During Q & A, Obama Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Asks Indian Professor, “You’re Not a Member of the Taliban, are You?” – Video 6/19/13

Obama Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s Press Conference Saying U.S. has Evidence Syria has used Chemical Weapons – Video 4/25/13

President Barack Obama and former Sen. Chuck Hagel

BREAKING: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Says United States has Evidence Syrian Regime has used Chemical Weapons “On a Small Scale” – 4/25/13

U.S. Senate Confirms Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense by a 58-41 Vote – Video 2/26/13

Obama Defense Pick Chuck Hagel in 2007 Speech Likened United States to a “Schoolyard Bully” – Video 11/8/2007


Democrat Lanny Davis Agrees Sen. Ted Cruz is “Absolutely Correct” to Seek Disclosure from Chuck Hagel on Income Sources – Audio 2/21/13


Sen. Ted Cruz to Liberal Media: “Knock Yourself Out” Attacking Me! “But for Every 10 Stories Attacking Me, Perhaps Write One Story on Chuck Hagel’s Record” – Video 2/19/13

President Barack Obama and former Sen. Chuck Hagel

WFB Report: Obama Nominee Chuck Hagel said during 2010 Q & A: “Israel is on Its Way to Becoming an Apartheid State” – 2/19/13

Sen. Lindsey Graham on Chuck Hagel being brought to 2007 Rutgers Speech by a Man “Who was once a Pro-Hamas Candidate for the Iranian Presidency” – Video 2/18/13

Hagel Highlights: “Bumpy Ride” for Obama Defense Nominee Chuck Hagel – Video 2/18/13


Sen. John McCain Says Chuck Hagel Will be Confirmed as Secretary of Defense even though “I Don’t Believe He’s Qualified” – Video 2/17/13

BREAKING: Cloture Vote on Obama’s Nomination of Chuck Hagel for Defense Fails – 2/14/13


Sen. James Inhofe: “If it Took a Filibuster, I Would Do It that Way” to Stop Hagel Confirmation for Defense – Video 2/11/13

New Web Ad Details Litany of Reasons Why Chuck Hagel should NOT be Confirmed as Defense Secretary – 2/8/13

Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls on Obama to “Reconsider” His Nomination of Chuck Hagel for Defense; Says Democrats are “Afraid to Cross the Obama Team” by Doing the Same – Audio 2/5/13

Emergency Committee for Israel Ad Highlights Hagel Confusion at Confirmation Hearing – Video 2/4/13

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