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GOP U.S. Senate nominee in Missouri, Rep. Todd Akin, is out with a new ad that hammers “Wrong Way Claire McCaskill.” The ad responds to recent attacks from McCaskill’s campaign, and brings up McCaskill’s support as the “deciding vote” for ObamaCare – “which cuts and guts Medicare by $700 Billion.” It also mentions her support for tax increases, but says she failed to “pay the taxes on her own private plane.”

New Ad by GOP Senate Candidate Todd Akin Hammers “Wrong Way Claire McCaskill” as the “Deciding Vote” for ObamaCare; Says ObamaCare “Cuts and Guts” Medicare – Video 8/14/12

Missouri Republicans chose Rep. Todd Akin last night over two other candidates as their nominee to take on incumbent Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill in November. Akin won, despite being the underdog in yesterday’s primary, defeating St. Louis businessman John Brunner, and Sarah Palin-endorsed Sarah Steelman. Akin was backed by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, who made the very effective ad posted above in behalf of Akin that aired all over the state in the closing days of the race. Palin had campaigned for Steelman, and made ads for her as well (posted above). But in the end, Akin won out, and will now try to unseat McCaskill, who has been one of Barack Obama’s most ardent supporters in the U.S. Senate:

WASHINGTON POST: Republicans on Tuesday pinned their hopes of winning back a Senate seat in Missouri — and perhaps control of the chamber — on Todd Akin, picking the conservative congressman to take on endangered Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill in November.

If the Republican Party is to win the four seats it needs to take the Senate, it will almost certainly need to start by defeating McCaskill, who squeaked into the Senate six years ago in a Democratic wave in a state that has steadily shifted rightward since.

In a volatile and heated campaign, the GOP chose Akin to take on McCaskill over former state treasurer Sarah Steelman and wealthy businessman John Brunner.

Unlike in other recent key Republican Senate primaries, including races in Texas and Indiana, none of the three candidates were traditional establishment picks, and each had sought to lay claim to the mantle of small government outsider.

But in the final days of the race, they had sought to appeal to different splinters of the conservative electorate.

Akin received a late surge of support from evangelicals, impressed by his close ties to former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and his long-standing support for conservative social causes.

In a speech to supporters Tuesday night, Akin prominently thanked Huckabee for his efforts, just after offering gratitude to God.

“The choice is clear in November,” he said, according to prepared remarks. “The big-spending, budget-busting, job-killing liberal or the less spending, balanced budget, job-creating conservative?” . . . Read More

Huckabee-backed Todd Akin Wins Missouri GOP Senate Primary over Businessman John Brunner and Palin-backed Sarah Steelman; Will take on Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill – 8/8/12

Here’s a model for how Republicans can use ObamaCare to run against both President Obama and Democrats in House and Senate races all over the country. It’s an ad for Republican U.S. Senate Candidate John Brunner, running in Missouri. He’s trying to get the GOP Nomination in August to run against Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill in the Fall. The ad hammers ObamaCare as a tax increase and bad law, and it ties McCaskill directly to Obama and ObamaCare:

“Claire McCaskill was the deciding vote for ObamaCare. She will not vote to repeal it, but I will. As your citizen Senator, I’ll lead the fight to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with common sense reforms that will improve quality, lower cost, and give us all the freedom of choice in health care. The fast track to repeal ObamaCare is to defeat Claire McCaskill. I intend to do just that.”

We’ll see how thrilled Democrats are to defend their votes for ObamaCare in the Fall Election.

Ad for Missouri GOP Senate Candidate John Brunner is a Model for how the GOP can Run Against President Obama and House, Senate Democrats all over the Country – Audio

Wow! When you see real reporting, it shocks you these days..

Here is a local news report from KOMU-TV in Columbia, MO that says Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill appears to be “hiding” from them on whether she continues to support ObamaCare in the wake of the Supreme Court decision upholding it as a tax. The report says they tried to contact McCaskill repeatedly to ask about her support of ObamaCare, but were given the runaround by her staff. It points out McCaskill is facing a tough re-election bid in Missouri, and reminded everyone she was the first U.S. Senator to openly support Barack Obama for President in 2008. Now she won’t even attend his re-nomination at the Democrat National Convention later this year. Outstanding report!

Local News Report Suggest Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill is “Hiding” from Questions on Her Support for ObamaCare – Video 6/28/12

My how things can change.

Missouri Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill has been joined at the hip with Barack Obama during his first term. In fact, McCaskill worked tirelessly to get Obama nominated in 2008 and then elected. Above is video of her proudly speaking for Obama at the 2008 Democrat National Convention in Denver.

But, alas, today she joins a growing list of prominent Democrats who will not even attend his re-nominating convention in Charlotte in 2012.

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Another high-profile Democrat, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, who is facing a tough re-election fight, announced she is skipping the party’s national convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Her decision comes after a number of other elected Democrats announced they also won’t attend the Democratic National Convention in September, with most citing scheduling conflicts. Many of those officials also live in places where President Barack Obama is unpopular.

Ms. McCaskill, elected in 2006 and now facing one of the closest re-election fights of any sitting senator, appears to meet both of those criteria. The senator “believes it’s important to spend as much time as possible in the state of Missouri talking with voters,” an aide said. The aide also said that Ms. McCaskill has previously skipped conventions in years she’s on the ballot, such as when she unsuccessfully ran for governor in 2004. . . . Read More

In 2008 MO Sen. Claire McCaskill Spoke Proudly for Obama at Democrat Convention; In 2012 Joins List of Dems Who Won’t Attend His Re-Nomination – Video

I love this “Crossroads GPS” ad running now in Missouri that ties Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill, who is running for re-election this year, to Barack Obama. It focuses on “ObamaCare,” which the ad calls “ObamaClaire.”

“ObamaClaire led to ObamaCare” – pointing out that Claire McCaskill has voted with Obama 90% of the time. It will be interesting to see how many Democrats running for re-election try to run away from Barack Obama to save themselves from defeat this Fall.

New “Crossroads GPS” Ad Goes after Missouri Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill by Tying Her to Obama: “ObamaClaire Led to ObamaCare” – Video 5/31/12

Here is a new ad put together by “Crossroads GPS” that zeroes in on Missouri Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill. She is up for re-election next year, and the message of this ad is that there needs to be “no more blank checks” for McCaskill and her big-spending Democrat colleagues.

This ad is playing in Missouri, and similar ads are going after other Democrat Senators in key states. “Crossroads GPS” is tied to Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie.

Via The Campaign Spot

New Ad Campaign Goes After Big-Spending Democrat Senators: “No More Blank Checks” – Video

Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill is in hot water for failing to pay taxes on her private plane. But it turns out, the Missouri GOP tried to warn voters in 2006 (video above) that McCaskill had a history of doing what she could to avoid paying taxes.

To make matters worse, Ed Morrissey at Hot Air reports that she attacked a Democrat colleague in 2004 over his use of a private jet.

Below is video of McCaskill recently being confronted on the streets of New York about her failure to pay property taxes on a private aircraft she owns, and her possible billing of taxpayers for chartered flights that were for political purposes:

McCaskill is up for re-election in 2012.

2006 GOP Ad Warned Missouri Voters about Democrat Claire McCaskill and Taxes – Video

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