CNN’s Acosta Thinks Harvey, Irma Prove “This Climate Change Thing” – Video 9/11/17


Reports: President Trump Will Withdraw the United States from Obama’s Radical Paris “Climate Change” Agreement – 5/31/17

Tucker Carlson Challenges “Bill Nye the Science Guy” on Climate Change; Nye Repeatedly says, “The Science is Settled” – Video 2/27/17

Obama at Paris Global Warming Climate Change Confab blames U.S. for “Creating this Problem” – Video 11/30/15

Democrat Insanity: Bernie Sanders Says “Climate Change Directly Related to Growth of Terrorism” – Video 11/14/15

Obama Criticizes Media and American People for being “Overly Alarmed” at Islamic Jihadist Threat; Sees “Climate Change” as a Greater Danger – Video 2/8/15

Watch Leftist Robert Kennedy Jr. Get Confronted about His Own “Carbon Footprint” – Video 9/21/14

A Message from on High? Al Gore’s Mic Cuts Off while Quoting Scripture to Proof-Text Global Warming Nonsense! – Video 9/18/14

Bob Beckel: “Climate Change” a Much Larger Threat to the U.S. than ISIS – Video 9/5/14

Report: Satellite Images Show Al Gore was Wrong about Polar Ice Cap Disappearing by 2014; Increased “43%-63%” Since 2012! – Videos

Obama to use EPA to Finish Destruction of the Coal Industry with New Regulation; Obama’s “Hope and Change” – Video

French Foreign Minister Standing Next to John Kerry Says, “We have 500 Days to Avoid Climate Chaos” – Video 5/14/14

Krauthammer Hammers Global Warming Hysterics – Video 5/6/14

CNBC’s Joe Kernen Questions Wisdom of Policies that Harm People in Pursuit of “Climate Change” Ideology – Video 2/28/14

Newt Gingrich: John Kerry should Resign as Secretary of State for “Delusional” Speech saying “Climate Change” more Dangerous than Nuclear War – Video 2/18/14

Krauthammer: Obama, Kerry and other Global Warming Advocates Follow their Ideology “as a Matter of Almost Theology” – Video 2/17/14

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