Good Grief! John Kerry in Indonesia Says “Climate Change” is a “Global Threat” on Par with “Terrorism and WMD” – Video 2/16/14

While the Nation Struggles with Fierce Winter, the Obama Economy, and the ObamaCare Disaster, Obama Pivots to “Global Warming”, uh, I mean “Climate Change” – Video 2/14/14

Meteorologist Won’t Agree with MSNBC’s Ed Schultz that Record Cold Temps a Result of “Climate Change” – Video 1/6/14

Krauthammer Blasts as “Scandalous” and “Unscientific” Obama Interior Secretary’s Decree there Will be No “Climate Change Deniers” in Her Dept – Video 8/16/13


Krauthammer: It’s Obama Who is the “Flat-Earther” on Global Warming – 7/5/13

Jason Mattera to Actor Harrison Ford: “What about Owning Seven Aircraft. Does that Bring Awareness to ‘Climate Change’?” – Video 3/20/13

Obama’s former “Green Jobs Czar” Speaks out Against Keystone Pipeline; Says Approving it would be like “Lighting the Fuse of a Carbon Bomb” – Video 2/17/13

Sen. Ted Cruz: Obama’s Cap and Trade Plan “Would Drive Up Energy Costs for Every Family in America”; Obama said Electricity Prices would “Skyrocket” under His Plan – Videos

CNN Anchor Wonders if “Global Warming” is Causing Asteroids – Video 2/9/13

Here is video of Neil Cavuto reacting to Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin’s ridiculous suggestion that Americans need to pay the price to drive hybrid cars so we won’t keep having tornadoes! That’s right. Durbin actually linked the occurrence of tornadoes in the United States to Global Warming. I guess Durbin does not realize that there were devastating tornadoes in America long before the debate over man-caused Global Warming began.

Is it any wonder energy prices are skyrocketing when the President of the United States and the Democrat Majority in the U.S. Senate swear allegiance to an ideology like this?

Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin Suggests We Need more Hybrid Cars to Prevent Tornadoes: “It’s Your Money or Your Life” – Video 4/6/12

The Fox News Sunday panel discuss Mitt Romney’s apparent flip-flop on global warming and other issues. Brit Hume said, “People usually like it if you change positions and come toward their position, but you’re only allowed a certain number of flips before people begin to doubt your character. And I think Romney exhausted his quota some time back.”

H/t: Mediaite

Brit Hume on Mitt Romney: ‘You’re Only Allowed a Certain Number of Flips Before People Begin to Doubt Your Character’ – Video 10/30/11

Good grief.

Here is video of President Obama responding to a question from a 10-year old as part of an interview with Scholastic Kid Reporters. The boy asks a great question about what the greatest challenge is that his generation is going to face.

Obama touched briefly on the economy, and then made a beeline for the Left’s favorite gloom and doom theory – “Climate Change.” He tells the wide-eyed kids that the temperature of the earth is rising and places like Florida will face more hurricanes!

What he didn’t tell them is that their greatest challenge will likely be trying to overcome the damage he is doing to this country during his time as President.

Via Gateway Pundit

Kid Reporter Asks Obama the Greatest Challenge Facing His Generation: Obama Makes Beeline for “Climate Change”; Warns Florida to Face More “Hurricanes” – Video 9/1/11

Here is video of Gov. Rick Perry in New Hampshire this morning where he answered a question about Global Warming. Perry said he does not believe “Global Warming” is man-made, and he said he believes “there are a substantial number of scientists willing to fudge the data to “keep the dollars rolling in” to their own research projects. Perry said it is wrong to spend trillions of dollars on the basis of an unproven theory.

Some are saying Perry denied “Climate Change,” but if you listen to his remarks, he instead, explicitly said that the climate changes all the time – “since the earth was formed.” But the idea that the earth is warming dangerously and that it is man-caused is not settled science.

Gov. Rick Perry in New Hampshire: “I Do Not Buy Into” the Theory of Man-Caused Global Warming; Says Some Scientists “Manipulate Data” to Keep “Dollars Rolling in to their Projects” – Video 8/17/11

Al Gore calls B.S. on climate change naysayers … by RealAspen

To think – this man almost became President!

Here is audio of former Vice-President, turned Global Warming wacko, Al Gore ranting and raving against those who dare to be skeptical of his theory that the earth is warming significantly, and that it is man caused. Gore reportedly made the rant at an Aspen Institute communications seminar last week.

Via Hot Air

Audio Surfaces of Former VP Al Gore Ranting Against “Global Warming” Skeptics

Americans are growing increasingly skeptical of the theory that Global Warming (or their favorite euphemism “Climate Change”) is man-made. A new Rasmussen Poll finds 69% of Americans now believe it is at least “somewhat likely” that scientists have falsified global warming research to prove their view:

RASMUSSEN: The debate over global warming has intensified in recent weeks after a new NASA study was interpreted by skeptics to reveal that global warming is not man-made. While a majority of Americans nationwide continue to acknowledge significant disagreement about global warming in the scientific community, most go even further to say some scientists falsify data to support their own beliefs.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of American Adults shows that 69% say it’s at least somewhat likely that some scientists have falsified research data in order to support their own theories and beliefs, including 40% who say this is Very Likely. Twenty-two percent (22%) don’t think it’s likely some scientists have falsified global warming data, including just six percent (6%) say it’s Not At All Likely. Another 10% are undecided. . . . Read More

NOTE: I know many people think this poll strange considering how hot it is across much of the U.S. this summer. But you have to remember, people are also being reminded of record temperatures set decades ago, in many cases.

Huge Majority of Americans (69%) Believe it is “Somewhat Likely” Scientists have Falsified Data to Support Theory Global Warming is Man-Made – Rasmussen

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews says people like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are “evil” for spreading “lies” about global warming. Matthews said, “Rush Limbaugh says stuff that is just not true, I never use the word lie but it’s appropriate here…These people are evil in what they’re doing. I’m not saying their souls are evil, but what they’re doing is really, really wrong…They’re making good salaries telling people what they know is not true.”

H/t: NewsBusters

Chris Matthews Attacks “Evil” Rush Limbaugh for Spreading “Lies” About Climate Change – Video 6/22/11

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