the rally in Iowa, which holds the nation’s first nominating contest next year.

The former governor will now appear at a Friday event in Des Moines sponsored by the group Conservatives4Palin. It is currently scheduled for 8 p.m. at The Machine Shed Restaurant, though the location will probably have to be changed, the person close to Ms. Palin said. Ms. Palin is still scheduled to appear at a Tea Party Express tour stop Monday in New Hampshire.

Ms. Palin may still hold an event Saturday, the person said, though she has no firm plans. It’s also possible she could still attend the Indianola tea party rally, the person said. . . . Read More

It’s hard to know what is going on here. But if Sarah Palin intends to run for President, she had better get on top of this mess now.

WSJ Reports that Sarah Palin has “Put on Hold” Her Appearance at an Iowa Tea Party Event Saturday

This Saturday, September 3, both Gov. Sarah Palin and former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell will speak to a Tea Party Event in Iowa. CNN is reporting that O’Donnell yesterday essentially invited herself to the event, and Palin is expected to make a “major statement” during her speech, which will close the event:

CNN POLITICAL TICKER: Former Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell will join Sarah Palin as a speaker at a tea party rally this weekend in Iowa, one of the event’s organizers told CNN. A representative of O’Donnell, who is traveling the country to promote her book “Troublemaker,” approached the rally’s representatives Monday to ask if there was room for her to speak, Charlie Gruschow, national co-chairman of the Iowa-based Tea Party of America, said. And there was.

No other national leaders will address the rally, Gruschow said. Palin, who is considering a presidential run, is slated as the event’s closing speaker on Saturday afternoon.

Palin’s address is drawing interest from around the nation, according to Gruschow, who said he has not been given any additional information on what the former Alaska governor may discuss at the event.

“She will make a major statement at the event,” Gruschow said last week. “Whether it be an announcement to run, not to run, or lay a marker in the sand for other candidates.” . . . . Read More

UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that O’Donnell will NOT speak at the event after all. They say Tea Party Organizers withdrew the invitation to O’Donnell “after receiving numerous emails” from Tea Party folks “disappointed” that O’Donnell would be speaking:

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell will not speak at a tea party event featuring former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in Indianola, Iowa, this weekend, an organizer told Washington Wire.

“I made a mistake,” said Ken Crow, president of Tea Party of America. “I assumed there was an open slot and there wasn’t.”

Tea Party of America’s cofounder, Charlie Gruschow, said the group withdrew Ms. O’Donnell’s after receiving numerous “emails from a lot of tea party folks that were very disappointed that she would be speaking.”

“We decided not to have her speak,” Mr. Gruschow said. “We felt it was in the best interest of the movement.” . . . Read More

CNN: Christine O’Donnell Invites Herself to Speak at Iowa Tea Party Event with Sarah Palin; “Major Statement” Coming from Palin UPDATE: WSJ Says O’Donnell Won’t Speak After All

Christine O’Donnell walks out of her interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan after he continually asked her about her views on gay marriage. O’Donnell appeared on the show to promote her new book, “Troublemaker,” and didn’t appreciate being asked about “policies” when she’s “not running for office.” At one point, Piers asks her why she’s being so “weird,” and she responds, “I’m not being weird. You’re being a little rude.”

Christine O’Donnell Walks Out of CNN Interview with “Rude” Piers Morgan – Video 8/17/11

Here is video of Greta Van Susteren last night reading a response from former Delaware GOP U.S. Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell, who reacted to Sen. John McCain reading from a Wall Street Journal Editorial that was critical of her, Sharron Angle, and the Tea Party. McCain read the opinion piece from the Floor of the U.S. Senate yesterday.

O’Donnell was strongly backed by the Tea Party last year, and won the GOP Senate Nomination in Delaware. But she lost by a wide margin in the 2012 General Election to far-Left Democrat Chris Coons.

O’Donnell’s Response:

“I think that it is inappropriate to insult the judgment of the majority of Republicans in Nevada and Delaware and that the implication that nominating RINOs somehow means we win was irrefutably disproven by McCain’s own presidential candidacy debacle. After that nightmare, McCain had to veer right so fast he almost got whiplash from all his flip-flopping just to keep his Senate seat. It doesn’t help him to attack those conservatives and Tea Partiers who graciously gave him another chance to keep his job.”

Via Mediaite

Greta Van Susteren Reads Christine O’Donnell Response to John McCain Criticism – Video 7/27/11



Here is video of Sen. John McCain in a faceoff last night with Sean Hannity over McCain’s remarks yesterday about the Tea Party – referring to them as “Tea Party hobbits” for the refusal of some Tea Party members to support the Boehner Plan. he then took at shot at the Tea Party for being responsible for losing Senate Candidates Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell in 2010.

Hannity went right at McCain, asking him why he was going after the Tea Party. McCain said he was not trying to attack the Tea Party, but only trying to emphasize the need to pass real debt reduction.

McCain said he has actually focused his attack on President Obama, but said there simply are not the votes right now in the Senate to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment. McCain said it is imperative not to let the Government go to a shutdown, and he believes the Boehner Plan is a good one.

McCain maintained that Republicans will be blamed if they let things go to a shutdown, and therefore, the Boehner Plan is the best option, since it does put everything back in Obama’s lap. Hannity strongly disagreed with McCain, saying he does not see why Republicans have to adhere to Obama’s “artificial deadline” of August 2.

NOTE: McCain was reading from a Wall Stree Journal piece which had the “hobbit” language about the Tea Party, and took the shots at Christine O’Donnell and Sharron Angle. But he did clearly make the choice to read those words from the Senate Floor. That would seem to imply he agree with the sentiments expressed.

Sean Hannity Confronts John McCain over His Remarks about the Tea Party, Sharron Angle, and Christine O’Donnell – Video 7/27/11

Here is video of Gov. Chris Christie on Meet the Press today, where he said the Tea Party Movement is a “net positive” for the GOP and the nation because of the core principles they advocate – which he said should be the core principles of the Republican Party.

But when asked about Delaware and the U.S. Senate seat the GOP failed to take in last week’s Midterm Elections, Christie said Delaware was “a missed opportunity” for the GOP to get a “really good United States Senator” in Mike Castle. Christie supported Castle over the eventual GOP nominee, Christine O’Donnell.

Chris Christie: “Delaware was a Missed Opportunity” – Video 11/7/10

Christine O’Donnell is back within 10-points (51%-41%) of Democrat Chris Coons in a Monmouth University Poll on the Delaware U.S. Senate race. But the numbers inside the poll are even more interesting and hopeful for O’Donnell.

She is now leading in the Southern areas of the state by a 49%-43% margin. Just a few weeks ago, that margin for her was only 47%-46%. Also, among independents, O’Donnell is now leading Coons 47%-42%. If she can continue moving that margin up the next several days, and if the turnout for Coons is not strong, it could wind up being a real race in Delaware – far closer than anyone would have thought just a few days ago.

Even more evidence O’Donnell is getting too close for comfort for Democrats – Obama will campaign for Coons and other Democrats in Philadelphia on Saturday – whose media covers nearby Delaware.

Christine O’Donnell Moving Up in Delaware; Down 10 but Leading Among Indys

Here is video of Mike Castle on with CNN’s John King today where he refused to endorse Delaware GOP U.S. Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell – who defeated him in the GOP Primary. Castle said he had a “nasty” primary with O’Donnell, both “politically and personally,” and because of that did not want to make any endorsement.

King also asked Castle to respond to GOP Sen. Jim DeMint’s belief that it is better to nominate “pure” conservative candidates and lose than have RINO candidates be nominated and win. Castle, of course, said he believes DeMint is wrong, and said it is still unclear whether “extremist” candidates can win in Nevada and Delaware.

It is a shame to see someone end their political career in such a classless way. Of course, his refusal to support the GOP nominee only demonstrates that he is indeed a Republican in name only.

Castle Won’t Endorse O’Donnell; Says Not Clear if GOP “Extremist” Candidates Can Win – Video

Here is complete video of the Delaware Senate Debate between Democrat Chris Coons and Republican Christine O’Donnell held last night. It was clear in the debate that Coons was seeking to portray himself as a reasonable, middle-of-the-road Democrat, when his past statements and affiliations show he is on the radical-Left.

O’Donnell did a good job at one point of bringing up his previous description of himself as a “bearded Marxist,” which Coons tried to laugh off as a joke when he was in college. But O’Donnell brought up the fact that Coons had also said he became a Democrat because of the teachings of a Marxist professor that Coons highly respected. Coons never would address that issue.

The Debate moderators repeatedly zeroed in of O’Donnell, asking her gotcha questions and pushing her to answer their questions, even though O’Donnell wanted to go back and address things Coons had said about her.

O’Donnell could not come up with any Supreme Court decisions she “disagreed with,” when asked. The Kelo vs. City of New London “Eminent Domain” case would have been an obvious one for conservatives to “disagree with,” or she could have simply cited the recent “Citizens United” case as one she agreed with. The media is obsessed with asking “gotcha” questions in hopes of making candidates – especially conservatives – look bad.

O’Donnell also kept using the word “random” to describe Coon’s position on wanting a date-certain withdrawal from Afghanistan for U.S. Troops. What Obama has done, and what Coons supports, is a “date-certain” withdrawal – not a “random” date for withdrawal. We should keep it “random” to prevent the Taliban from knowing what we plan to do, but she didn’t seem to realize what she was saying. Perhaps I misunderstood her – but that is how it struck me.

O’Donnell did not do too badly, but it does not seem to me that she got a homerun performance that would have helped move things in her direction.

Christine O’Donnell vs. Chris Coons Delaware U.S. Senate Debate – Complete Video 10/13/10

Here is a very effective ad just out from the Christine O’Donnell campaign in Delaware. It uses the format of a movie trailer to hammer Democrat candidate Chris Coons as, “the tax man,” and points out that he is “coming” raise taxes everywhere you can imagine.

O’Donnell needs something to generate some momentum. Maybe this will get the ball rolling.

New O’Donnell Ad Uses Movie Trailer Format; Hammers Coons as “the Tax Man” Coming – Video

Here is video of Christine O’Donnell’s new ad in Delaware, in which she opens by saying, “I’m not a witch.”

The ad is intended to counter all the attacks being made against her, and to help voters identify with her. “I’m you,” she says at one point in the ad.

I don’t know how effective this ad will be. To bring up the “witch” attack seems risky, because it just keeps that whole thing in front of the public. O’Donnell is trailing badly in the polls in Delaware. She is 13.8-points behind Democrat Chris Coons in our average of polls. She has to start to make a move soon. Maybe this ad will resonate with voters and get her moving up.

New Christine O’Donnell Ad: “I’m Not a Witch” – Video

As Nelsa reported in our Forum, Mike Castle has announced he will NOT mount a write-in candidacy against Christine O’Donnell in the Delaware Senate race. Here is part of an announcement he released:

“While I would have been honored to represent Delaware in the U.S. Senate, I do not believe that seeking office in this manner is in the best interest of all Delawareans. Therefore, it’s time for Jane and me to begin thinking about the next chapter of our lives.”

The limited polling that had been done on a 3-way race seemed to indicate Castle would have pulled votes away for the Democrat, Chris Coons. So, Castle’s bowing out is not necessarily news that will help Christine O’Donnell.

Mike Castle Bows Out of Write-in Bid for Delaware Senate Race

Here is video of Kentucky GOP Senate candidate – Rand Paul – telling Sean Hannity that Christine O’Donnell would do well to focus on her race and the media in Delaware and not the “gotcha” national media. Rand Paul had much the same experience early on in his race.

Paul said he still gets requests from national media that spend hours trashing him on-air with attacks that are simply not true, but then expect him to waltz back on their show as if nothing had happened.

Rand Paul: Christine O’Donnell Would do Well to Ignore the “Gotcha Media” – Video 9/24/10

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