Here is video of Misouri Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill at her indignant, drama-queen best yesterday as she blasted Republicans for being a “joke” when it comes to deficit-reduction.

McCaskill was carrying Obama’s water for him in ringing the class-warfare bell against Republicans for not wanting to raise taxes on any American in a bad economy. McCaskill is so committed to wanting to soak the wealthy with tax increases that she even said it would be time for Americans to “take up pitchforks” if they don’t succeed in raising taxes.

The Democrats obviously believe this is a winning strategy for them. I hope they run on this theme in the 2012 Election. I can hear it now:

“Tax Increases for a Bright Tomorrow.”

Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it!

As far as being serious about deficit-reduction, Gateway Pundit has an incredible graphic to illustrate how the Democrats and President Obama are the ones who have no credibility whatsoever on the issue. They are the ones who have nearly tripled the deficit in only two years time.

H/T Gateway Pundit

Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill Calls for Americans to “Take up Pitchforks” if Tax Increases Don’t Go Through! – Video 12/3/10

Here is audio of Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill on her weekly radio show where she said “message received” from Missouri voters in rejecting ObamaCare by nearly a 3 to 1 margin.

However, she also did everything she could to minimize the significance of the vote. She tried to subtly suggest the vote was the result of higher GOP turnout due to hotly contested races on the GOP side. The truth is that there really were no hotly contested races on the GOP side – at least no more than on the Democrat side. GOP turnout was much higher because citizens wanted to vote against ObamaCare!

She also suggested that if voters just really understood what was in the law, they would be for it!

No, Claire. Missouri citizens turned out in droves to vote against ObamaCare precisely because they do know what is in the law.

McCaskill: “Message Received” from MO Voters on ObamaCare; Then Minimizes Vote – Audio

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